Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Diesel

Expected: early 2016
Rs. 3.25 lakh
(Estimated Ex-Showroom Price)
Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Diesel

There are many dimensions to Maruti Suzuki's dominance in the Indian passenger car market, which go beyond revenue statistics. The sales reports and the market share are mere evidences to state the fact that no other auto maker has captured the imagination of an Indian car buyer like Maruti Suzuki. As an automobile manufacturer, the auto maker holds numerous advantages over its rivals, which has helped it in reaching the top. To begin with, the company has been in the Indian auto market for more than two decades, resulting in the attainment of unparalleled experience and know-how of scenarios. Secondly, Maruti Suzuki has constantly evolved itself as a brand, keeping up with the technological advancements and changing market conditions. However, the most important thing that has helped Maruti Suzuki in succeeding is the kind of trust it has gained among consumers, who consider it to be the country's most reliable automotive brand.

Maruti Suzuki is best known for producing fuel efficient and affordable cars, most of which are hatchbacks. Almost all hatchbacks introduced by the car maker have managed to achieve an iconic status in the Indian market. The M800, now a discontinued car, is almost synonymous with the company's name and enjoyed a prolonged period of dominance in the country. Apart from M800, cars like Zen, Alto 800, WagonR and Swift have also got overwhelming responses from buyers over the years. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, along with the Swift, has been the firm's top product in recent years. The company, essentially, introduced the Alto 800 as a replacement for the M800 in the long run, something it has been able to do to a great extent. Now, the country's largest passenger car maker is planning to launch a diesel version of the Alto 800.

Industry experts feel that this is a smart move by Maruti Suzuki, which will help it to further increase the market share. Currently, the Alto 800 has 4 variants, including the base version, LX, LXi and VXi. It must be noted that the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 pretty much summarises everything, which are demanded by middle-class buyers, including fuel efficiency, affordability and suitability for a small family. Reportedly, the new Alto 800 has made a huge impact on the Indian car market, generating tremendous sales volumes for the manufacturer. Also, the stylish look of this hatchback has made it a hit among youngsters too.

Sources close to the development process have revealed that the diesel version of Alto 800 might be launched in India by 2014. It is being said that this car would easily be able to replicate the same story of success, which has been managed by its petrol variants. Another important fact that might come into play is the rising cost of petrol, which will also lure customers into buying diesel powered vehicles.

Engine & Specification of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Diesel

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Diesel is likely to be equipped with an 800 cc engine, whose development is currently on progress. As of now, no official confirmation has been given by the car maker regarding the kind of power this engine will generate. However, industry experts feel that the Alto 800 diesel is expected to produce a maximum power output of around 40 bhp.

In addition to this, reports suggest that Maruti Suzuki is developing this engine at its own facility, which will help the firm to aggressively price the upcoming Alto 800 Diesel. Tabloids have suggested that the auto maker is working at a fast pace to develop the 800 cc diesel engine in collaboration with its parent company, Suzuki Motor Corporation, which is based in Japan.

About over a month ago, a source close to the firm spoke on the development status of the engine. "The development is at a very initial stage. It is a ground up project, and a lot of effort is being put in. The engine has to deliver the required level of performance, needs to respond ably, deliver on the power as well as fuel efficiency. It will take at least a couple of years or may be more to be ready," said the concerned person.

Performance of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Diesel

Interestingly, Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 has proved to be a game changer in the entry level hatchback segment. Reports from analysts have suggested that the diesel version of Alto 800 is likely to set new benchmarks in the market. Industry experts have spotted a clear success path for the Alto 800 Diesel. It is being said that the Alto 800 Diesel has highly bright prospects due to the lack of direct competitors. There have been some reports regarding the launch of the Tata Nano Diesel, however nothing is confirmed as of now. Moreover, even if the Tata Nano Diesel is launched soon, it would be hard to see buyers choosing it over the Alto 800 Diesel.

Suzuki, according to reports, will have a role to play in the development of the 800 cc diesel engine, which will come equipped within the Alto 800. This is likely to be a key factor and is expected to result in a highly efficient and finely tuned engine that might be able to produce an economy of as high as 30 kmpl. Experts feel that the launch of the Alto 800 Diesel is likely to trigger a trend, wherein other firms will make soon mark their presence.

Exterior, Interior & Safety Features of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Diesel

Maruti Suzuki is expected to carry over most of the features present in the petrol version of the Alto 800 to its diesel variant. It must be noted that there will not be much change in the styling of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 Diesel, as it will just feature the unique 'wavefront' design that has smooth curves and a prominent wheel arch. Interiors and safety features of the Alto 800 Diesel are expected to be pretty standard, including power windows, remote fuel filler and an effective air conditioning system.

Fact Sheet:

Make Maruti Suzuki
Model Alto 800 Diesel
Fuel Types Diesel
Price Rs. 3.25 lakh
Key Specifications

0.8 litre 2-cylinder diesel engine, churning out approximately 40 bhp of maximum power.

Body Type Hatchback

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