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Hyundai i10 Mileage

Rs. 4.12 - Rs. 4.91 lakhs
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The cute little hatchback Hyundai i10 is not only the flagship model of Hyundai India but also an affordable city car that comes with attractive design. The Hyundai i10 car is manufactured at the Hyundai Chennai plant and exported to various parts of the globe. One of the main reasons for its success is the Hyundai i10 mileage as it is one of the best its class. Hyundai i10 is available in many variants, though it comes only with petrol versions in different engine types. The mileage of Hyundai i10 varies from variant to variant. The variants called Era and D-Lite are loaded with a 1.1 liter petrol engine with Intelligence Responsive Drive Engine (IRDE) and have a displacement of 1086cc. These two Hyundai i10 variants can give a mileage of 14 km per liter in city and 19.8 km per liter in highways. Apart from that Kappa2, the latest petrol engine variant is equipped with 1.2 liter engine with four cylinder SOHC technology and it has the capacity to give average mileage of 20.36 km per liter according to ARAI. The other variants are Asta with Sunroof, Asta, Sportz and Magna. All these variants are equipped with 1.2 liter kappa petrol engine with the displacement of 1197 cc with five speed manual gearbox transmission. These Hyundai i10 variants have the capacity to give a fuel efficiency of 15.4 km per liter in city and 19.2 km per liter in highways. Apart from that Hyundai Magna and Asta also come with automatic gearbox transmission. These automatic Hyundai i10 versions can give a mileage of 15.4 km per liter in city and 20.3 km per liter in highways.

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CarTrade Expertadmin.15/18
CarTrade Expertadmin1.1 Magna15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminASTA 1.215/18
CarTrade ExpertadminASTA 1.2 (M)12/14
CarTrade ExpertadminASTA SUNROOF 1.215/18
CarTrade ExpertadminASTA SUNROOF 1.2 (M)15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminASTA SUNROOF AT 1.215/18
CarTrade ExpertadminASTA SUNROOF AT 1.2 (M)15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminD-lite14/17
CarTrade ExpertadminD-LITE 1.115/18
CarTrade ExpertadminD-LITE 1.1 (M)10/12
CarTrade ExpertadminERA 1.110/12
CarTrade ExpertadminERA 1.1(M)15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminMAGNA 1.215/18
CarTrade ExpertadminMAGNA 1.2 (M)15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminMAGNA 1.2 AT15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminMAGNA 1.2 AT (M)15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminSPORTS 1.215/18
CarTrade ExpertadminSPORTS 1.2 (M)15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminSPORTS 1.2 AT15/18
CarTrade ExpertadminSPORTS 1.2 AT (M)15/18
Pankaj Dabhire (user)user1.1 Magna17/19.5
Karthik (user)userAsta 1.2 Kappa210.5/11
kush (user)userD-LITE 1.1 (M)9/11
HEMAL (user)userERA 1.16/8
Vinayak Galadge (user)userERA 1.118/20
Nitin (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE15/19
Sandeep (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE216/19.5
abc (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE218/22
dilip kumar sarma (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE20/37
ujjwal chorpagar (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE218/21
hemant (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE215/18
gaurav patoa (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE218/22
ramesh (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE212.3/60
moihit (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE212/15
moihit (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE212/15
Malay Chakraborti (user)userEra 1.1 iRDE215/19
l k ATHANI (user)userERA 1.1(M)0/20
nitin khurana (user)userERA 1.1(M)14/20
Guru (user)userERA 1.1(M)15/17
Nitin Raikar (user)userERA 1.1(M)11/18
BK Mishra (user)userERA 1.1(M)17/21
PUSHPENDRA SINGH (user)userERA 1.1(M)17/20.8
Vijay (user)userERA 1.1(M)13/17
Aman (user)userMagna 1.1 iRDE13/21
mahadev (user)userMagna 1.1 iRDE1/1
KHUDAIZ (user)userMagna 1.1 iRDE15/17
Sathyan (user)userMagna 1.1 iRDE15/18
Diwakar (user)userMagna 1.1 iRDE212/15
RK (user)userMagna 1.1 LPG11/15
Harish (user)userMAGNA 1.211/12.5
Shylo Anandh (user)userMAGNA 1.29/12
Mojo (user)userMAGNA 1.213/17
r g mathews (user)userMAGNA 1.2 (M)12/15
pratik (user)userMAGNA 1.2 (M)10/13
Expert driver (user)userMAGNA 1.2 (M)18.5/23.5
Amol (user)userMAGNA 1.2 (M)10/12
praveen (user)userMAGNA 1.2 AT7.75/9.25
sudhir (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa11/14
dinesh rasal (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa15/18
anshul (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa15/17
anish kumar (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa12/15
ANIL (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa10/15
sameer (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa210/13
jacky punjabi (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa210/13
A.Sakthivel (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa215/18.25
akshay (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa29/14
himanshu (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa27/11
Vinod (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa212/15
B.K.Mandal (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa29/12
A.K.GULATI (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa215/17.5
A K GULATI (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa215/17.5
pramod kumar sinha (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa20/0
Aslam (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa29/12
Siva (user)userMagna 1.2 Kappa215/22
rohit sharma (user)userSPORTS 1.28/10
Krishna rao (user)userSPORTS 1.216/18
D.Krishnamurthy (user)userSPORTS 1.212/14
vipin (user)userSPORTS 1.216/19
Amey Shevade (user)userSPORTS 1.212/15
amar (user)userSPORTS 1.29/11
Pushkar (user)userSPORTS 1.215/18
Muthu (user)userSPORTS 1.211.5/16
subhash (user)userSPORTS 1.211/13
Neeraj (user)userSPORTS 1.214.5/16.5
subrat (user)userSPORTS 1.210.5/14
amit kapoor (user)userSPORTS 1.20/18
roy (user)userSPORTS 1.27/10
HAPPY ARORA (USER) (user)userSPORTS 1.2 (M)12/17
Ravi Nayan (user)userSPORTS 1.2 (M)12/15
D KRISHNAMURTHY (user) (user)userSPORTS 1.2 (M)12/0
Bharath P (user)userSPORTS 1.2 AT8/10
sameer (user)userSPORTS 1.2 AT8/10
sumit kumar (user)userSPORTS 1.2 AT (M)18/23
rajat (user)userSPORTS 1.2 AT (M)10/12
BABULAL (user)userSportz 1.2 AT Kappa13/15
Raj (user)userSportz 1.2 AT Kappa13/19
deepak desai (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa11.5/14.5
S MOHAN (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa10/15
Ayan Dutta (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa10/12
prashant (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa213/18
ratan poddar (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa27/9
ARUN (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa210/16
ranaroy (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa213.8/17
ratan poddar (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa27/9
ayon chakraborty (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa211/15
ratan poddar (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa27/9
Santhosh (user)userSportz 1.2 Kappa211/13
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