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Bayerische Motoren Werke Ag (German for Bavarian Motor Works) is a luxury automobile manufacturer from Germany, commonly known as BMW. Apart from producing automobiles, BMW also manufactures motorcycles and engines for other types of vehicles. BMW is the parent organization of the popular Rolls-Royce Motor Cars company. BMW is reputed for excellent performing luxury vehicles. 

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 BMW History and Launch

BMW was launched in 1916 by Austrians named Franz Josef Popp and Max Friz. In 1917 BMW began production by manufacturing its first aircraft engine, a six cylinder Type IIIa. In 1919, the company produced the Type IV followed by its successor, the Type III. Due to the Treaty of Versailles, BMW was prohibited to design aircraft engines and so the company diversified into railway cars. In 1923, BMW manufactured its first motorcycle, the R32, and in 1928 BMW started its automobile productions with the Dexi 3/15 PS being its first automobile.

In 1936, the organization introduced the model BMW 328, which was the most popular sports car of the pre-war period and later became one of the most popular road cars of the time once again.

Rapp Motoren Werke merged with Bayerische Flugzeungwerke and that was renamed into Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works) or otherwise called as BMW, which is well-known and popular today. Luxury sedan 501 equipped with V8 was the first post war model of BMW and it was manufactured in 1951. However, it was the poor model and its demand was also very less. Isetta 250 is the successful mini-car of 1950s and it was launched in the year 1955.

The 507 is BMW’s most famous and memorable model. It was launched in 1956. BMW’s E12, the first generation of 5 series, was launched in 1972 and the BMW 3 series and BMW 7 series were launched in 1975 and 1977 respectively. BMW bought Rolls-Royce GmbH from Volkswagen group as well and the organization once again started manufacturing aircraft engines in 1990.

Apart from that, the BMW organization also bought Rover group PLC in 1994 but in 2000 BMW sold Rover due to huge losses. BMW launched the new MINI in 2001. In 2007 BMW acquired the rights of production of Husqvarna Motorcycles but BMW planned to operate Husqvarna Motorcycles as a different venture altogether.

BMW Launch in India

BMW started its operations in India in 2006. BMW’s Indian headquarters and assembly plant is situated in Chennai, Tamilnadu and it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of its German based parent organization. Apart from that, the company also has an international purchase office in Gurgaon and that office is in charge of handling exports of units from India. BMW is a premium luxury car brand in India and the company is constantly launching newer and improved models from its stable.

BMW’s Indian plant can manufacture 3, 000 units annually. This plant was officially launched in 2007 in Chennai. The BMW 3 series and BMW 5 series sedans are manufactured at this plant while other models are imported directly.

BMW Founder(s)

Franz Josef Popp was the founder of BMW and he was its first Director General. He lived between the years 1886 and 1954. Along with him there are a few more key persons and co-founders of BMW. They are – Gustav Otto, Karl Rapp, Camillo Castiglioni and Max Frizz. However, Popp played a great role in founding and developing BMW.

BMW Motive

Bavarian Karl Rapp, who was a famous aircraft engineer, created Rapp Motoren Werke near Munich. The organization designed airplane engines but most often those engines appeared to be problematic because they vibrated excessively. Rapp was finding it difficult to run the company so he joined with Austro-Daimler, which found it difficult to build its own V12 Aero engines. Rapp had financial trouble in the beginning of 1916, so he resigned from the company, the company was taken over by Franz Josef Popp and Max Frizz. Gustav Otto was another airplane specialist who used to build small aircrafts and formed his own shop named Gustav Flugmas Chinefabrik near Rapp Motoren Werke.

BMW Fun, Fact and Trivia

The BMW logo was designed in 1917. From the day of its inception until today there have been no major changes made in the logo. Some believe that the round shaped BMW logo design indicates a rotating aircraft propeller. Others are under the impression that the blue and white checker boxes inside the logo indicate a white propeller blade (or white wings) in a blue sky. BMW, however, maintains that the blue and white is simply representative of the colors of Bavaria.

BMW Dealer Network in India:

Currently, in India there are 16 BMW dealerships, which take care of the sales within the country but the company is planning to open ten more dealerships throughout India by the end of 2010. The 16 popular BMW dealerships across the country are – BMW Studio in New Delhi, Deutsche Motoren in West Delhi, Deutsche Motoren in New Delhi as well, Bird Automotive in Gurgaon NCR, Infinity Cars in South Mumbai, Navnit Motors in Mumbai and Bangalore, Krishna Automobiles in Chandigarh, Kun Exclusive in Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad, OSL Prestige in Kolkata, Bavaria Motors in Pune, Platino in Kochi, Parsoli Motors in Ahmadabad and Sanghi Classic in Jaipur.

BMW Used car market

So far BMW has no assured pre-owned car business in India but the organization is planning to open such programs in dealerships in India in April 2010. These areas of the dealerships will be known as the BMW Premium Section. The company plans to open their first BMW pre-owned dealership in Chennai and the second one at Gurgaon. In 2010, BMW India plans to sell 300 BMW units from these two dealerships alone. The company also plans to spread pre-owned outlets throughout the country in the future and expects 30% of its sales to be in pre-owned vehicles. BMW India has also arranged good finance and insurance schemes for BMW used cars in a tie-up with Bajaj Allianz.

BMW Future plans

BMW plans to release the new X5 in April 2010 in the US and UK. In Germany the company will release this car in early June. BMW X5 xDrive 35d turbo diesel is the existing familiar model; in addition to that BMW X5 will come in two new variants by 2011 in the US market – BMW X5 xDrive 35I and BMW X5 xDrive 50i.

BMW also plans to launch its new 5 series models in India in the near future and the Indian luxury car buyers can expect the better version of the new 5 series from June 2010 onwards. The new X1 will be released in India in December 2010.

BMW plans to launch smaller segment cars through MINI as well as BMW itself. The small cars segment is growing fast these days and BMW plans to take advantage of this opportunity.

BMW Models in India

The most popular BMW Indian car models are – BMW 3 series, BMW 5 series, BMW 6 series, BMW 7 series, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW M3, BMW M5 and BMW M6. Among these BMW models, BMW 3 series and BMW 5 series are manufactured locally in India while other models are imported.

The BMW 3 series was launched internationally in 1975. In India, the model comes in three variants. BMW 3 series variants and BMW 3 series prices are – BMW320i costs 26.7 lacs, BMW 320 Headline costs 30.05 lacs and BMW 325i costs 33.1 lacs. All three variants comes with six gears, A/C, ABS6, Airbags, P/S and P/W and the first two variants have 1995 cc engines while the top version has a 2497/6 cc engine. BMW 3 series models stand for both sporty and luxury.

The BMW 5 series was launched in 1972 and these models are mid-size executive cars. The model has evolved over five generations and is a sporty sedan. The BMW 5 series comes in many variants such as the BMW 530i for 46.2 lacs that comes with six gears and has a 2996 cc engine; the BMW 520d for 36.90 lacs, BMW 525i for 40.90 lacs, BMW 530d Highline sedan costs 43.20 lacs and BMW M5 costs 1.08 crores. The M5 come with 4999/V10 cc engine, seven gears and 507 horsepower. The BMW 5 series cars are genuine sports sedans with powerful acceleration and these models have excellent dynamics and handling. Among all the 5 series from BMW, the M5 is the ultimate.

BMW has recently launched a lower priced 520d model that is equipped with 2.0L engine with eight speed manual transmission. The engine contains four cylinders and the cost of the BMW 520d is 36 lakh.

BMW Car Models

BMW 1 Series Images
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BMW 1 Series

BMW 1 series is the first offering of the German automaker BMW in the hatchback segment. These cars range from a 3-door hatchback to a convertible. The 1 series cars were introduced with an aim of lowering the entry-level cost of the BMW cars. Ever since its launch, the 1 series cars have gained popularity owing to combination of the build quality of BMW and an affordable price. This has helped BMW to get a larger market share and have a wide variety of cars ranging from the 1 series to the 7 series as well as the M, X and Z series.

BMW X1 Images
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BMW X1 is a reasonably priced luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) loaded with advanced features. This stylish yet compact car is available in three different versions - sDrive 18i, sDrive20d and sDrive20d exclusive. These versions are assembled with petrol and diesel fuel engines.

BMW 3 Series Images
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BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series is a great entry level luxury saloon. Despite the composed dimensions, it’s one of the most spacious compact saloons in its league. The engine line-up is powerful, efficient and prompt, but fails to mark an impression when it comes to fuel efficiency. The 3 Series is fun to drive. Ride is balanced and firm. BMW’s 3 Series is the most practical and convincing compact luxury saloon.

BMW 5 Series Images
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BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series is a mid-size / executive car sedan series, reflecting dynamism in its design. A value for money sedan is agile and features all the requisite safety, comfort and convenience features. One of best-sellers of BMW, it is contributes largely to the automaker's profits. iDrive, comfort access, 4-zone automatic climate control, and Navigation system are some of the defining attributes of the sedan.

BMW X3 Images
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An elegant Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), BMW X3 is available in two diesel variants that include xDrive20d and BMW X3 xDrive30d. This model is known for features like unique exteriors, plush interiors and smooth on-road drive. The interior of this car is elegantly designed with various colours and minute detailing.

BMW X5 Images
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Rs. 70.9 - Rs. 80 lakhs
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The robust BMW X5 is a luxury Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) offered by the German manufacturer in India. This car is designed in two variants - BMW X5 30d and BMW X5 50i. Both the variants have powerful engines, which are mated to a Steptronic 8 speed automatic gearbox.

BMW Z4 Images
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The BMW Z4 is a two-seater luxury roadster that is available with a petrol engine. This two-door convertible model has sporty and stylish look. This car is incorporated with advanced technology that in return ensures power packed performance. It considered to be one of the best vehicles for cruising and racing.

BMW 7 Series Images
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BMW 7 Series

The 7 Series is a perfect illustration of high end looks and is loaded with best-in segment features. This model is best when it comes to dynamics, comfort, performance, luxury and functionality. With local assembly of diesel powered models, the BMW 7 Series gets slightly cheaper than the petrol version.

BMW M5 Images
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BMW M5 represents a perfect amalgamation between a luxurious saloon and a powerful sports car. The stunning model is powered by an eight-cylinder M TwinPower Turbo engine that develops impressive power and torque equations of 560 bhp and 680 Nm, respectively. The sports car accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 4.3 seconds and makes a statement for itself in terms of performance and smashing looks.

BMW 6 Series Images
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BMW 6 Series

The elegant BMW 6 Series is available in three body styles, which include coupe, gran coupe and convertible. The soft flowing lines providing pure dynamics along with pulsating power across its body and roof line brings out the attribute of being athletic as well as emotional. The squat front, bonnet arches, distinct appearance and long wheelbase distinguishes coupe from its category.

BMW M6 Images
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Rs. 175.4 lakhs
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The elegant BMW M6 is available in two body styles, namely coupé and convertible. This two-door car is put forth by the manufacturer in both petrol as well as diesel versions. The stylish car offers the pleasure of open-top driving with exquisite design to drivers.

Upcoming BMW Cars in India

BMW i3 Images
Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) has been among the foremost choice of enthusiasts who desire luxury cars. The automobile giant unveiled an electric concept car in 'i' about upcoming BMW i3
Expected: Early 2014, 3 comments.
BMW i8 Images
Not much time has passed when the German auto major showcased its unique innovation of BMW i8 to the Indian audience. The car was featured at Auto Expo 2014 and was inaugurated about upcoming BMW i8
Expected: Mid 2014, 19 comments.
BMW Z2 Images
Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), the Germany based automaker, has deployed advanced technologies to ensure utmost ride quality and sporty performance ever since its about upcoming BMW Z2
Expected: end 2014, 1 comments.
BMW X4 Images
Bavarian Motor Works, known as BMW, is one of the top brands that deal with the manufacturing of premium cars and motorcycles. This auto company, founded in 1916, has wooed about upcoming BMW X4
Expected: early 2014, 0 comments.

Discontinued BMW Models

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is a classic interpretation of sophisticated elegance, roaring engine power and mesmerising driving pleasure. The stylish model is offered in both petrol and diesel powered options. There are 2 petrol and 3 diesel trims, all of which boast of segment defining interior space volume and promise a highly comfortable ride experience.

Fuel Type: Diesel, Transmission: Automatic

BMW M3 is a high-performance sportscar of BMW 3 series that is available in two different body styles - coupé and convertible in India. This car is integrated with several high end features and has sporty interiors with a tri-color motorsport (M) emblem on the exterior.

Fuel Type: Diesel, Transmission: Automatic

BMW X6, the successor of X5, is a luxury sports activity coupe that was unveiled at the 2010 Delhi Auto Expo. This car is available in three different variants BMW X6 xDrive50i and BMW X6 running on petrol and BMW X6 xDrive30d fuelled by diesel. This high-speed vehicle comes with wide headroom and legroom space for both drivers and passengers, one of its highlights.

Fuel Type: Diesel, Transmission: Automatic

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