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  • R U mad it s nice car I have 3 cars .santro k 10 punto it s so nice pick up.clean up the santro on road

    27 June 2012 By  Dr Robin
  • absolutely correct!

    28 April 2012 By  Shiva
  • Thanks for sharing. What a pelarsue to read!

    23 January 2012 By  Char
  • Huge ugly bonnet for a small car.

    17 January 2012 By  Vikram
  • I am not satisfied by my Alto K10 VXI model. Milage is not more than 10kms. Reported the same to service centre, but still mileage not improved.
    Its just a waste of money.

    30 December 2011 By  Suchitra
  • I bought the Alto K10 Vxi this May 2011. Just driving for 200km the A/C gave me problem. Starnge sound was heard from the engine compartment whenever I switch on the A/C. I have send my car the workshop but till today there is no solution. A/C gas depeleted at least three times but there is reason given my the technician.

    07 July 2011 By  KVR
  • Dear, There is no such AC leakage problem with Alto k10. There might be some specific problem with your car. I have checked all the features of AC with my Alto k10 car. It is working perfectly all right.

    26 April 2011 By  Rakesh Kumar
  • hey mr :smith go to hell and fu_ck off . we r indians u knw dnt play with us . ths is our product we knw wch&wht prdct have to by! so dnt commnt like tht k?

    22 April 2011 By  Jamsh
  • i own a alto k vxi , i put 9 litre petrol and i drive more than 236 km,so i think i m getting 23km/litre.i m happy with my alto k10 ,thank u maruthi for wonderful evolution in motor sector......

    17 April 2011 By  Praveen
  • whenever I over take a lorry or a bus in my old Alto-LXI, it was very difficult as the engine was not raising, I have to shift my gear to third, and then over take. But, I could feel the difference in K10. My problem is only with the dealers as they don't concentrate on what we try to remark. I have taken a drive at 130 KMPH in Alto-LXI. Hope, I will again have a long drive and share my comments.

    09 April 2011 By  Michael
  • Alto k-10 is best car for long drive and for extra milage

    28 February 2011 By  Sabita
  • Maruti Alto K-10 Lxi very nice car more space & good control. I think K-10 Lxi is good budget car ,but vry lack space in front seat.

    23 February 2011 By  JAYMAN BAROT
  • There is a AC leakage problem which I felt while driving this Alto K10 VXI. when you have AC settings to only body side, the AC is still provided to the leg space of the driving seat.

    I think this should be taken care by maruti suzuki, other wise people will stop buying Alto K10, because its more usage of fule unnecessarily.

    18 February 2011 By  Jags
  • Hi, I think there is some problem with AC setting.

    You set the AC option to default Body side alone, even then the AC is supplied to your foot like wise in the option of body and foot of the driving seat.

    This is my obsrvation. you can find it in demo cars of Alto K10 also.

    This could be a big draw back after using for soem time....

    18 February 2011 By  Jags
  • abe sale, be in ur underwear. nahi to voh bhi fad denge

    08 February 2011 By  Cheap Indian
  • Smith, Your leaders are visiting India and China begging for jobs to their countrymen.

    02 February 2011 By  Anand
  • asshole smith

    23 January 2011 By  Nikhil
  • beware wen u make such comments mr.smith. no 1 has sought ur opinion of indian people.

    09 January 2011 By  Pooja
  • Smith, i am proude owner of Maruti from Last 9 Years and recently bought K10 which are having nice features.

    What do you mean by CHEAP Indian, You crab, why dont you look at your own shit country (whereever you leave), even you dont have right to comment for indian products.

    hope you understood

    07 January 2011 By  Reply To Smith
  • cost shoould be redused

    02 December 2010 By  Narayana
  • altoK10 very nice car more space & good control

    01 December 2010 By  Mukesh
  • Hi guys.... I'm planning to buy a Alto k10 vxi soon... but the problem is leg space... I'm 6.1" guy & my legs are long.... can some one tell do I can drive this car comfortably.... thnx

    01 December 2010 By  Jay
  • bought the k10 vxi in bangalore. Superb car, superb drive.
    Will spoil the market for spark, figo and i10.
    Great going maruti

    25 November 2010 By  Amit
  • SMITH ............FUCK YOUR MOTHER...

    20 November 2010 By  Kosmo
  • this is my bad experiance purchage the k10 no pickup, not good compair to my prerewiew car centro

    21 October 2010 By  Kaushal
  • Have you observed any of the probleme which i have reported ?

    20 October 2010 By  Kiran
  • I have alto K10 ,which has run around 1000 KMS.
    My vehilce has a peculier problem of wobbling/vibraction @ only 60 to 70 km speed from 300 kms of drive till now .
    Which is being reported to workshop form my 1st visit, the problem was
    taken care but no solution, And even called one of the incharge person.
    Many experiment was done on the service station
    but no solution was provided.
    I owned maruti alto 800 earlier which was not having any problem
    . Really worst performance . Vehicle is not good on road grip poor breaking and more worst in rain road compared to alto 800 . Worst engineering .
    I suggest alto k10 buyers not to go with alto k10.
    not worth for the money .....

    20 October 2010 By  Kiran
  • lx i model shoud have tachometer

    23 September 2010 By  Akash
  • boughtK10Alto.wondeful.National Highways are great to 20kmpl.5 people,Igo for K10.Nice experience.In Chennai it is 3.55l.I suggest new buyers to go 4 K10.

    13 September 2010 By  Satish
  • i think k10 is good budget car ,but vry lack space in front

    12 September 2010 By  Jai
  • Comments for Smith & BOSCO LAWARENCE,

    Guys if you can make such a car in less than the amount said by Maruti then do so or else put the middle finger in your butt & keep quit. comment something good you don't know what a "cheap" indian has to go through had it been you in our place then you would know, comment something useful or shutup

    11 September 2010 By  Kapil
  • list of featchers are not correct

    07 September 2010 By  Sarcar
  • i have altto in india about 2 years am live in spain . yr car is very goood because the tire off your car is very slim .when i before take your car in yr company in nawashar .

    06 September 2010 By  Mandeep Singh
  • check out the pics of Alto K10 from

    26 August 2010 By  Nishank
  • A lot of information given above are wrong and misguiding like price, power window, central locking etc. Correct it immediately.

    19 August 2010 By  Sarkar
  • hey it costed a bit less than 3,40,000(on road) to me (VXI model)(delhi)

    19 August 2010 By  Arun
  • I hope all the people here are owning a mercedez benz and an AUDI..Guys look into the feature of the car and its price don u feel it really worthy..If its a cramped car then y its always the top selling in INDIAN Market..You people would give a bad review like this without even knowing the actual fact behind it..This car will really rock and again would make a record of top sellin in INDIAN Market.

    Heloo Guys i have already booked one and below are the price details

    Ex showroom chennai - 3,03,000 for LXI
    Ex showroom chennai - 3,16,000 for VXI

    Alto K10 LXI - 3,56,000 (on road chennai)
    Alto K10 VXI - 3,70,000 (on road chennai)

    18 August 2010 By  Hari
  • good to read,the changes made in new model, but again you have left security bag which is most important for security purpose. You might going to change in next model to attract Indian customers for Alto small car.

    17 August 2010 By  Sudesh Sharma
  • taken test drive of alto K10 on 15th august.

    Exterior - Looks same as older version(no noticable change)
    Interior - for small ht'ed person 5'5 like me, boot space is ok. For ht more than 5'8 very crampy.
    luggage space is better. Interior also improved with curved back of front seat for some leg space for rear seat.
    drive was not very plesent,even with new power was very difficult to cruz smoothly(like wagon -r)
    With Ac on and 4 people sitting vehicle dragged, i drive zen and definately felt zen is always better.

    After evaluation, although slightly over prised, a good car overall for middleclass family person.

    17 August 2010 By  DHANANJAY

    16 August 2010 By  Rahul
  • very good

    16 August 2010 By  Nazrulislam
  • Why should I buy this mediocre/cramped car for 3.7+ lakhs? Go and buy bigger/better/stable/solid/quieter Santro for less! And the gimmic of "introductory" price is absolutely ridiculous! Estillo (another crappy car from Maruti) has kept giving 50k discount since its lanch 3-4 years back! Whole low pricing of m800 and Alto is like this - every one sells a kg of rice for Rs 30, where as Maruti sells 0.5 kg for Rs 20. Average people don't look at per kg price, they just think Rs 20 is less than 30!

    This car is not more than 2.5 lakhs onroad, period.

    16 August 2010 By  Srini
  • Ex show room price for Alto LXi in Bangalore is 3.11 lakh and For VXi its 3.24 Lakh . List of features is correct.
    Realy Sorry for the typo error.

    16 August 2010 By  Shiva
  • It is sure that the review is without actually driving the car. the front portion of alto k10 is increased for about 10 cm and it makes very ugly in appearence( it is not merc for such a long bonnet). DRIVING IS NOT SMOOTH. It is like fitting 100 cc engine to a bicycle.

    15 August 2010 By  BOSCO LAWARENCE
  • cramped and crooked car to cheat cheap indians

    15 August 2010 By  Smith
  • I think its good news for indian car markets and we indian , good gift in the occosion off 15 aug(Idipendent day)

    15 August 2010 By  Jaiprasad
  • The price details totally incorrect .
    From the price list given it seems that there
    is additional cost of more than one lakh ten thousand when
    the car hits the road.

    Ex showroom Price Bangalore 2.64 2.85
    Onroad price Bangalore 375316 390704

    15 August 2010 By  Girisankar
  • Mr. shiva and ms. payal plz recorrect the price which shown in artical.

    Maruti Alto K-10
    Features Lxi Vxi
    Power Steering Yes Yes
    Power windows No No
    Central locking No Front
    A/C Yes Yes
    Music system No No
    Fog Lamps No No
    Rear wind shield washer No No
    Defogger No No
    ABS No No
    Air bag No No
    Security System Yes Yes
    Average fuel efficiency 20 20
    Fabric Seats Yes Yes
    Collapsible steering column Yes Yes
    Tubeless tyres Yes Yes
    Cup holders in console Yes Yes
    Child Lock Yes Yes
    Front Foglamps No Yes
    Immobiliser Yes Yes
    Key off reminder No Yes
    Ex showroom Price Bangalore 2.64 2.85
    Onroad price Bangalore 375316 390704

    15 August 2010 By  Amit
  • ex-showroom prices mentioned is wrong.

    features btn lxi and vxi r incorrrect. check with official website.

    Review seems to be hust for the sake of a review

    15 August 2010 By  Shama
  • test drive as soon as possiable.....

    15 August 2010 By  Ayub

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