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Honda Motor Company

Honda Motor Company is a Japanese automotive and motorcycle manufacturer. The company is not only one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers but is also a one of the world’s largest producers of internal combustion engines. The company has the capacity to manufacture more than 14 million internal combustion engines every year.

Honda Motor History and Launch

Honda Motors was launched in the year 1948 by Soichiro Honda. Initially, Honda Motors Company Limited started production by manufacturing motorcycles. The “C” model motor cycle was the company’s first successful production. Following that the company produced the “Dream D” motorcycle, which was put together by the initial twenty employees. This model was extremely successful as it was both inexpensive and had excellent fuel economy. After the success of the “D’ model, Honda introduced the “E” model, which was another major success for Honda.

In the early 1950s, Honda was under threat of some economic depression, but the success of “D”, “C’ and “E” models brought fame to the company. In 1955, Honda was gradually shattering the economic depression storm and became a successful motorcycle producer in Japan. Soon the company went on to become the top most motorcycle manufacturer in the country. In 1959, the company expanded sales worldwide and started to bloom. The company planned to open plants in various countries in Southern Asia, Europe and in America.

Contradictory of the advice Honda received from many market leaders at the time, they still opened a motorcycle manufacturing plant in America. Fujisawa (Honda’s trusted advisor)felt America was the best place for marketing their products. As a result, the company opened Honda Motor Company in America in the year 1959.

In the early 1960s, Honda Motors founder Soichiro Honda won Isle of Man, which won Honda much publicity in America. During this decade, Honda saw many victories in the racing world. With the result, the company started its racing tradition. In 1963, the Honda introduced Super sports motorcycles like the C77, which had a 305 cc engine and the CB77 in the same league. In 1968, the company stopped producing the CB72 and CB77. After that, Honda produced the CB250 and CB350, which were equipped with five-speed gearboxes and high performance SOHC twins. However, the CB450 was a failure worldwide.

In 1969, the company sold its first automobile in the United States. Honda’s “CB” motorcycle gained immediate popularity in America and this gave rise to a faithful relationship amongst many and Honda’s products. The company became well-placed in America. Honda started with the production of Japanese motorcycles and then the company moved into global motorcycle production and finally landed into global automobile production.

Honda Motors launch in India

Honda Motors was launched in India in 1995 under the name of Honda Siel Cars India Limited (HSCI), which is a joint venture between Honda Motor Company of Japan and Siel Limited (a part of Siddharth Group). Honda is the sixth largest automobile company in India. Since its launch, the company has invested Rs. 800 crores in India.

Honda set up its manufacturing unit in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh in 1997. The company launched this unit with an investment of Rs. 450 crores and initially it had the capacity of installing 30,000 cars per annum. Later on, the company expanded its capacity to 50,000 cars per annum on a two shift basis. In 2008, Honda has further expanded its capacity to producing 1,00,0000 cars annually.

Honda motors founder

Soichiro Honda is the founder of Honda Company and he is the one to have brought about mass motorcycle production. He was a visionary.. Soichiro Honda was also a lover of racing, which led him to build racing motorcycles with perpetually faster and bigger engines.

Honda Motive

Honda founder Soichiro Honda’s father was a blacksmith. He also repaired bicycles in his workshop in Hamamatsu, Japan. Soichiro Honda worked in an automotive garage in Tokyo. In 1920, he returned back to Hamamatsu in order to open an auto repair shop of his own. Honda was fascinated by races and racing cars. As a result, he built his own race car eventually. After a few years, he started producing piston rings as a business, which he sold later on. In 1948, he incorporated Honda Motor Company Limited and focused on the automobile business in full swing.

Honda Motors Fun, Fact, Trivia

Between the periods of April 2009 and February 2010, HSCI (Honda Siel Cars India) sold 55,884 units. This was an increase of 10,832 units from the preceding year.

Honda Motors dealer network in India

Honda has strong sales in India and so its dealerships are also spread throughout the country. Currently, the company has 111dealerships in 66 cities. These dealerships are based on the “3S Facility”, namely Sales, Service and Spares, which provide a very satisfactory service to its customers. Some of the major Honda dealers in Indian metros are – Emerald Honda, Landmark Honda in Ahmadabad, Dakshin Honda, Magnum Honda, Whitefield Honda in Bangalore, Capital Honda, Olympia Honda and Sundram Honda in Chennai, Cosmic Honda, Peninsular Honda in Cochin, Pride Honda in Hyderabad, Imperial Honda, Pinnacle Honda and Windsor Honda in Kolkata, Apex Honda, Arya Honda, Linkway Honda, Solitaire Honda in MUMBAI, AutoMax Honda, Courtesy Honda, Prime Honda, Ring Road Honda and Southend Honda in New Delhi.

Used car market of these cars

In India, Honda is known for its range of premium quality cars. Honda has excellent feedback from customers. The company has introduced a certified, reliable used car program in the country, which is named as “Auto Terrace”. This certified used car program of Honda boasts a thorough 120 point checklist for all vehicles that go through this program, which are inspected by excellent professionals and experts of the field. So, customers can buy these used cars with the utmost reliability.

Honda Motors Future plans:


In the Detroit 2010 Auto Show, Honda Motor Company unveiled the 2011 Honda CRZ Hybrid. This vehicle saw plenty of anticipation and is fun with impressive style and economy. It is a two seat edition which is taller than the CRX and its rear resembles the two-seater Honda Insight. It has an impressive interior with a multi layered instrumental panel. The sports CRZ comes with a four cylinder 1.5L iVTEC engine.

Honda is also planning to introduce a new compact car in India in 2011 and its expected price is lesser than 5 lacs. This small compact car was unveiled in the 2010 Auto Expo, which was held in New Delhi.

Honda Car models, Honda Variants, Honda Prices


Some of the most popular Honda cars in India are – Honda City, Honda Civic, Honda Jazz, and Honda Accord. The company also imports premium units like the CR-V from Japan.

Honda City is one of the successful models of Honda Motors and this car was launched in 1981. Initially, this car was made for Japan, Europe and Australia and its production was stopped in 1994. After two years, in 1996, the model was reborn with changes. The 1996 Honda City was mainly sold in Asian markets and then later came to be sold in Australia and Latin America. The latest Honda City was released in 2008. The latest Honda City variants, Honda City features and Honda City prices are listed below – 2008 HONDA City 1.5E NT is a sedan type midsized five seater car that has a 1497 cc petrol engine with five speed manual transmission and costs 8.5 lacs. Honda City 1.5 S MT is also a five seater sedan type with 1497 cc petrol engine that costs 9 lacs. Honda City 2008 1.5 V AT also has the same features as the aforementioned models but comes with a five speed automatic transmission for 10.2 lacs. Honda City V MT has a 1497 cc petrol engine with a five speed manual transmission and it costs 9.50 lacs.

Honda Civic is another successful model of Honda Motors. This model was originated in the year 1972 and is still running successfully. The most popular Honda Civic variants, Honda Civic features and Honda Civic prices are – Honda Civic 1.8 S MT is a sedan type five seater luxury car that has a 1799 cc petrol engine with a five speed manual transmission and costs 12.68 lacs. Honda civic 1.8 V MT has a 1799 cc petrol engine with manual transmission and costs 13.62 lacs. Honda Civic 1.8V AT also has a 1799 cc petrol engine but with automatic transmission and costs 14.40 lacs.

Honda Car Models

Honda Brio
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Rs. 4.24 - Rs. 6.37 lakhs
Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai
Honda Brio

Honda Brio is a small hatchback that is best known in India for its unconventional looks and plethora of features. The most striking feature of the car is its rear, which is made largely of glass, an unheard of concept in India. Buyers can choose between four petrol-driven variants that offer excellent mileage, a fact that will attract those who are looking for an economic vehicle.

Honda Amaze
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Rs. 5.34 - Rs. 8.04 lakhs
Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai
Honda Amaze

The Honda Amaze entry level sedan scores some great points in terms of engine specifications, interior styling, aesthetic looks and value-for-money quotient. For instance, the Amaze offers a fresh alternative over the current segment champion Swift DZire, to the domestic car buyers. The presence of a diesel run engine is expected to make Amaze the next big volume puller for the Japanese car maker in the country. Honda Cars India Limited has reported its Brio to be smashing success among the Indian car enthusiasts, and will certainly be hoping for a game replay with its stunning Amaze entry level sedan.

Honda Mobilio
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Rs. 6.81 - Rs. 12.12 lakhs
Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai
Honda Mobilio

The Honda Mobilio is a very strong car in its league. Despite being a multipurpose vehicle, it looks appealing and premium. Considering its smaller size compared to the Innova MPV, it offers an ample space for seven adults. Moreover, the powertrain options are better than its closest rivals- Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Chevrolet Enjoy. The Mobilio is larger in size compared to its competitors. However, the component sharing with the Amaze compact sedan and City has helped the company to price it competitive in the market. Interestingly, this compact MPV is the most spacious MPV in its league with ample legroom, headroom and shoulder space for all seven occupants. This compact MPV is the perfect example of Honda's "Man Maximum Machine Minimum" philosophy.

Honda City
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Rs. 7.56 - Rs. 11.6 lakhs
Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai
Honda City

Honda City is the entry-level sedan offered by the Japanese automotive giant in India since 1998. The car is one of the most popular sedans in the country, with constant demand being the reason of its new iterations hitting the roads every few years. The vehicle is characterised by an elegant-yet-sporty look and interior features that match up to the best.

Honda CR V
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Rs. 21.44 - Rs. 25.75 lakhs
Ex-Showroom Price in Mumbai
Honda CR V

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V is refreshing and more evolved than before. The updated exterior looks more aggressive and sportier. Equipped with some new features and design alterations, it feels very premium and comfortable from inside. The available petrol engines are power and efficient, but fuel efficiency isn’t up-to the mark. Here, we wish a diesel engine with better power and mileage performance. Driving dynamics and ride quality are impressive. Honda brought the new CR-V via the CKD route that makes it more affordable than its older version.

Upcoming Honda Cars in India

Honda CR V Images
Since the advent of the new and improved diesel cars, the car makers are going extra miles in order to make something better than the previous one. Currently, the market is about upcoming Honda CR V Diesel
Expected: mid 2015, 29 comments.
Honda Accord Images
The Honda Accord is the top model in the line of sedans from Honda Siel Cars India and is definitely a show stealer. The new Honda Accord Diesel is ready to hit the Indian about upcoming Honda Accord Diesel
Expected: Early 2016, 33 comments.
Honda Civic Images
The latest edition of Honda Civic, officially unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011, has already become a grand success. This edition has close resemblance with its about upcoming Honda Civic Diesel
Expected: Early 2015, 41 comments.
Honda TIF Images
Honda is one of the most admired car manufacturers in India and has set many benchmarks in terms of technology and design since it commenced operations. Honda TIF is upcoming about upcoming Honda TIF
Expected: End 2016, 0 comments.
Honda Vezel Images
In India, Honda maintains its presence in all the prominent segments like hatchback, sedan and Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). In the coming time, Honda would be expanding its about upcoming Honda Vezel
Expected: end 2015, 0 comments.
Honda Accord Images
Honda Accord is the iconic luxury sedan from the Japanese auto giant that marked its advent in the domestic automotive industry during 2001. After the launch, this car soon about upcoming Honda Accord Hybrid
Expected: Early 2016, 0 comments.
Honda Jazz Images
Honda Jazz is a premium hatchback of the Japanese auto major that was first launched in the year 2009. This car witnessed a whole-hearted welcome from the Indian audiences due about upcoming Honda Jazz
Expected: mid 2015, 0 comments.
Honda NSX Images
Honda NSX is a sports car from the Japanese auto giant that was sold in the global markets from 1990-2005. This speed cruiser was manufactured in some countries under the brand about upcoming Honda NSX
Expected: Early 2016, 0 comments.
Honda XS-1 Images
Honda has been constantly striving since the past few years to be the top-notch automotive brand of India. The company's sheer determination has assisted it to procure a about upcoming Honda XS-1 Concept
Expected: End 2016, 0 comments.

Discontinued Honda Models

Honda Accord is the luxury sedan offered by the Japanese car maker in the Indian market. This car is desired by many for its majestic looks, spacious interiors and excellent performance, a winning combination for the company. The model is available in the market in two petrol-powered variants that exude elegance and class to their cores.

Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Manual
Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Manual

Honda Civic is one of the highest selling premium sedans in India, mainly due to its looks and interiors. However, the highlight of the car is its performance and it remains untouched in the department. Buyers in the country can choose between three petrol variants that are available with manual and automatic transmission options.

Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Manual

Honda Civic Hybrid is the eco-friendly version of the popular Civic that boasted of a petrol+electric engine. The model has been discontinued in the country due to a small market for hybrid cars and high price. This environment friendly sedan had a unique mechanism that cut off power to the engine when it came to a halt and recharged the electric battery through regenerative braking technology.

Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Manual
Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Automatic

The premium hatchback in Honda`s Indian portfolio, Jazz is one of the most spacious cars currently present in the country. The aerodynamic design of the car is its most distinguish feature, while its opulent interiors also draw many buyers. The model is available in India in three variants Jazz, Jazz Select and Jazz X.

Fuel Type: Petrol, Transmission: Manual

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