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Rs. 4.03 - Rs. 6.28 lakhs
Ex-showroom Price (Mumbai)
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As per ARAI, the mileage of Ford Figo Manual Transmission Petrol Variant is 12 kmpl and for Diesel Variant is 14 kmpl.
However, our Ford Figo Road Test on highway gave a mileage of 14 kmpl for Petrol and 18 kmpl for Diesel. Fuel capacity of this hatchback is 45 litres.

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CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol LXI 1.21416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol Titanium 11416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol Titanium 11416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol Titanium 11416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol Titanium 11416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol Titanium 11416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21416
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel LXI 1.41820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1.41820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiEXI Diesel1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiEXI Petrol1618
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiLXI Diesel1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiLXI Petrol1618
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiTitanium Diesel1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiTitanium Petrol1618
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiZXI Diesel1820
CarTrade ExpertadminMumbaiZXI Petrol1618
yagna (user)userMumbaiDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21317
amit (user)userLudhianaDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21114
partha (user)userKolkataDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21015
Optimus Prime (user)userChennaiDuratec Petrol EXI 1.2811
N Raghavendra (user)userNew DelhiDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21216
dhineshkumar (user)userCoimbatoreDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21215.5
Shankar Ramachandran (user)userPuneDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21117
sachin (user)userGhaziabadDuratec Petrol EXI 1.21011
krishnas (user)userMumbaiDuratec Petrol LXI 1.21416
rahul (user)userNoidaDuratec Petrol LXI 1.2911
Jafar Sadik Ali (user)userFaridabadDuratec Petrol LXI 1.21921
asu (user)userHyderabadDuratec Petrol Titanium 146
A R Kansakar (user)userNoidaDuratec Petrol Titanium 1810
Prabhat Swarnkar (user)userNavi MumbaiDuratec Petrol Titanium 113.517.7
vinaya chandran (user)userGurgaonDuratec Petrol Titanium 11417
sunil (user)userNavi MumbaiDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21012
pavan (user)userHyderabadDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21217
suryaraj (user)userKolkataDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21821
Abhinav (user)userNew DelhiDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21012
Dr.Tirtha Dyuti Choudhury (user)userGuwahatiDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.214.516.5
aman (user)userNew DelhiDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.2812
ganga thapa (user)userMumbaiDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.2914
sueya (user)userPuneDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21820
Mahfooz Ali (user)userGurgaonDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21221
libro (user)userGurgaonDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21115
karan nandan (user)userMumbaiDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.212.215
james (user)userFaridabadDuratec Petrol ZXI 1.21214
GAURAB SIKDER (user)userKolkataDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.418.321
VIJAYKUMAR VITHOBA TARGE (user)userKolkataDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.42225
Babuni (user)userMumbaiDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41821
vipan (user)userKolkataDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41720
Mayank (user)userCochinDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41923
sahil sachdeva (user)userNoidaDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.418.221.2
charles (user)userNew DelhiDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41620
Anup (user)userPuneDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41520
n s mukhesh (user)userGurgaonDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41833.8
Vinod Kambay (user)userNew DelhiDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.416.519.5
GAURAB SIKDER (user)userKolkataDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.41721
pramendra (user)userMumbaiDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.412.314.3
m.s.rao-ap-5-br-1494 (user)userHyderabadDuratorq Diesel EXI 1.42023.5
d.k.deka (user)userNew DelhiDuratorq Diesel LXI 1.412.314.3
Romit Mathur (user)userBhilwaraDuratorq Diesel LXI 1.42123
aks (user)userMumbaiDuratorq Diesel LXI 1.41517
ramesh (user)userMumbaiDuratorq Diesel LXI 1.414.518.5
Ajith Pillai (user)userMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1621
suresh kumar (user)userMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1820
vishal (user)userBhopalDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1822
MANISH DIXIT (user)userNavi MumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1822
suhas (user)userMumbaiDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1721
Akshay (user)userBilaspurDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1214
poonam soni (user)userHyderabadDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1820
chowdary (user)userGurgaonDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1214
Minoo (user)userNoidaDuratorq Diesel Titanium 1316
suresh kumar (user)userHyderabadDuratorq Diesel Titanium 2021.5
m p (user)userHyderabadDuratorq Diesel Titanium 17.519.5
doel mukharjee (user)userPuneDuratorq Diesel Titanium 2530
vikas (user)userNavi MumbaiDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.42025
tushar jagannath pekhale (user)userNew DelhiDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41823.3
Nony (user)userNoidaDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.414.517.5
Ganesh (user)userPuneDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41626
sumesh (user)userKolkataDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41821
Sibi Mohan (user)userNavi MumbaiDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41517
Subin (user)userKolkataDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41618.5
MANOGARAN (user)userNavi MumbaiDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41922
kameshwareddy.v (user)userHyderabadDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.42023.5
Prateek Sarkar (user)userBhopalDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41720
Thomas (user)userBilaspurDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41214
Navneet (user)userNew DelhiDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.415.818
Amardeep Swami (user)userAurangabadDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41113
tushar pekhale (user)userFaridabadDuratorq Diesel ZXI 1.41419
sowjan (user)userMumbaiEXI Diesel1618
kishore (user)userNavi MumbaiEXI Diesel1517
vijay (user)userPuneEXI Diesel1113
Sanjai baba (user)userNoidaEXI Diesel1018.5
shibi (user)userHyderabadEXI Diesel1718.5
Dilip Jain (user)userPuneEXI Diesel13.517.7
bhavin (user)userGhaziabadEXI Diesel1922
sreekumar sadanandan (user)userGhaziabadEXI Diesel4045
Bhalchandra Murar (user)userBangaloreEXI Diesel1823
Kiran (user)userNavi MumbaiEXI Diesel1416
Lijin (user)userHyderabadEXI Diesel2022
AJITH (user)userNavi MumbaiEXI Diesel1619
Venkateshwar Rao (user)userKolkataEXI Diesel9.513
Rakesh Kumar. N (Sasthamangalam, TVM) (user)userHyderabadEXI Diesel1822
Rishi (user)userFaridabadEXI Petrol1113
Paresh Panda (user)userMumbaiEXI Petrol14.317
Dr. Durga singh (user)userHyderabadEXI Petrol1016
krishna kumar (user)userNew DelhiEXI Petrol12.317
Ashok (user)userGhaziabadEXI Petrol1014
Chetan L. Hanchate (user)userFaridabadEXI Petrol1119
Wangchuk (user)userHyderabadEXI Petrol711
arun (user)userPuneEXI Petrol1215
balaji (user)userKolkataEXI Petrol8.517
jeevan (user)userNoidaEXI Petrol914
unni (user)userPuneEXI Petrol1014
PRAMDO TYAGI (user)userPuneEXI Petrol1316.2
PRANAV JOHN ISSAC (user)userGhaziabadEXI Petrol13.318.2
Ashish (user)userNoidaEXI Petrol1012
Rawal (user)userjaipurEXI Petrol1215
jijo joy (user)userKolkataEXI Petrol1013
anurag narain (user)userHyderabadEXI Petrol810
lochan jee (user)userNavi MumbaiEXI Petrol68
ajay (user)userPuneEXI Petrol1417
bhupesh (user)userKolkataLXI Petrol1113
niraj (user)userNoidaLXI Petrol915.8
BIJU KUMAR (user)userNoidaLXI Petrol1318
Anand Kumar (user)userNavi MumbaiLXI Petrol1318.5
Tarun Hardiya (user)userNew DelhiLXI Petrol1113.5
chandran (user)userFaridabadLXI Petrol1012
Vinay Kumar K (user)userKolkataTitanium Diesel1722
karuna (user)userFaridabadTitanium Diesel1923
Rahul Eapen (user)userGurgaonTitanium Diesel14.520.83
sinnu babu (user)userMumbaiTitanium Diesel5060
SAMPATH (user)userMumbaiTitanium Diesel1316
sks (user)userNoidaTitanium Diesel1821
Dawood (user)userNavi MumbaiTitanium Diesel2025
Raja (user)userMumbaiTitanium Diesel1721
Magizhan (user)userFaridabadTitanium Diesel14.515.5
Satish (user)userGurgaonTitanium Diesel1820
girishprakashsharma (user)userCochinTitanium Diesel2025
Fermi (user)userNoidaTitanium Diesel16.217.4
Minoo Bhesania (user)userNew DelhiTitanium Diesel1117
jashan sandhu (user)userFaridabadTitanium Diesel1622
CH L N SESHA SAI (user)userMumbaiTitanium Diesel13.514.5
Sekhar (user)userNoidaTitanium Diesel9.513
Ashwani Rawat (user)userGhaziabadTitanium Diesel1625
Vinay (user)userHyderabadTitanium Diesel1220
Jayanto Kutta (user)userFaridabadTitanium Diesel2333
Vignesh(User) (user)usermumbaiTitanium Diesel1820
Bailesh (user)userKottayamTitanium Diesel5075
Vishal Kumar Bansal (user)userCochinTitanium Diesel13.413.4
pradeepkumar m (user)userNoidaTitanium Diesel1824
ashok shirbur (user)userGhaziabadTitanium Diesel1822
Dhotre Sunil (user)userCochinTitanium Diesel1620
umesh s kurhade (user)userPuneTitanium Diesel1820
Jambale Mangesh Niishikant (user)userNoidaTitanium Petrol911
vicky (user)userKolkataTitanium Petrol1012
Anil (user)userHyderabadTitanium Petrol1114
Jason (user)userNoidaTitanium Petrol1114
Ashish Patel (user)userNew DelhiTitanium Petrol1416
Rohit Kapoor (user)userNew DelhiTitanium Petrol1318
Vipin Agrawal (user)userNavi MumbaiTitanium Petrol812
jai (user)userGhaziabadTitanium Petrol2025
Sreeraj (user)userFaridabadTitanium Petrol10.512
SR Bhatta (user)userKolkataTitanium Petrol913
Bijay Bhujabal (user)userNavi MumbaiTitanium Petrol1113
Giri.T (user)userKolkataTitanium Petrol1012
Deven (user)userCochinTitanium Petrol12.514.5
Rajeev Dixit (user)userHyderabadZXI Diesel14.517
avinash (user)userHyderabadZXI Diesel2023.2
Arun M (user)userKolkataZXI Diesel16.520
RAjeev Dixit (user)userPuneZXI Diesel1415.5
ATUL MUTHA (user)userKolkataZXI Diesel1821
sachin (user)userFaridabadZXI Diesel10.518
Abdul Majeed (user)userFaridabadZXI Diesel11.514
Rajkumar (user)userGurgaonZXI Diesel17.523.2
Sanju (user)userNew DelhiZXI Diesel1523
Sajindas (user)userNoidaZXI Diesel1622
Shujath (user)userHyderabadZXI Diesel1621
jithinlal (user)userPuneZXI Diesel1521
drnyaneshwar lahane (user)userFaridabadZXI Diesel1622
Meenakshi (user)userGurgaonZXI Diesel1821
karthik (user)userGhaziabadZXI Diesel1518
Vishal (user)userPuneZXI Diesel1618
Pankaj Manocha (user)userKolkataZXI Diesel2536
Rohan Jadhav (user)userHyderabadZXI Diesel15.519.5
Vinit L Zaveri (user)userVadodaraZXI Diesel1822
Keshav Gupta (user)userGurgaonZXI Diesel15.118
himesh (user)userHyderabadZXI Diesel1417
Aaron (user)userGurgaonZXI Diesel1218
Amit (user)userNavi MumbaiZXI Petrol1417
Sanjay (user)userGhaziabadZXI Petrol1215
shashi (user)userPuneZXI Petrol1417
sayed (user)userGurgaonZXI Petrol1011
Nitesh Kumar (user)userNoidaZXI Petrol13.217.2
RAM (user)userNew DelhiZXI Petrol1214
Abhishek (user)userPuneZXI Petrol1517
murali (user)userGhaziabadZXI Petrol7.510
Nagesh (user)userMumbaiZXI Petrol1417
Nagaraj S P (user)userNew DelhiZXI Petrol1014
Ansh (user)userHyderabadZXI Petrol1315
nayeem (user)userGhaziabadZXI Petrol811
Kakar (user)userNavi MumbaiZXI Petrol1013
Raadha (user)userCochinZXI Petrol916
Champak (user)userHyderabadZXI Petrol1214
prathap (user)userNavi MumbaiZXI Petrol1621
NNTalukdar (user)userNew DelhiZXI Petrol1013
ashok (user)userMumbaiZXI Petrol1113
Rajendra kumar Neekhra (user)userPuneZXI Petrol910
Jayakrishnan M P (user)userHyderabadZXI Petrol1014
Sachin Poojary (user)userNew DelhiZXI Petrol13.117.1
Amit (user)userNew DelhiZXI Petrol13.516.5
Kaushal (user)userFaridabadZXI Petrol811
Rajat Sawant (user)userNavi MumbaiZXI Petrol1015
Murali (user)userMumbaiZXI Petrol1115
Bharat (user)userGhaziabadZXI Petrol711
pramod Mahadik (user)userGhaziabadZXI Petrol1417
Ford Figo News - Car News India
Ford Figo compact sedan coming early next year in India
29 September 2014, 10:52 IST by Aditya Chatterjee
It is no secret that Ford India is developing a new compact sedan for domestic market, the sedan in question is the Figo concept displayed earlier this year at the 2014 Auto Expo. According to...
Under: Ford
Ford Figo may be replaced with a newer version in late 2015
29 September 2014, 08:00 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Ford’s Figo has been running the flagship in the hatchback segment for the American carmaker in India. Ford has recently launched a facelifted version of Figo Rs. 3.87 lakhs for the petrol...
Under: Ford
Stylish new Ford Figo emerges as a strong contender in under Rs. 5 Lakhs hatchback segment
18 September 2014, 16:47 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Ford does not want to do anything wrong with the brand image building activity in India. The American carmaker Ford has come up with the new Figo loaded with refreshingly new features at a...
Under: Ford
Refreshingly new Ford Figo launched for Rs. 3.87 Lakhs in India
16 September 2014, 17:28 IST by Nikhil Puthran
American car-maker Ford had launched the Wi-FI loaded Figo hatchback earlier this year. The Figo hatchback from Ford has been selling well in the country and has been a strong contender against...
Under: Ford
Ford Figo mild facelift launched ahead of festive season
15 September 2014, 17:03 IST by Aditya Chatterjee
Just ahead of beginning of festivities in India, Ford sprang surprise by rolling out a mildly modified variant of its popular B segment hatchback, Figo. Priced at Rs 3.87 for the base petrol...
Under: Ford
Revealed- details on upcoming Figo sedan
30 July 2014, 16:15 IST by Aditya Chatterjee
More details have been revealed on upcoming Ford Figo sedan that is slated to launch in India early next year. Ford Brazil will introduce the same sedan under a different name (KA+) in Brazil....
Under: Ford
Ford Figo Aka 'KA hatchback' launched in Brazil, launch in India expected soon
29 July 2014, 13:20 IST by Nikhil Puthran
The Ka hatchback from American carmaker Ford has been considered to be an ideal replacement for the Figo hatchback in the country. The new-gen Figo aka the KA hatchback has been launched in Brazil...
Under: Ford
New Ford Figo - Trendy hatchback with Wi-Fi convenience
28 July 2014, 09:09 IST by Nikhil Puthran
Ford Figo has been a popular hatchback in the country and has been a strong contender against the likes of Swift, Santro and i10. The American carmaker Ford had launched Figo in a new avatar...
Under: Ford
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