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Maruti Suzuki Stingray

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Maruti Suzuki WagonR has been one of the main stalwarts of entry level segment for its maker, which has a considerable line up of cars in the Indian auto market. The compact cars of Maruti Suzuki like WagonR and Swift have enjoyed a great market share, which has mainly contributed to the company's fortunes in India. Although demand for WagonR has registered a slight drop recently, its other model Swift continues to lead the chart for the company. WagonR has been one of the most prolific cars for its maker and reports a decent market share in the compact car segment of the Indian car market. Reportedly, the model has tasted resounding success in the past decade and is counted among the most successful cars that Maruti Suzuki has ever introduced in the country.

WagonR was provided with a tall boy design and a comparatively small bonnet, in order to provide it a hatchback's shape. The car features long pillar, which provides it a taller look while maximising the space at cabin. WagonR was initially launched in Japan in 1993 and thereafter was brought to the Indian auto market in 1999. As per the claims of Suzuki Motor Corporation, the demand for WagonR reached over 5 million units all over the world in 2010. Since its launch in the country in 1999, the car has undergone three major upgrades in the year 2003, 2006 and 2010. In the third modification, the auto maker introduced a new generation version of WagonR based on a new platform, and featured ample space and cutting edge features. Also, the styling of this model was altered by compromising on the box-type designing, which offered it a more hatchback type look.

Now, Maruti Suzuki has launched a new model that is based on the platform of WagonR, which shall co-exist with its sibling in the Indian car market. The car is named as Stingray and shall have the same engine specifications as currently offered in the WagonR model; however its exteriors and interiors have seen a complete overhaul. New Maruti Suzuki Stingray in India is slotted above the WagonR model in the product line-up for the compact car segment and delivers stiff competition to Hyundai i10.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Launch History

Initially, the donor car of new Maruti Suzuki Stingray was equipped with a 1.1-litre petrol engine, which gave away 64 bhp of power while churning 84 Nm of torque. After that, the second generation WagonR came out in the Indian car market and this time, the car was provided with current generation K-series petrol engine, which currently powers other cars of Maruti Suzuki. The engine is equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox, which delivers a maximum torque of 90 Nm while attaining a peak power of 68 bhp. In addition to the petrol fuel option, WagonR was also launched in an LPG version.

While in August 2013, Maruti Suzuki announced the launch of a new model, which had the same engine configuration that is currently offered in the WagonR. As of now, the company has introduced a new model based on WagonR, which is named as Stingray. The model was first launched in the Japanese car market in early 2013 and has received an overwhelming response since. The Stingray now on sale in India and is slotted above the current version of WagonR. With the launch of the Stingray car, Maruti aims to take on Hyundai's compact cars while reinforcing its fantastic brand value in the Indian auto market built over the years.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Variants

The newly launched Maruti Suzuki Stingray 2013 is available in three trim levels namely LXi, VXi and VXi Optional Pack. These variants will mainly differ on the changes made in the vehicle's interiors. Features like steering mounted audio controls and leather wrapped steering wheel are not provided in the LXi and VXi trim level, while the top end VXi (O) variant comes fully loaded. Few changes are even visible in the exteriors of these variants as VXi and VXi (O) gets gunmetal grey coloured alloy wheels, whereas the base variant is given with full set of wheel covers. Apart from it, outer rear view mirrors' of the top and mid trims are of body coloured paints while on the base variant, the same is provided sans the paint. On the comfort and convenience front, the base variant also compromises on a lot of features that include rear power windows, adjustable tilt steering and electrically adjustable outer rear view mirrors. Security features like driver side SRS airbag and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) are only available in the top-end trim level of the car. It must be noted that the security system has been given a miss in the base variant of the car.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Review

Since the Stingray was launched recently in the Indian car market, till now not much has been said about the overall performance and ride quality of the car. So, in India the car is expected to reciprocate the success shown by it in the Japanese car market and considering Stingray’s attractive pricing and respective features, it is likely to find a huge consumer base in India.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Used Car Market

Maruti Suzuki operates in the used car market through its True Value programme in which buyers can trade in their older vehicles for new ones at concessional rates. This wing of Maruti Suzuki has expanded its presence over the years and till date it has over 454 outlets in 260 cities. Through True Value stores, the leading car company in India aims to provide certified second hand cars that undergo several tests after which they are handed over to the respective customers. The launch of Maruti Suzuki Stingray car will soon bring it to the shelves of True Value stores and car consumers shall have the advantage of buying a vehicle from a company certified second hand store. Furthermore, the Maruti Suzuki Stingray price will be lower on buying from a True Value store, adding to the convenience of domestic buyers.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Specifications

In India, Stingray has the same engine that currently powers the current generation WagonR; an all aluminium light weight K-10 powertrain. This 4-valve 3-cylinder K-Series engine has a displacement of 998 cc and is compliant with Bharat Stage IV emission norms. It is also provided with the same five-speed manual transmission as seen in current WagonR. It was a known fact that Maruti Suzuki won’t offer the same CVT transmission seen in the original Japanese Stingray. With the availability of only a petrol engine, the car consumers are slightly disappointed, living with the fact that Maruti Suzuki has not launched a diesel version of the Stingray car.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Exterior

2013 Maruti Suzuki has a sleek new exterior design with sporty new bumpers and tail lights. The Stingray is the first car in its segment to feature projector headlamps. This new feature of Stingray has impressed many critics, which previously doubted its designing aspect. The new Stingray gets a redesigned bonnet line which has a flat head look. This gives Stingray as additional masculine design touch compared to the previous WagonR. On the front, the car has a slim chrome grille, which could have been moulded in a better way. Its front bumpers are now more stretched out and contain a bigger radiator grille apart from the chrome option. At its sides, not much has changed under the review of current generation WagonR with both vehicles sharing almost the identical profile. At the rear end of Stingray, Maruti Suzuki has resorted to keep the flat look of WagonR but the distinct change that is evident are the set of tail lights, which have now been revamped with clear lens. Also to mention, the new alloy wheels makes Maruti Suzuki Stingray 2013 look sporty

Exterior Appearance

As seen by industry experts, the Stingray gets sportier and sleeker design as compared to the box like structure of the current WagonR, owing to fact that the existing car does not attract the youth. It is widely believed that after the launch of a much more appealing version of WagonR, the company can pin hopes on the design of Stingray to attract more young buyers.

Exterior Dimensions

Criteria Dimensions (mm)
Length 3636
Width (including wing mirrors) 1475
Height 1670
Wheelbase 2400
Front Track 1295
Rear Track 1290
Turning Circle 4600

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Interior

Inside the interiors, Maruti Suzuki Stingray gets refreshed new looks with black upholstery and blue trim accents. Along with seat fabrics, floor mats now offered are of a superior quality. The new model of Maruti Suzuki is equipped with an advanced music system, which is compatible with USB, AUX-in and Bluetooth. Apart from additional features, Stingray has more boot space at its rear end, besides the spacious cabin space and new enhanced rear passenger room.

Interior Appearance

The car gets a premium black feel with all black plastics along with dark seat fabric. The use of chrome work can be seen on the audio knob and air conditioning vents. In addition, door handles are provided with extensive use of chrome, adding further to its stylish interiors. What appeals most in Maruti Suzuki Stingray 2013 is the blue themed instrument panel present on the dashboard, along with multi information display screen, which gives information regarding the speed and distance trip of the vehicle. The integrated audio system is provided with back-lit buttons so as to give an enhanced overall appearance to its interiors.

Interior Comfort

In terms of comfort, the car comes equipped with necessary features. The seats are now more ergonomically placed and can be reclined as per passengers' preferences. Though this feature is only provided on the front seats, the back seats have been kept the same. Apart from it, storage options at the boot and dashboard of the car are apt for keeping essential items. The rear seats of the Stingray can be split in a 60:40 ratio so as to maximise the boot space.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Fuel Economy

As a market trend, car buyers in India mainly opt for economical cars, which offer a higher fuel efficiency. On taking this factor in account, Maruti Suzuki WagonR lucrative car for price sensitive buyers, which ideally suits their demands. So this could have been the main reason for WagonR enjoying a resounding success in the Indian car market. Owing to its good average, the car became one of the best selling models for the company soon after its launch. Now with Stingray hitting shelves of Indian market equipped with a 1.0-litre K10 engine, the same is expected in terms of offering a higher fuel economy. As per the company standards, the latest offering of Maruti Suzuki gives an exceptional mileage of 20.51 kmpl. However, this figure is expected to come down while driving on tough road conditions.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray On Road Drive

The on road drive of Stingray is quite good particularly due to its refined suspension, which has been tweaked to give a superlative performance. While driving the car, its steering wheel feels extremely light and improvements in the clutch can be seen while negotiating through heavy traffic. What seems to be the problem in Stingray is the noisy engine sound that creeps inside the cabin on driving at high speeds. The turning radius of this car makes it easier to manoeuvre through tightest of corners. Its tall design has helped in giving Stingray a good ground clearance, which makes it easier to ride through the worst of bumps. Apart from it, the addition of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and a driver side airbag has helped in providing safety to its passengers.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Power

The New Maruti Suzuki Stingray was expected to share its powertrain with the existing WagonR. It remains the same. The New Stingray too delivers 67bhp at 6200 rpm and a torque of 90Nm at 3200 rpm.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Safety and Security

The new model of Maruti Suzuki comes packed with additional safety and security features so as to ensure an enhanced protection of passengers. Maruti Suzuki Stingray car comes equipped with a driver side airbag, Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and rear defogger, alongside wiper functionality. Apart from it, the car is designed with energy absorbing structure so as to minimise the impact after a crash. In addition, Stingray is provided with a more secure Intelligent Computerised Anti-Theft System (i-CATS) to provide it an additional layer of security.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Comfort and Convenience

In terms of providing a smooth ride quality, new Maruti Suzuki Stingray does impress a lot with its added new features. In addition to basic features like electronic power steering and central locking system, the car is provided with new best-in-class features. Stingray comes along with adjustable tilt steering and automatically adjustable outside rear view mirrors. The front seats offered in the car have a full reclining and sliding functionality so as to offer utter convenience to its occupants. For keeping food items and other essential commodities, provision of cup holders and additional storage box are given in the car. However, the above mentioned features are subject to change as per the variant of the car.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Wheels

The tyre provided in Stingray car is of 155/65 R14 size, which is generally found in most of the cars. The tubeless tires are fitted with the new gunmetal grey coloured alloy wheels while on base trim wheel covers having S badging are present.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Stereo and Accessories

As expected, Maruti Suzuki Stingray comes along with an advanced audio system. The integrated music system of the car supports USB and AUX-input while the digital clock is also present on the system interface. The car has been provided with company’s standard speakers so as to give a better surround sound. However, the auto maker gave a miss to Bluetooth connectivity in Stingray. Industry experts are of a view that it seems to be an unusual move as Stingray comes fully loaded.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Company Quotes (2013-10-08)

Maruti Suzuki generated a lot of hype for the launch of Stingray with company officials giving away a lot of information regarding the model.

At the launch event of Stingray, Maruti Suzuki's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Indian operations, Kenichi Ayuwaka was quoted as saying "The launch of Stingray is in line with our strategy to provide new and refurbished models to our customers to create excitement in the market place. Indian auto industry has been going through a slowdown, but despite this customers continue to buy Maruti cars.

In addition Mayank Pareek (Chief Operating Officer for Marketing and Sales for Maruti Suzuki India) said "We are hoping sales will pick up in the festive season but we are not expecting very strong sales during the period considering the current macro-economic conditions. It won't be as euphoric as last year."

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Competitor Analysis

New Maruti Suzuki Stingray in India is expected to give tough competition to Hyundai’s Grand i10, which in turn is based on the same platform of current generation i10. However, Grand i10 shall have an advantage over Stingray due to the fact that it will be available in both diesel and petrol engine options. The Grand i10 is available in India with a 1.2-litre Kappa engine that can generate a peak output of 83 bhp while the 1.1-litre diesel engine shall have a power capacity to reach just 70 bhp. talking about features, Hyundai's Grand i10 has an automatic air conditioner, rear seats air vents, steering mounted audio controls and automatic folding mirrors. Although, the features of Stingray are minor as compared to the Hyundai's model as the former has a winning edge with an aggressive pricing.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray LPG/CNG Variants

The existing model of WagonR is available in CNG and LPG versions.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Pros

The main advantage that new Maruti Suzuki Stingray enjoys over other cars is the brand value of its maker, in addition to the loyal customer base that its donor car WagonR has built over the years. Therefore, the latest offering of Maruti Suzuki might tap into a whole new customer base as well as deriving benefits from market share of WagonR.

Another major factor that may work in favour of Stingray might be its pricing. On comparing Maruti Suzuki Stingray price with its competitor Grand i10, it is found that the car of Maruti Suzuki is offered around Rs.1 lakh less than the price expected for Grand i10. So, with a perfect pricing strategy Maruti Suzuki is spot on in terms of delivering a car with substantial features at a competitive price range. As evident before, Maruti Suzuki Stingray car is slotted in between the current WagonR model and Maruti Suzuki Swift and shall enjoy a huge customer base.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Cons

One of the major problems that new Maruti Suzuki Stingray in India faces is the lack of availability of a diesel engine option. So, Maruti Suzuki needs to address the problem of Stingray and shall need to launch a diesel version of its new car so as to gain a first mover advantage over Hyundai in the near future.

Maruti Suzuki Stingray Conclusion

The Maruti Suzuki Stingray car pits itself directly against Hyundai's recently unveiled Grand i10 car. As of now, both companies are gearing up for the challenge by offering new models based on the platform of older ones, rather than phasing them out. The trend for targeting a whole new audience is evident as per the current scenario. According to Industry experts, this new found strategy implied by both Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki might compromise on the customer base of their older models towards their new launches. What seems interesting is how the older versions will fare when pitted against the likes of newly launched models.

The addition of new Maruti Suzuki Stingray and Hyundai Grand i10 in the Indian market has intensified matters in the hatchback segment. However, the performance of these cars shall be important to the future plans of the respective companies in a market, which is currently on a downturn since the last eight months owing to the weakening value of rupee against US dollar and high interest rates. This sentiment among the car buyers has paved the way for auto makers such as Maruti Suzuki who have been registering a decline in sales. Now with the launch of Stingray, the company too would be hopeful of eking out a good market sharethat will in turn boost the company's revenues.

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