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Maruti Suzuki Eeco

Rs. 3.32 - Rs. 4.42 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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After receiving a disappointing market response, Maruti Suzuki India introduced the Eeco as the replacement of the Versa, which was discontinued in 2009. Claimed to be designed especially for the Indian market, the Eeco doesn’t appeal with its boxy design, and looks identical to the Versa. The new headlights, front and rear bumpers, tail lamps and side creases aren’t enough to make an impact.

The Eeco is quite spacious from inside. The cabin is airy and bright. The fit and finish is just average. The high seating position offers better visibility. The front seats are comfortable with good legroom , but the limited rear row space, non-adjustable seats and lack of headrests make the rear seats miserable. The material quality isn’t up-to the mark. The digital instrument panel, music system and powerful AC unit with centre row roof mounted AV vents enhance the comfort and convenience level of the car.

The Maruti Eeco comes powered with a 1.2-litre, 1196cc, petrol engine , which produces a peak power of 73bhp @ 6, 000rpm with a torque of 101Nm @ 3000rpm. This power-unit features a Multi Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) System and Engine Management System that enhance its fuel efficiency and overall performance. Combined with a five-speed manual transmission, it delivers an impressive mileage of 15.1kmpl on highways. This gasoline engine meets the latest BS-IV compliant.

The Eeco petrol can achieve 100kmph from stand still within 15.7 seconds with a top speed of 120kmph. The Eeco is also available in CNG fuel engine option. The handling and driving dynamics are good , but engine isn’t revv-happy. It gets noisy at high RPMs. There is no power steering, but the offered manual steering is light and smooth. The mature suspension system is tuned to carry load rather than absorbing jerks and bumps. The body roll is acceptable. The Maruti Eeco is one of the most economical deals in this segment, which  is priced between Rs. 3.05 – Rs 4.06.


Maruti Eeco is exclusively designed for the Indian market , but the boxy and tall body construction shows its real age. The Eeco resembles like the Verna. However, the redesigned headlights, large front bumper, tail lamps, rear bumper and side body graphics enhance its refreshing and new appearance. The Eeco comes equipped with steel wheels having 155 R13 LT size of tubeless tyres. The tyres are basic, and skinny relative to its rest body.

The overall dimensions are measured around 3675mm (length), 1475mm (width) and 1800mm (height) with a wheelbase of 2350mm. The 160mm of ground clearance is good. The Maruti Eeco is available in six colors: Metallic Blue Blaze, Metallic Glistening Grey, Bright Red, Metallic Midnight Black, Superior White and Metallic Silky Silver.


Available in five-seater and seven-seater options, the Maruti Eeco welcomes with a dual-tone (beige and greay) bright and spacious cabin. The doors open wide. The ingress/egress is easy. The high seating position grants better visibility. The artificial leather seat upholstery feels good, but  material quality is disappointing. The fit and finish is on par. There is ample legroom and headroom. The front seats get integrated headrest, but  it’s absent on rear side. The non-adjustable rear seat with limited space is an issue.

The material quality isn’t up-to the mark. The dashboard, gear level and steering wheel are borrowed from the Alto. The gearshift is prompt and user-friendly. There is no provision of power steering and central locking. The AC unit is very powerful. The limited comfort and safety features are seemed for the cost-cutting purpose. The Eeco comes equipped with a digital instrument panel, power windows, music system and more. The 540-litre boot space is large enough to carry lots of luggage.

Engine and Transmission

The Maruti Eeco derives power from a 1.2-litre, 1196cc, petrol unit, which  churns out a peak power of 73bhp @ 6, 000rpm with a torque of 101Nm @ 3000rpm. The Multi Point Injection (MPI) System and Engine Management System help the engine deliver a good fuel efficiency and performance.

The Eeco is coupled with a five-speed manual transmission with Diagonal Shift Assistance (DSA) technology, and delivers a decent fuel economy of 12kmpl on urban roads and 15.1kmpl on highways. This powertrain meets the latest BS-IV norms. The Eeco petrol is competent to achieve 0-100kmph in 15.7 seconds with a top speed of 120kmph. The Eeco is also available in CNG fuel engine option.

The CNG version delivers a maximum power output of 73bhp @ 6000rpm with a torque of 83Nm. The less torque output is a major concern with the CNG powered Eeco. However, this version offers an impressive fuel economy of 20kmpl. The fuel capacity of the Eeco petrol is 65-litres, while the CNG version gets 65-litres of fuel tank.

Performance and Handling

The Eeco is good at handling , but ride is bouncy. The front McPherson strut suspension and rear three linked rigid type suspension are good enough to carry load, but fails to absorb jerks and bumps. The engine isn’t revv-happy, and gets noisy at high speed. The acceleration is good. The Eeco petrol can mark 100kmph from standstill within 15.7kmpl with a top speed of 120kmph. It is recommended not to drive it beyond 95kmph as the car starts shivering so badly, and ride gets unbalanced.

The gear shift feels very crispy with the DSA (Diagonal Shift Assist) system. The clutch pedal and steering are light. The power steering is missing. The high ground clearance makes it easy going. However, the skinny tyres adversely affect its overall drivability. The body roll is significant, but isn’t bothering. The NVH levels are very low.

Braking System

The brakes aren’t confidence inspiring, and vehicle gets unstable at high speed. The Eeco features the standard front ventilated disc brakes and rear drum brakes. The front McPherson strut suspension and rear three linked rigid type suspension are tuned to carry load, rather than to absorb jerks and bumps.


The Maruti Eeco is one of the most frugal and economical vehicles in its league. The 1.2-litre, 1196cc, petrol engine is combined with a five-speed manual transmission with Diagonal Shift Assistance (DSA) technology, which help with fuel efficiency of the car. It offers a decent mileage of 12kmpl in city and 15.1kmpl on highways. This gasoline unit meets the latest BS-IV norms. While the CNG fuel powered Eeco offers an impressive mileage of 20kmpl. The fuel tank capacity of the Eeco petrol and CNG version is 40-litres and 65-litres, respectively.

Safety Features

There are no advanced safety measures such as ABS, EBD, airbags etc. The Eeco comes with very basic safety features such as include high mount stop lamp, headlights, seatbelts and more. The CNG fuel variant gets a leak proofing system for safety purpose.


The Eeco is a perfect pick for the people who are more concerned to the spacious cabin, large storage capacity, utility and practical driving. The frugal engine performs so well on urban roads, but  isn’t revv-happy. Its high speed performance is really very disappointing. The interior quality could be better. The cabin is spacious, and feels comfortable with ample legroom and headroom. However, the rear seats aren’t much comfortable. Maruti made some cosmetic tweaks to the car, but the changes aren’t enough to make an impact, and it looks like the Versa at a glance. The boxy and simple design might be a deal-breaker. Maruti always stands out when it comes to pricing. The Eeco is priced between Rs. 3.05 – Rs 4.06.


The Maruti Eeco doesn’t have direct competition, but the Chevrolet Enjoy could be considered as a rival, considering the seating capacity both car offers. However, the Enjoy has been positioned against the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

Maruti Eeco Vs Chevrolet Enjoy

The Maruti Eeco is a revised version the Versa. After considering the market response, Maruti made some exterior changes, but the Eeco still looks identical to its predecessor. The tall and boxy design remains the same, and appears very unappealing. The Chevrolet Enjoy looks sporty and more outgoing compared to the Eeco. With monocoque construction with new styling elements, the Enjoy addresses young buyers.

The Eeco is one of the most spacious cars at this price range. The MPV is available in 5-seater and 7-seater options. However, the material quality isn’t impressive. The seats are just average in terms of comfort, and the limited rear seats space is quite bothering. The interior design is simple yet very practical. The high seating position provides a good road view. The Enjoy is available with7-seater and 8-seater configurations. It offers a spacious and comfortable cabin. The second and third rows have good space. In terms of comfort and safety features, the Chevy Enjoy has more to offer than the Eeco. The Enjoy is fairly a winner in this department.

Powered with a highly-frugal 1.2-litre, 1196cc, petrol engine, the Eeco delivers a fuel economy of 12kmpl in city and 15.1kmpl on highways. This power-unit is mated with a five-speed manual transmission with Diagonal Shift Assistance (DSA) technology. The Enjoy 1.4-litre petrol unit offers a decent mileage of 13.7kmpl., but this powertrain develops more power and torque output than the Eeco.

The Eeco might not impress with its ride quality and handling, while in comparison, the Enjoy is a much better vehicle to drive. The body roll of the Eeco is acceptable, considering the price bracket it comes at. On the other side, the Enjoy performs so well at high-speed , but mid-range performance isn’t impressive. The suspension is flexible within the city.  The engine is very noisy, and NVH levels are very low. The turning radius is small. So, in this department as well, the Enjoy is a far better car than the Eeco.

On pricing front, the Maruti Eeco has no comparison with the Enjoy. The Eeco is extremely easy on pocket, and costs around Rs. 3.05 – Rs 4.06, while the Enjoy is available in price range of Rs. 5.60 lakh – Rs. 8.40 lakh

Pros & Cons


·         High seating position

·         Bright and spacious cabin

·         Powerful AC unit

·         Large boot space

·         Affordable pricing


·         Boxy design

·         Awful interior quality

·         Limited comfort and safety features

·         No power-steering

·         No rear AC vents

·         Limited legroom for middle row passengers’

·         Engine feels strained 

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Alternatives and Comparison

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