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Rs. 7.56 - Rs. 11.6 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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As per ARAI, the mileage of Honda City Manual Transmission Petrol Variant is 14 kmpl, for Diesel Variant is 14 kmpl. Automatic Transmission Petrol Variant is 14 kmpl.
However, our Honda City Road Test on highway gave a mileage of 16 kmpl for Petrol and 16 kmpl for Diesel. Fuel capacity of this sedan is 40 litres.

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CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 Corporate MT1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 E MT1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 S AT1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 S MT1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 V AT1315
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 V AT Sunroof1315
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 V MT1315
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 V MT Exclusive1315
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 V MT Sunroof1315
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbai1.5 V MT Sunroof1315
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiEXI1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiGXI1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiGXI(M/T)1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiV AT (AVN)1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiV AT (AVN)1215
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiV MT (AVN)1214
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiV MT (modified)1315
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiVTEC1113
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiVTEC PLUS1113
wqew (user)userPune2222
PRADEEP LAMBA (user)userMumbai1.5 E MT1416
Arvind Sharma (user)userNoida1.5 E MT1217.1
GAGAN (user)userChandigarh1.5 E MT13.520
Manny Cartilla (user)userNew Delhi1.5 S AT1218
vali (user)userPune1.5 S AT12.514.5
sameer (user)userMumbai1.5 S AT1113
jojo (user)userMumbai1.5 S MT12.515.5
B Pandu Ranga Rao (user)userPune1.5 S MT9.913
priya (user)userKolkata1.5 S MT1516.2
S C Das (user)userKolkata1.5 S MT1417.5
Abhishek (user)userHyderabad1.5 S MT1118
Ric (user)userKolkata1.5 S MT1417.4
sas (user)userMumbai1.5 S MT1213
Shriram (user)userMumbai1.5 S MT1420
Pawan Kumar (user)userPune1.5 S MT1416.9
pulkit (user)userNoida1.5 S MT13.516
Nitesh Agarwal (user)userKolkata1.5 S MT14.521
Uttam (user)userNew Delhi1.5 S MT1216
Ajay Sinha (user)userNew Delhi1.5 S MT1318
Nilesh (user)userNew Delhi1.5 V AT Sunroof11.818.5
Abhijeet (user)userGurgaon1.5 V AT Sunroof1014
Gattu Naga Raju (user)userNoida1.5 V MT1215
Arvind (user)userNoida1.5 V MT1114
inbasekaran (user)userMumbai1.5 V MT1316
Ganu (user)userNoida2012 1.5 Corporate MT1518
Khalandar (User) (user)userHyderabad2012 1.5 E MT1016
Nishikant (user)userMumbai2012 1.5 E MT12.517
nagesh (user)userNavi Mumbai2012 1.5 E MT10065956
Dinesh Chandrakar (user)userMumbai2012 1.5 E MT11.518
Nishikant (user)userKolkata2012 1.5 E MT12.517
daman (user)userGhaziabad2012 1.5 E MT1518
COL SC GUPTA (user)userKolkata2012 1.5 S MT1523
drkirankathe (user)userKolkata2012 1.5 S MT1820
DEEPAK CHADDHA (user)userKanpur2012 1.5 S MT1316
Rajesh (user)userMumbai2012 1.5 S MT615
dr a k sahu (user)userKolkata2012 1.5 S MT1013
R L Pande (user)userFaridabad2012 1.5 S MT1219.2
murugesan (user)userGurgaon2012 1.5 S MT1621
Ram (user)userPune2012 1.5 V AT812
Jitendra Khattar (user)userJamnagar2012 1.5 V MT1216
kathirvel (user)userNoida2014 SV 1.5L i-DTEC21.223.4
sunil dugar (user)userHyderabad2014 VX 1.5L i-VTEC1720
lalit kumar (user)userKolkataGXI1012
Rohit Bhatia (user)userMumbaiGXI7.310
Kris (user)userGurgaonGXI1017
AMITAVA ROY (user)userGhaziabadGXI1219
Simpreet (user)userLudhianaGXI(M/T)1214
kanwar ashish (user)userGurgaonGXI(M/T)13.520.8
Gaurav Shelar (user)userCochinGXI(M/T)7.6410.3
Honda City News - Car News India
Honda City regains top-position in mid-sized sedan segment; beats Ciaz
02 December 2014, 10:41 IST by Aditya Chatterjee
Honda Cars India’s top-selling product- the City sedan has regained the pole position in the highly competitive mid-sized sedan segment. The company managed to sell 7,252 units of the City...
Under: Honda
Drive home a Honda City sooner than expected, as waiting period reduces
12 November 2014, 15:46 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Speaking about popular cars in the affordable luxury sedan segment, Honda City has ruled the market. Owing to its popularity and launch of a diesel trim earlier this year, the demand for the...
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Make way for the new 'Honda City': A list of its variants in India
24 October 2014, 11:50 IST by Roger Dsouza
Honda Motor Co., Ltd., a Japanese multinational firm has been dominating the Indian roadways for a long time. The car having the word ‘city’ in its name is the one we find in abundance...
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The Most Popular Honda City Variants in India
29 September 2014, 12:22 IST by Roger Dsouza
Honda City has been one of the most favourite models for sedan lovers in India. Right from its inception, this car has been able to grab the limelight of car lovers. The car is powered by 1498 cc...
Under: Honda
Honda City leads sales in mid-size sedan category in India
19 July 2014, 10:00 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Honda City has been a popular brand in the Indian automotive market. Honda – a brand known for quality, refinement and reliability has been a popular choice in mid-size sedan category in the...
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Diesel sedan Comparison - Honda City Vs Hyundai Verna
18 July 2014, 10:16 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Sedan have been known to deliver comfort and stable driving experience. But at the same time many hesitate opting for a sedan due to high cost of ownership. Things only get worse when petrol...
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Factors that make Honda City a popular pick in India
04 July 2014, 10:33 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Over the years, Honda City has been widely accepted by the Indian audience. The sedan has been like a good old friend to them. Every Indian at some point in time desired to own a Honda City. The...
Under: Honda
Honda City's journey in India over the years
03 May 2014, 10:46 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Country's beloved sedan Honda City has been in the country for over a decade now. The first model was launched for the Indian market in the year 1996, the second model hit roads in 2002,...
Under: Honda
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