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Maruti Suzuki Esteem Mileage

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As per ARAI, the mileage of Maruti Suzuki Esteem Manual Transmission Petrol Variant is 14 kmpl, for Diesel Variant is 14 kmpl.
However, our Maruti Suzuki Esteem Road Test on highway gave a mileage of 16 kmpl for Petrol, 16 kmpl for Diesel,

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CarTrade Expert admin Mumbai LX 16 18
CarTrade Expert admin Mumbai LXi 16 18
CarTrade Expert admin Mumbai Vxi 16 18
Ragu (user) user Hyderabad D 20 23
pramoth Ns (user) user Chennai LX 10 13
Ashiq (user) user Navi Mumbai LX BSIII 9 12
BSS (user) user Kolkata LX BSIII 11 16
Sankalp (user) user Cochin LXi 15 18
Avadhesh Kanetkar (user) user Gurgaon LXi 14 17
Mehtab (user) user New Delhi LXi 17 21
Santosh Maurya (user) user Ghaziabad LXi 12 15
Rohit Sharma (user) user New Delhi LXi 10 12
rohit (user) user New Delhi LXi 8 10
lakshmi Varagan (user) user Gurgaon LXi 10.5 15
Abin (user) user Hyderabad LXi BSIII 15 12
rohit (user) user Cochin LXi BSIII 10 15
bharath (user) user Bangalore LXi BSIII 11 20
raj Ravi (user) user Navi Mumbai Vxi 11 15
gigs (user) user Hyderabad Vxi 9 11
jaffer (user) user Pune Vxi 15 20
amrit (user) user Faridabad Vxi 15 22
Pankaj (user) user Gurgaon Vxi 15 18
Suresh Venkat (user) user Hyderabad Vxi 12.5 18.5
Anand Doshi (user) user Mumbai VXi BSIII 14 18
dfgdf (user) user dfgfdg VXi BSIII 11 13
SanjayPatel-CNG (user) user Ahmedabad VXi BSIII 26 33
Susmit (user) user Hyderabad VXi BSIII 14 20
lalithambika nair (user) user Trivandrum VXi BSIII 16 18
shankar (user) user Navi Mumbai VXi BSIII 8 10
Vikram Dandekar (user) user Nashik VXi BSIII 14 16
SANJAY PATEL (user) user Ahmedabad VXi BSIII 26 33