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Honda City Mileage

Rs. 7.56 - Rs. 11.6 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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Honda City is one of the premium sedans, which attracts customers by its stylist exteriors. Increased fuel economy results due to new i-VTEC with EFI technology. Mileage provided by the engine is 15.6 kmpl for automatic transmission models whereas it is 16.8 kmpl for manual transmission. As per experts, the mileage for city roads is 14 kmpl, whereas it is 17 kmpl on highways. 

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CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 Corporate MT12/14
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 E MT12/14
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 S AT12/14
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 S MT12/14
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 V AT13/15
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 V AT Sunroof13/15
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 V MT13/15
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 V MT Exclusive13/15
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 V MT Sunroof13/15
CarTrade Expertadmin1.5 V MT Sunroof13/15
CarTrade ExpertadminEXI12/14
CarTrade ExpertadminGXI12/14
CarTrade ExpertadminGXI(M/T)12/14
CarTrade ExpertadminV AT (AVN)12/14
CarTrade ExpertadminV AT (AVN)12/15
CarTrade ExpertadminV MT (AVN)12/14
CarTrade ExpertadminV MT (modified)13/15
CarTrade ExpertadminVTEC11/13
CarTrade ExpertadminVTEC PLUS11/13
wqew (user)user22/22
GAGAN (user)user1.5 E MT13.5/20
PRADEEP LAMBA (user)user1.5 E MT14/16
Arvind Sharma (user)user1.5 E MT12/17.1
Manny Cartilla (user)user1.5 S AT12/18
sameer (user)user1.5 S AT11/13
vali (user)user1.5 S AT12.5/14.5
chandra (user)user1.5 S MT17.5/0
Abhishek (user)user1.5 S MT11/18
B Pandu Ranga Rao (user)user1.5 S MT9.9/13
jojo (user)user1.5 S MT12.5/15.5
priya (user)user1.5 S MT15/16.2
S C Das (user)user1.5 S MT14/17.5
sas (user)user1.5 S MT12/13
Ajay Sinha (user)user1.5 S MT13/18
pulkit (user)user1.5 S MT13.5/16
pulkit (user)user1.5 S MT0/16.45
Nitesh Agarwal (user)user1.5 S MT14.5/21
Shriram (user)user1.5 S MT14/20
Shriram (user)user1.5 S MT14/20
Uttam (user)user1.5 S MT12/16
Ric (user)user1.5 S MT14/17.4
Pawan Kumar (user)user1.5 S MT14/16.9
Abhijeet (user)user1.5 V AT Sunroof10/14
Nilesh (user)user1.5 V AT Sunroof11.8/18.5 (user)user1.5 V MT18.7/0
Gattu Naga Raju (user)user1.5 V MT12/15
Arvind (user)user1.5 V MT11/14
inbasekaran (user)user1.5 V MT13/16
Ganu (user)user2012 1.5 Corporate MT15/18
Khalandar (User) (user)user2012 1.5 E MT10/16
daman (user)user2012 1.5 E MT15/18
Nishikant (user)user2012 1.5 E MT12.5/17
Nishikant (user)user2012 1.5 E MT12.5/17
nagesh (user)user2012 1.5 E MT100/65956
Dinesh Chandrakar (user)user2012 1.5 E MT11.5/18
dr a k sahu (user)user2012 1.5 S MT10/13
COL SC GUPTA (user)user2012 1.5 S MT15/23
Rajesh (user)user2012 1.5 S MT6/15
R L Pande (user)user2012 1.5 S MT12/19.2
murugesan (user)user2012 1.5 S MT16/21
drkirankathe (user)user2012 1.5 S MT18/20
DEEPAK CHADDHA (user)user2012 1.5 S MT13/16
Ram (user)user2012 1.5 V AT8/12
Jitendra Khattar (user)user2012 1.5 V MT12/16
kathirvel (user)user2014 SV 1.5L i-DTEC21.2/23.4
AMITAVA ROY (user)userGXI12/19
Rohit Bhatia (user)userGXI7.3/10
lalit kumar (user)userGXI10/12
Kris (user)userGXI10/17
Simpreet (user)userGXI(M/T)12/14
Gaurav Shelar (user)userGXI(M/T)7.64/10.3
kanwar ashish (user)userGXI(M/T)13.5/20.8
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