Hyundai Compact SUV

Expected: Mid 2015
Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs
(Estimated Ex-Showroom Price)
Hyundai Compact SUV

Since last couple of years, Hyundai has witnessed an inspiring and globally acclaimed voyage. The auto company has adopted a highly robust strategy to increase its share in the global market along with full-of-potential Indian auto market. Specifically talking with respect to India, the journey so far can be called fruitful as Hyundai has slowly and steadily grabbed the market. It has emerged as a car company of irrefutable repute and successfully carved a niche for itself among hearts of customers and experts.

For long, Hyundai car owners have cherished salient features of its cars and enjoyed driving them in the city and on highways as well. Hyundai cars come loaded with highly sought-after features, which enhance the driving experience. The auto company has done really well to make sure that vehicles introduced in the market score high in terms of style too. Well-equipped car-cabins are highly refreshing and go a long way to have a marked influence on everyone who is on board. No wonder, with such vehicles to back up its product range, Hyundai has not only flourished as a highly-cherished car brand, but has also given some worries to other auto companies. It has posed a worthy challenge to leading firms like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and Honda, which operate in the country.

There are several reasons behind the rising popularity of Hyundai in the country. As discussed above, a well-formulated highly aggressive strategy is one of the most important factors behind the precedence of this brand in the Indian and global markets. However, this is certainly not the end of the story. Other most obvious and relishing things about Hyundai is its efforts that do reflect in each and every model that is unveiled by the company in the market. Every vehicle carries originality and growing consciousness of a big brand while an elegant pose with a peculiar stance leaves onlookers stranded to low grounds in pleasant unease. Yes, such is the precedence of Hyundai vehicles that flatters listening ear lobes with wonderful excitement. This might sound as slight exaggeration to readers, but the fact is that Hyundai is worthy of every ounce of it.

Hyundai boasts of a wide range of vehicles that are available in the Indian passenger car market. Most models have done really well in their respective segments, catering to needs of customers. High-end features enhance driving pleasure while a stylish exterior body puts a word of praise in every mouth. No wonder, Hyundai is a famed vehicle brand in the Indian market. The range of vehicles that are sold by this auto company in the country are Grand i10, i10, i20, Eon, Fluidic Verna, Neo Fluidic Elantra, Sonata and Santa Fe. If someone analyses the list of Hyundai products, a compact SUV is astonishingly missing from it.

In context to compact SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles), it is one of the most proliferating vehicle-segments in the country. With demand of utility vehicles rising, this segment is now getting a lot of attention from car aficionados and consequently from companies. In fact, customers are now keener to try their hands on utility vehicles instead of hatchbacks and sedans. This is strikingly extraordinary as the segment is now influencing buyers in the domestic market of the country.

Two of the brightest examples of recent successes in the market with regards to compact utility vehicles are Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster. These two vehicles have got a tremendous response so far. As a matter of fact, it would not be wrong to say that these two utility vehicles have written a change-of-fortune story for their respective manufacturers. Other car companies too are in the same pursuit and willing to capture this fast-growing segment. Hyundai is one such company who would like to get a good hold over the highly lucrative compact utility-vehicle segment with an undeniable twist in the story. This twist is 'Fuel Cell concept', which is the result of gruelling efforts put in by the auto company in research and development of such futuristic technology.

The 'Fuel Cell' does not come as so much of a surprise as when it is associated to a vehicle that will transport passengers in city. Essentially talking, this co-relation does prove to be a stunning buzz. Interestingly, the concept of fuel-cell came around after Hyundai introduced its ix35 Fuel Cell car in South Korea. One of the most striking facts about this vehicle is that it is a FCEV (Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle). The Fuel Cell used can produce a power output of 134.13 bhp. It can achieve a speed of up to 160 kmph and acceleration from 0-100 kmph in just 12.5 seconds. The most important highlight of this FCEV vehicle is that there are zero harmful tailpipe emissions. Furthermore, 4th generation of Fuel Cell vehicle can cover 594 km on a full tank.

For sure, the endeavour of Hyundai to bring about something new to the plate is worthy of great recognition. The company has invested substantially and now is yet again ready to explode a new surprise for car enthusiasts in the form of Hyundai compact SUV. The launch of this vehicle in India is not final but expectations are that the auto company might introduce it soon. The most tentative date is yet not announced by the company. However, based on predictions, this vehicle may debut in the Indian auto market at the end of 2014. So, for now, it will be apt to refer this vehicle from a global perspective that is yet to be unveiled in India.

The all-new Hyundai compact SUV is ready to impress at the upcoming 2014 Geneva Motor Show to be held in March. This news is certainly heartening to customers who would like to drive a clean car with no impact on the environment. This vehicle is the result of never-ceasing efforts of the auto company's research project for developing hydrogen drivetrain using hydrogen as fuel for on-road driving power.

Many customers have been curious to know about this vehicle as it has pretty bright prospects in the future. They would be keen to know more about the hydrogen drivetrain initiative of the auto company along with other aspects of this car. Hence, it would be very interesting to find relative information on this vehicle that will cover its unique fuel-cell, external layout, interiors and possible features.

This all-new vehicle has been designed under the auto company's most recent styling rulebook called as Fluidic Sculpture 2.0. Hyundai's new design chief, Peter Schreyer, has created a mystic cover on this upcoming vehicle. He expressed that this new car is neither an SUV, nor a coupe and nor a crossover. Also, Schreyer could not specifically categorise this upcoming Hyundai vehicle, but quite interestingly, did manage to call it as a 'squashed SUV'. This means, our own story of Hyundai compact SUV holds true for squashed is subdued. This simply means subdued version of a SUV, which, as it turns out to be, is compact utility vehicle.

The new upcoming Hyundai compact SUV effectively showcases auto company's lasted design initiatives, use of lightweight materials and compact hydrogen fuel engine to power it while driving on roads. The hydrogen fuel-cell, which will be used in this vehicle, is likely to be smaller and lighter than the one used in ix35 Fuel Cell model, which is being produced on a scaled down (low-volume) level on a test basis.

Engine and Specification of Hyundai Compact SUV

The upcoming Hyundai compact SUV shows true affinity to ix35 Fuel Cell car. In this respect, at this point of time, it would not be wrong to say, though arguably, that this utility vehicle is an advanced version of ix35 Fuel Cell. However, it will come with a more technologically advanced hydrogen-fuel powertrain to deliver more power and torque along with an improved distance-travelling range.

At present, Hyundai has not disclosed any further details about the different technical specifications of this upcoming vehicle. Thus, it would be quite a resourceful idea to find what ix35 Fuel Cell holds. The ix35 Fuel Cell drivetrain consists of a Fuel Cell stack, electric motor, battery and hydrogen tank as its main components. Interestingly, at a glance of components suggest the aptness of the name Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) for ix35 Fuel Cell model. The fuel stack is fed with Hydrogen along with the inflow of air. Hydrogen reacts with oxygen to generate electricity and water. Water is expelled out as emission while the electricity flows to the electric motor and battery.

By the time the discussion about combustion of Hydrogen is over, many would be pondering upon the safety aspects of this vehicle. Well, the auto company has made sure that the vehicle is safe to highest standards. To testify, the vehicle has undergone a series of tests under controlled environment and adjustments done to cover major unsafe loop holes. The outcome of this testing is that the auto company has been able to make hydrogen tank and cabin area highly safe for commuters. Just to satisfy the urge of curious

readers, ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle has undergone fire test, Hydrogen Tank Certification Test and Crash Test. The new upcoming Hyundai compact SUV too will be subjected to a similar test before the production process starts to make it safe for travelling.

The Fuel Cell of ix35 Fuel Cell is able to churn out a power of about 134 bhp at 5,000 rpm and torque of about 300 Nm at 1,000 rpm. As it turns out to be, the new model is likely to get the benefit of advancement in technology and progressive research work. Thus, it is expected that the new Hyundai compact SUV will offer improved power and torque outputs as compared to ix35 Fuel Cell.

Exterior, Interior and Safety features of Hyundai Compact SUV

Though there is no information about exteriors, interiors and safety features, it is always possible to sketch out a virtual tour of the upcoming Hyundai compact SUV. Hyundai is known for adding that extra glitter to its vehicles. The upcoming utility vehicle is also no exception to the rule. As a matter of fact, this vehicle will be inspired by Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design for an embracing external layout. This vehicle is expected to come equipped with sporty headlamps integrated into the hood, fog lamps with daytime running light (DRL) and an expressive front grille. All amalgamated in the right mix to get that appealing appearance. Highly stylised rear combination lamps and rear parking assist system (RPAS) are some other features that might be flaunted specifically by this utility vehicle.

Interiors of this upcoming Hyundai utility vehicle are also likely to be refreshing to make for a lasting impression. Seating flexibility is likely to prove to be a great add-on to the car-cabin. It means one will have the option of folding down seats to make more space if required. Other features that are likely to come by are floor console with cup holder, centre console and overhead console.

As this vehicle uses Hydrogen as the driving fuel, the safety is paramount for owners. Hyundai is aware of this fact and thus, would do its best to make this vehicle as safe as possible. As such, this utility vehicle is likely to come with a number of highly sought after features that will enhance safety of the driver and passengers. One can expect this vehicle to hold 6-airbag system and active headrest. Hydrogen sensor is also likely to be a part of this vehicle in order to detect any inflow of hydrogen due to leakage.

For maximising driver's convenience, this Hyundai utility vehicle is likely to come with a tilt and telescopic steering wheel. This vehicle is also expected to get dual zone full auto air conditioning system. Besides, it is likely to feature rear-view display system, steering wheel remote control and power button.

Fact Sheet:

Make Hyundai
Model Compact SUV
Fuel Types Petrol,Diesel
Price Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs
Key Specifications


Body Type Suv

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