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Mahindra Verito

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Mahindra one of the largest vehicle makers in the utility segment, recently launched a new and improved version of its Mahindra Renault Logan and renamed it Mahindra Verito. The new Mahindra Verito was launched in the month of April this year. The joint venture between the companies dissolved as Mahindra bought Renault's share of the joint venture. Hence the new name does not have Renault attached to it. The new Mahindra Verito 2011 is launched in the market with both petrol and diesel engines. The New Mahindra Verito car price range lies between Rs. 4.5 lacs and Rs.6.8 lacs and is in competition with Maruti Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios and Tata Manza among others.                                                                                                                                            

Mahindra Verito Launch History

Launched in the month of April this year, the new Mahindra Verito followed after the termination of the joint venture between Mahindra and the French manufacturer Renault. The Mahindra Renault Logan has been renamed Mahindra Verito. New Mahindra Verito car derives its name from the Latin word 'Veritas' meaning 'Truth'. Mahindra Verito has not only been renamed, but has also changed slightly in terms of interiors and safety measures. The new Mahindra Verito in India has been launched with two engine variants, petrol and diesel. Both the engine variants of the Mahindra Verito car are sourced from Renault. The price range lies between Rs. 4.5 lacs and Rs. 6.8 lacs.  

Mahindra Verito Variants

Mahindra Verito has launched five variants in the Indian automobile market. These are named Verito G2, Verito G4, Verito D2, Verito D4 and Verito D6. Verito G2 and Verito G4 have a petrol engine with a displacement of 1390cc. Verito D2, Verito D4 and Verito D6 have a diesel engine with a displacement of 1461cc. The overall dimensions of the new Mahindra Verito in India are same for all variants; however, they differ slightly in terms of comfort, security, style, safety and convenience. All these variants of Mahindra are priced between Rs. 4.5 lacs to Rs. 6.8 lacs.

Mahindra Verito Pricing

The new Mahindra Verito price ranges between Rs.4.5 lacs and Rs.6.8 lacs. Price tag of Mahindra Verito is lower than the other cars belonging to this segment because it is expected to pay only 10 per cent excise duty instead of the 22 per cent. The price for every city and state differs as there are differences in taxes levied by each state as well as the margin of each dealer. The new Mahindra Verito car in India is considered to be reasonably priced.  Some of the main competitors are Tata Manza, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and Tata Etios.

Mahindra Verito Review

The new Mahindra Verito in India is a new renamed model of Mahindra Logan, which proved to be a reliable car due to its space and mileage. Air conditioner of the new Mahindra Verito is more efficient than the Logan. The new version has attractive interiors and is at par with the other cars, in terms of performance. The new Mahindra Verito in India consists of redesigned fog lamps, roof rails and side rub strips. The exterior will have a slightly new look with the presence of ski racks and side cladding. The rear gets chrome and a spoiler lip to give a rich feel. The older model Logan had seen an increase in its sales after the prices were lowered by the company.

Mahindra Verito Used Car Market   

Mahindra has an official used car market from where pre-owned cars can be purchased. The store is known as Mahindra first choice and is India's number one multi-brand pre-owned car company. From these stores, different car models of different companies can be bought. The chances of a new Mahindra Verito being available are less as this model was launched earlier this year. As the model becomes older the availability of it being available in a used car market increases.

 Mahindra Verito Specifications

The new Mahindra Verito in India has attractive designs and stylish interiors. It is a slightly enhanced version of the Mahindra Renault Logan. Special features like power windows, anti lock braking system, air bags for the driver and CD player were not incorporated in Mahindra Renault Logan. These features are now introduced in the new Mahindra Verito and therefore it is an upgraded and a renamed version of Mahindra Renault Logan.

Mahindra Verito G2 and Verito G4 are the petrol variants of Mahindra Verito. The engine displacement of both the models is 1390cc, 4 cylinder with five speed manual transmission. Maximum power generated by the engine is 75 hp at 5500 rpm. Both the variants have air conditioner, cabin heater, front head restraint, front door map pocket, remote operated fuel tank lid, and power steering and boot opener. However, Verito G4 has slightly more features than Verito G2, such as trunk room light, internally adjustable ORVM, front and rear power windows and central locking.

The diesel variants offered are Verito D2, Verito D4 and Verito D6. All the diesel variants are equipped with features like air conditioner, cabin heater, three rear head restraints, front head restraint, front door map pocket and power steering. Remote operated fuel tank lid and boot opener are also incorporated in all the diesel variants of new Mahindra Verito. Verito D6 is the premium model of this segment and is equipped with theatre dimming interior lights with courtesy delay.  Furthermore, single disc CD player with stereo and four speakers, rear defogger, trunk room lights, internally adjustable ORVM, front and rear power windows and remote door locking, are all available in the D6 model. 

Mahindra Verito Exterior

The new Mahindra Verito car's exterior styling exhibits charisma due to which it stands out amongst its competitors. Its sleek dimensions allow it to easily adjust in any parking area.

Exterior Appearance

The exterior of new Mahindra Verito is designed very stylishly to attract more buyers. The well defined and strong wheel arches along with an enhanced front grille finished in chrome with body coloured bumpers gives the exterior a superior look. The rear tail lights of the new version are similar to Mahindra Renault Logan. The overall dimensions are also identical and differ only slightly in the appearance of the interiors. New Mahindra Verito has several new features which includes Mahindra logo, new bold fog lamps, side cladding and roof rails/ski rack.

Exterior Dimensions   



Boot Space            

510 litres

Overall Length      

4247 mm

Overall Width

1740 mm


1540 mm


2630 mm

Ground Clearance(unladen)

172 mm

Turning Radius

5.25 meter

Mahindra Verito Interior

The new Mahindra Verito is suitable for making long trips as it is quite comfortable. The car is designed using Space Optimisation Design that ensures enough space with more leg-room and head-room. This new model has a convenient dash board that is integrated with a music system. Interior of new Mahindra Verito includes rear chrome appliqué and luxurious new upholstery.  

Interior Appearance      

The colour combination of the seating gives an exciting new feel. Additional accessories which are used in the front panel are intelligently incorporated in the dash board. New Mahindra Verito's power steering provides a good grip and has feather touch horn buttons.

nterior Comfort                      

 New Mahindra Verito has a spacious leg-room for the driver as well as the passengers. The car has comfortable seats, which ensures lesser back pains during long journeys. This version of new Mahindra Verito has improved suspensions which ensure less bumpy drive.

nterior Measurements

The new Mahindra Verito can accommodate five adults easily, without any hassle. It has a sufficient head and leg room in both front and rear seats. The boot space of the car is 510 litres. This adds to the comfort and ensures smoothness while travelling.   

Mahindra Verito Fuel Economy 

Mahindra claims that the fuel economy of the new Mahindra Verito (petrol version) is thirteen kilometres in the city while 15 kilometres on the highway. Whereas, the diesel variant of this model, the new Mahindra Verito gives an average of sixteen kilometres in the city while eighteen kilometres on the highway. This average is remarkable for any sedan with an engine displacement of 1390cc and 1461cc.

Mahindra Verito On Road Drive

Mahindra has in-depth knowledge of Indian roads and gives extra attention to customer expectations. Therefore, the new Mahindra Verito is equipped with improved suspensions and braking technology that makes the ride comfortable and safe on the Indian roads. This car accelerates smoothly and responds efficiently to the perfectly balanced power steering. The minimum turning radius is 5.25 meters, which helps in turning at sharp edges. Gear shifts of the new Mahindra Verito ensure a smooth ride and getting in and out of tight places gets easier. The seats are comfortable enough for long journeys.

Mahindra Verito Power

The performance factor is one of the important characteristics on which the reliability of any automobile depends. New Mahindra Verito (petrol variant) is equipped with a common rail diesel engine with a displacement of 1390cc to develop a maximum power of 75 hp at 550 rpm. The maximum torque of the engine is 110 Nm at 3000rpm. The diesel variant of this model comes with a displacement of 1461cc that delivers a maximum power of 65 hp at 4000 rpm. The maximum torque exhibited by the engine is 160 Nm at 2000 rpm. Gross weight of the diesel variant is around 1630 kilograms and the gross weight of petrol variant is 1600 kilograms. The power train of new Mahindra Verito feels indestructible in the same way as the traditional engines did.

Mahindra Verito Acceleration and Pick Up

The new Mahindra Verito delivers decent power and excellent fuel efficiency. When it comes to the acceleration, this new model incorporates 5 speed manual transmission.  The 1.4 litre engine (petrol) delivers an acceleration of 100 kilometres in just 18.4 seconds whereas the 1.5 litre engine (diesel) delivers an acceleration of 100 kilometres in 17.2 seconds.  Acceleration of the car is smooth as it is incorporated with sophisticated suspension system and with a great pickup.  

 Mahindra Verito Safety and Security

The new Mahindra Verito 2011 has been incorporated with several safety measures for security of the passengers. All the variants of the new Mahindra Verito have similar safety features. Some of the common features are headlamp levelling device, collapsible steering column, adjustable front seat head restraints, anti theft electronic encoded safety system and front disc brakes. Additional features include child proof rear door locks, prismatic day-night rear view mirror, halogen headlamps and laminated windshield. The premium model of new Mahindra Verito, Verito D6 combines all the above features and also incorporates driver airbags, anti lock braking system with EBD.

Mahindra Verito Comfort and Convenience 

The soft suspensions of new Verito cars are good at absorbing bumps on Indian roads. However, the Verito feels bouncy on the motorway and also when heavy brakes are applied. Rear passengers are much more comfortable because of spacious leg-room. The four-cylinder engine is a little noisy, though it may not prove to be a big deal as the new Verito car only begins to make sounds when higher speed is achieved. The provision of air conditioner and cabin heater ensures that the temperature inside the car is regulated. Rear head restraint and front head restraint increases comfort and convenience. Again the D6 variant comes with all the features available whereas the other variants may not include some features. 

Mahindra Verito Wheels

All the variants of new Mahindra Verito car come with tubeless tyres. Radial of the wheelbase of the Verito car is 185/70 R14. The wheelbase and tyres of all the variants have the same overall dimension. It comes with 14 inche wheels giving a dynamic appearance. The front suspension of the new Mahindra Verito in India consists of MacPherson type. MacPherson is a special type of car suspension which uses the base of telescopic damper in place of upper steering pivot. These are incorporated with a wishbone link, an independent suspension specially designed for using parallel wishbone shaped arms for locating the wheel. Furthermore, the rear suspension of the Verito car is of H-section torsion beam type with programmed deflection coil spring.

 Mahindra Verito Stereo and Accessories

Verito D6 has a stylish single CD player having four speakers which makes the driving experience more joyful and pleasant. The other four variants do not include a stereo system. The rear seats of the Verito have three headrests and a silver finished centre console. Air conditioner vents and cabin heaters are provided in all the variants of new Mahindra Verito car.  The upholstery of all the variants is made of plush fabric. Sunvisors are included in all and ashtrays are only available in D6. 

Mahindra Verito Dealers

New Mahindra Verito car is available across all the major cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Banglore and Kolkatta. A vast network of authorised Verito car dealers is spread all over. However, the price of the car varies in different cities due to the differences in taxes levied by each state as well as the margin of each dealer. Few of the authorised dealers of new Mahindra Verito are mentioned below: 



New Delhi

Bhasin Motors Private Limited

Koncept Automobiles Private Limited

Shiva Auto Car (India) Private Limited

Sri Durga Automobiles (A division of Lido Commercial Company Limited)


Avis Motors Private Limited

G3 Motors Limited

Nbs International Limited


Chrome Motors

India Garage

Sireesh Auto Private Limited

Sks Automobiles (India) Private Limited


India Garage

Mpl Automobiles Agency Private Limited

Zulaikha Motors Private Limited

West Bengal

Mohan Motors

Royal Motors

Shree Automotive Private Limited

Mahindra Verito Company Quotes 

Rajesh Jejurikar, Chief Executive, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said "The Verito, with its unique value proposition aligns with the Mahindra DNA of offering tough, rugged and sporty vehicles. For the first time, we are using social media platforms to unveil a new product, reflecting alternative thinking. The earlier Logan will continue to get complete service and spares support from us". 

“Besides an improved version of Verito, we will soon start working on the Verito compact model. Whether it will be a notchback, hatchback or a combination of both, it is too premature to predict. It depends on the features that we plan to add. It, certainly, will not be a three-box (with a separate boot).” - Arun Malhotra, Senior Vice President (sales and customer care) 

“Our market share gained five-six per cent in the passenger UV segment, where there are players like Tata Sumo, Safari, Innova and Tavera, during the April-July period of 2011. We were 54-55 per cent last year. Though retaining this is a challenge, we will definitely try to sustain this growth, if not increasing it, this year”. - Arun Malhotra, Senior Vice President (sales and customer care) 

Mahindra Verito Competitor Analysis 

The new Mahindra Verito car has many competitors in the Indian car market. Verito stands in competition with Tata Manza, Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire and Toyota Etios. Verito has an added advantage of being a Mahindra brand, which is known to deliver performance and is a popular choice among buyers. The comparison of the new verito car with other models is as follows:

Engine displacement of the new Mahindra Verito is 1461cc which is more than that of the Tata Manza which has incorporated an engine displacement of 1368cc. However, on comparing the maximum power delivery of new Verito with Tata Manza, the Manza surpasses Verito. The maximum power delivered by new Mahindra Verito is 65 hp in diesel and 75 hp in petrol, whereas Tata Manza delivers 90 hp. Mahindra Verito costs somewhere between Rs. 4.5 lacs and Rs. 6.8 lacs whereas the Tata Manza costs around Rs. 6 lacs. 

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire has an engine displacement of 1197cc, which is less than the new Mahindra Verito’s displacement of 1461cc. Moreover, on comparing the engine power of both the cars, it was found that the power of Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire is more than new Mahindra Verito. The engine of Swift Dzire delivers a power of 85 hp whereas the engine of Mahindra Verito delivers 65 hp. On the grounds of cost factor, both cars have a similar price range.

The engine of Toyota Etios delivers a displacement of 1496cc which is more than the engine of Mahindra Verito, 1461cc. Furthermore, the engine power of Toyota Etios is also more than the Mahindra Verito. Engine of Toyota Etios provides power of 90 hp whereas the engine of Mahindra Verito offers the power of 65 hp. Toyota Etios costs somewhere between Rs. 5.9 lacs and Rs. 8 lacs.       

Mahindra Verito LPG/CNG version 

The Mahindra Company does not provide the option of CNG/LPG in the new Mahindra Verito car.

Mahindra Verito Pros 

The new Mahindra Verito car has many advantages such as its affordable price range, stylish looks and luxury features. It is spacious and comfortable. The rear has enough space for 3 well-built adults. Verito car is low maintenance and is cost efficient, as it is a fuel efficient car. 

Mahindra Verito Cons 

New Mahindra Verito has a few negative features.  The car still looks boxy and needs to improve its exteriors. The interior finishing is not up to the mark.  It also needs to incorporate more safety features. This car is not exactly made for a speed enthusiast as the highest speed limit that can be achieved is not much. 

Mahindra Verito Conclusion

The new Mahindra Verito is a perfect car for daily usage since it is fuel efficient. It requires low maintenance and has long servicing intervals. In the sedan segment of luxury cars, new Mahindra Verito is the perfect blend of performance, design and luxury. Considering the fact that this model is incorporated with many sophisticated features, the new Mahindra Verito is worth the money paid. The car is comfortable enough to accommodate five adults.

 This model of Mahindra has also been introduced with sophisticated suspensions which offer a hassle free ride even on long trips. Since the displacement of the engine is high, the speed of the car will not be affected when the air conditioner is switch on. It is one of the powerful sedans of this segment that delivers high torque. The after sales service stations of Mahindra are spread across different states of India; hence the maintenance of the car will also not be an issue for the buyer.  The older model Logan had seen an increase in its sales after the prices were lowered by the company. With this new Mahindra Verito the company hopes to achieve an even bigger sales target.

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