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Rs. 4.12 - Rs. 4.91 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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As per ARAI, the mileage of Hyundai i10 Automatic Transmission Petrol Variant is 14 kmpl and for Manual Transmission Petrol Variant is 14 kmpl and for LPG Variant is 14 kmpl.
However, our Hyundai i10 Road Test on highway gave a mileage of 18 kmpl for Petrol and 18 kmpl for LPG. Fuel capacity of this hatchback is 35 litres.

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CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.1 Magna1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiASTA 1.21518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiASTA 1.2 (M)1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiASTA SUNROOF 1.21518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiASTA SUNROOF 1.2 (M)1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiASTA SUNROOF AT 1.21518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiASTA SUNROOF AT 1.2 (M)1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiD-lite1417
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiD-LITE 1.11518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiD-LITE 1.1 (M)1012
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiERA 1.11012
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiERA 1.1(M)1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiMAGNA 1.21518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiMAGNA 1.2 (M)1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiMAGNA 1.2 AT1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiMAGNA 1.2 AT (M)1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiSPORTS 1.21518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiSPORTS 1.2 (M)1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiSPORTS 1.2 AT1518
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiSPORTS 1.2 AT (M)1518
Pankaj Dabhire (user)userPune1.1 Magna1719.5
Karthik (user)userCochinAsta 1.2 Kappa210.511
kush (user)userThaneD-LITE 1.1 (M)911
HEMAL (user)userPuneERA 1.168
Vinayak Galadge (user)userKolhapurERA 1.11820
Nitin (user)userKolkataEra 1.1 iRDE1519
Sandeep (user)userNew DelhiEra 1.1 iRDE21619.5
ujjwal chorpagar (user)userHyderabadEra 1.1 iRDE21821
abc (user)userNavi MumbaiEra 1.1 iRDE21822
hemant (user)userCochinEra 1.1 iRDE21518
Malay Chakraborti (user)userNavi MumbaiEra 1.1 iRDE21519
ramesh (user)userGhaziabadEra 1.1 iRDE212.360
gaurav patoa (user)userGuwahatiEra 1.1 iRDE21822
moihit (user)userFaridabadEra 1.1 iRDE21215
Nitin Raikar (user)userPuneERA 1.1(M)1118
Guru (user)userNoidaERA 1.1(M)1517
PUSHPENDRA SINGH (user)userGurgaonERA 1.1(M)1720.8
Vijay (user)userFaridabadERA 1.1(M)1317
BK Mishra (user)userNew DelhiERA 1.1(M)1721
nitin khurana (user)userNoidaERA 1.1(M)1420
Sathyan (user)userChennaiMagna 1.1 iRDE1518
mahadev (user)userHyderabadMagna 1.1 iRDE11
Aman (user)userNew DelhiMagna 1.1 iRDE1321
KHUDAIZ (user)userGhaziabadMagna 1.1 iRDE1517
Diwakar (user)userNoidaMagna 1.1 iRDE21215
RK (user)userHyderabadMagna 1.1 LPG1115
Mojo (user)userNoidaMAGNA 1.21317
Shylo Anandh (user)userFaridabadMAGNA 1.2912
Harish (user)userBangaloreMAGNA 1.21112.5
r g mathews (user)userHyderabadMAGNA 1.2 (M)1215
Expert driver (user)userGurgaonMAGNA 1.2 (M)18.523.5
Amol (user)userMumbaiMAGNA 1.2 (M)1012
pratik (user)userNew DelhiMAGNA 1.2 (M)1013
praveen (user)userCochinMAGNA 1.2 AT7.759.25
ANIL (user)userCochinMagna 1.2 Kappa1015
anish kumar (user)userNoidaMagna 1.2 Kappa1215
anshul (user)userNew DelhiMagna 1.2 Kappa1517
dinesh rasal (user)userCochinMagna 1.2 Kappa1518
sudhir (user)userHyderabadMagna 1.2 Kappa1114
Aslam (user)userNoidaMagna 1.2 Kappa2912
jacky punjabi (user)userMumbaiMagna 1.2 Kappa21013
sameer (user)userGurgaonMagna 1.2 Kappa21013
A.K.GULATI (user)userGhaziabadMagna 1.2 Kappa21517.5
A K GULATI (user)userHyderabadMagna 1.2 Kappa21517.5
akshay (user)userNagpurMagna 1.2 Kappa2914
himanshu (user)userMumbaiMagna 1.2 Kappa2711
Siva (user)userNoidaMagna 1.2 Kappa21522
B.K.Mandal (user)userDhanbadMagna 1.2 Kappa2912
A.Sakthivel (user)userGurgaonMagna 1.2 Kappa21518.25
Vinod (user)userHyderabadMagna 1.2 Kappa21215
Krishna rao (user)userMumbaiSPORTS 1.21618
Muthu (user)userFaridabadSPORTS 1.211.516
rohit sharma (user)userMumbaiSPORTS 1.2810
amar (user)userPuneSPORTS 1.2911
Pushkar (user)userKolkataSPORTS 1.21518
Neeraj (user)userThaneSPORTS 1.214.516.5
D.Krishnamurthy (user)userFaridabadSPORTS 1.21214
subrat (user)userBangaloreSPORTS 1.210.514
Amey Shevade (user)userNavi MumbaiSPORTS 1.21215
vipin (user)userCochinSPORTS 1.21619
subhash (user)userGhaziabadSPORTS 1.21113
roy (user)userHyderabadSPORTS 1.2710
HAPPY ARORA (USER) (user)userNavi MumbaiSPORTS 1.2 (M)1217
Ravi Nayan (user)userHyderabadSPORTS 1.2 (M)1215
Bharath P (user)userPuneSPORTS 1.2 AT810
sameer (user)userMumbaiSPORTS 1.2 AT810
rajat (user)userNavi MumbaiSPORTS 1.2 AT (M)1012
sumit kumar (user)userNavi MumbaiSPORTS 1.2 AT (M)1823
Raj (user)userNoidaSportz 1.2 AT Kappa1319
BABULAL (user)userHyderabadSportz 1.2 AT Kappa1315
S MOHAN (user)userBangaloreSportz 1.2 Kappa1015
Ayan Dutta (user)userGurgaonSportz 1.2 Kappa1012
deepak desai (user)userNoidaSportz 1.2 Kappa11.514.5
ratan poddar (user)userKolkataSportz 1.2 Kappa279
ratan poddar (user)userKolkataSportz 1.2 Kappa279
ARUN (user)userGhaziabadSportz 1.2 Kappa21016
ayon chakraborty (user)userBangaloreSportz 1.2 Kappa21115
ratan poddar (user)userKolkataSportz 1.2 Kappa279
prashant (user)userHyderabadSportz 1.2 Kappa21318
ranaroy (user)userMumbaiSportz 1.2 Kappa213.817
Santhosh (user)userNavi MumbaiSportz 1.2 Kappa21113
Hyundai i10 News - Car News India
Hyundai i10 Sport launched in Germany
04 July 2014, 15:33 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Hyundai's popular hatchback in India, well known as Grand i10, has just been launched in Germany in a sporty version rechristened as i10 Sport. The hatchback has been exclusively custom made...
Under: Hyundai
International bound Hyundai i10 gets 4-Star rating in Euro NCAP test
21 May 2014, 15:53 IST by Aditya Chatterjee
The successor model of Hyundai i10 has scored 4 points in the Euro NCAP crash test. Second generation i10 is sold as Grand i10 in India, however the India-spec model varies a tad from the one...
Under: Hyundai
Hyundai i10 patent surfaces for the Chinese car market
26 March 2014, 10:47 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Hyundai has been a popular brand on the global car market platform. The car-maker has attained much success in the local soil along with its wide range of cars across various segments. As per...
Under: Hyundai
Upcoming Hyundai i10 facelift vs the Grand i10: Spot the differences
18 October 2013, 11:49 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team
Hyundai, the South Korean auto maker, has been really successful in the Indian car market. It is the only firm in the country that has provided Maruti Suzuki a stiff competition in the passenger...
Under: Hyundai
Production of Hyundai i10 with 1.2 Kappa engine stopped
25 September 2013, 10:20 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team
The South Korean automobile company, Hyundai has discontinued the sales of its i10 model, equipped with the 1.2-litre, Kappa 2 petrol engine. Hyundai i10 will now be available in the 1.1 litre...
Under: Hyundai
2013 Hyundai i10 to be fitted with a diesel engine
30 May 2013, 10:10 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team
Hyundai Motor India Limited, the country's second largest passenger car maker, is believed to be working on its next generation i10 that would be placed between the current i10 and i20...
Under: Hyundai
Hyundai 'iDrive India' road trip kicks off in New Delhi on March 5, 2013
06 March 2013, 11:46 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team
Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), the country's largest exporter and second largest passenger car maker, has commenced the first edition of its 'iDrive India'- a cross country tour...
Under: Hyundai
Hyundai i10 i-Tech Special edition launched at Rs.4.24 lakhs
05 March 2013, 11:59 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team
India’s second largest passenger car manufacturer, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) introduced a special edition of its highly successful hatchback i10, titled as ‘í...
Under: Hyundai
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