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As per ARAI, the mileage of Hyundai Accent Manual Transmission CNG Variant is 14 kmpl, for Petrol Variant is 13 kmpl and for LPG Variant is 13 kmpl.
However, our Hyundai Accent Road Test on highway gave a mileage of 16 kmpl for CNG, 15 kmpl for Petrol and 15 kmpl for LPG. Fuel capacity of this sedan is 45 litres.

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CarTrade Expert admin Mumbai Executive 10 13
CarTrade Expert admin Mumbai GLE 12 14
CarTrade Expert admin Mumbai GLE CNG 12 15
ashish (user) user Faridabad CNG 14 23
PRADEEP KUMAR JAIN (user) user New Delhi CNG 4 8
tarun garg (user) user Kolkata CNG 15 23
devang (user) user Ahmedabad CNG 12.3 14.3
Asheesh (user) user Lucknow CNG 19 23
swapnil (user) user Pune Executive 8 11
kartik (user) user Surat Executive 15 20
Tejendra (user) user Ahmedabad Executive 15 20
Savio (user) user Cochin Executive 12 16
Kiran kumar (user) user Hyderabad Executive 13 15
r ravichandran (user) user Kolkata Executive 10 12
Kiran (user) user Navi Mumbai Executive 11 15
hari krishnan (user) user Noida Executive 10.5 18
sachin (user) user Cochin Executive 12 15
abhijit (user) user Gurgaon Executive 10 12
zakir (user) user Noida Executive 12 15
Nikhil.R.lakhara (user) user Noida Executive Edition 15 22
JAY (user) user Navi Mumbai Executive Edition 8 11
Deepak (user) user Navi Mumbai Executive LPG 6 7
mahesh choukse (user) user Hoshangabad GLE 12 14
Rakesh (user) user Cochin GLE 10 12
Dadhich C. (user) user New Delhi GLE 12 15
mahendra sawant (user) user Thane GLE 10 14
ruby shergill (user) user Gurgaon GLE 12 17
Linilchandra Panicker (user) user New Delhi GLE 9 13
Sanju (user) user Hyderabad GLE 7.5 12
Surendar Rajendren (user) user Gurgaon GLE 10 15
swapnil shetkar (user) user Mumbai GLE 8 11
saikatbera (user) user Cochin GLE 5 7
KIRAN BORICHA (user) user Pune GLE 10 12
bhaskaran (user) user Kolkata GLE 7.5 13.5
MAC (user) user Bangalore GLE 14 16
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