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Chevrolet Enjoy

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The Chevrolet Enjoy, manufactured by General Motors India, is the company's second Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV) offering in the country. It is capable of seating 7 to 8 passengers and has ample amount of legroom and headroom for all occupants. The MUV has simplistic design and appeal, which is contemporary and at the same time practical, conforming to the needs and requirements of domestic car buyers.

At the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, a prototype of this vehicle was shown, which generated considerable response. It was a vehicle that was imported from the Chinese operations of General Motors, though a name was not given at that time. There is a new front grille on the current model, which is the only difference between the upcoming model and the showcased Chinese prototype.

The Enjoy is based on a platform that is codenamed as CN by the company. With a size slightly longer and taller than the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga, extra legroom for rear seat passengers has been freed up. In comparison to the Maruti MUV, the Enjoy sends power to the rear wheels, which allows it to get better traction when loaded.

In the Indian market, the Chevy Enjoy is available in both petrol and diesel powered variants. A good thing about the MUV segment is that it is not too crowded. Vehicles such as Mahindra Xylo, Nissan Evalia and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga are present in the MUV segment and stand against the new Enjoy as its direct rivals. It is possible that new variants of the other vehicles may also be released soon, just like Maruti Suzuki launched special edition DZire Regal to compete against the Honda Amaze.

Chevrolet Enjoy Pricing

The Chevrolet Enjoy range from General Motors is competitively priced in MUV segment of the Indian auto market. The American auto maker has taken the competition from the likes of Ertiga, Xylo and Evalia quite seriously and smartly priced the Enjoy models. Other MUVs in the market such as the Toyota Innova are more expensive than the Enjoy.

Chevrolet Enjoy Review

The Chevy Enjoy is a fun car to drive and is a great vehicle for taking on short intercity getaways, picnics and long drives. There is ample spacing for seven occupants and the car's cabin has been kept quite isolated from the exterior noise. The headroom and legroom volume is best-in-class and can be called this MUV's USP.

On the exterior front, the Enjoy gets an attractive line that starts from the bottom of the front grille and a good looking ‘V’ on the bonnet, which gives it a smart and modish appearance. Further, the line that runs from the front wheel arch to the rear defines the mass of the MUV in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Chevrolet Enjoy from General Motors India has been constructed on a modern monocoque frame, which is more stable than the traditional body-on-frame chassis. With the help of this chassis, greater internal space has been created for the vehicle occupants. Additionally, the engine of this vehicle has been placed longitudinally and directly supplies power to the rear wheels. As the rear seats do not flip forward, it is necessary to crouch in order to get into the rear row.

Chevrolet Enjoy Specifications

The Chevrolet Enjoy from General Motors India comes with two engine options. The 1399 cc petrol engine in this vehicle produces 103 bhp of power at 6000 rpm, while the 1248 cc diesel power-mill generates 76 bhp at 4000 rpm. The new petrol power-mill is manufactured at the General Motors plant in Talegaon near Pune. Even though diesel is always preferred in an MUV due to higher fuel efficiency, the petrol version is more fun to drive. Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) levels in the diesel version are surprisingly lower than the petrol variants. The detailed information about this vehicle has been summarised in a tabular form below:-

Engine Specification Petrol Diesel
Displacement (cc) 1399 1248
Maximum Engine output
(bhp at rpm)
103 at 6000 76 at 4000
  Maximum Torque
(Nm at rpm)
130 at 4400 188 at 2000
Brakes Front 104 mm ventilated disc
Rear 240 mm rum
Tyres LS 175/70 R14
LT/LTZ 175/70R14
Steering Type Electric Power Steering
Minimum Turning radius (m) 5.3
Suspension Front Mcpherson Strut with coil spring
Rear 5-link coil springs
Transmission Type 5-speed Manual

Chevrolet Enjoy Exterior

The 2013 Chevrolet Enjoy flaunts contemporary looks and is among the most visually enticing MUV models offered in the country, at present. The stylish car looks solid on the outside and features several cuts and curves on its body.

Exterior Appearance

At the front of the vehicle, the signature Chevrolet Gold Bowtie is visible, surrounded by the three dimensional grille and generous doses of chrome. Even the meshed air dam at the front is surrounded by chrome.

The crisp crease lines from the bonnet to the front windscreen clearly display agility in the overall design. A well-defined shoulder line flows from headlamps to tail lamps, giving the vehicle a dynamic stance. Head lamps have a certain jewel effect, which adds to the style quotient of this vehicle. In addition, a rear spoiler is integrated to the vehicle and has a high mounted stop lamp. Interestingly, the diesel and petrol versions of the Enjoy have different ground clearances, with the diesel at 165 mm and the petrol at 161 mm.

Exterior dimensions

Criterion Measurement (mm)
Length (mm) 4305
Width (mm) 1680
Height (mm) 1750
Wheelbase (mm) 2720
Ground clearance (mm) 161 (petrol); 165 (diesel)

Chevrolet Enjoy Interiors

General Motors has kept its tradition of installing modish interior setting in all of its products, and the Chevy Enjoy is no exception. The car has been laced with top draw interior comfort and styling attributes that are expected in an MUV. The rear of the Enjoy presents a large and boxy shape, both from the inside and the outside and the car sits on 14-inch wheels. Door pockets are shallow and can hold small cans. For audio, a single-DIN music system has been provided.

Interior comfort

Top-of-the-line models for the Enjoy have captain seats for the second row that provide high levels of comfort. All the seats provide good under-thigh and back support. Since the front seats do not flip forward, it is necessary to crouch and move to the rear row. However, unlike a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) such as the Mahindra Quanto, the third row seats are surprisingly usable.

Visibility and spaciousness are good throughout the cabin of the vehicle. The dashboard looks great and is designed in a neat and uncluttered manner. However, quality of plastics and levels of upholstery could do with some improvements for a vehicle in this class.

Chevrolet Enjoy Fuel Economy

The petrol version of the Enjoy delivers a mileage of 12.5 kmpl in the city and 16 kmpl on highways. The diesel variant is rated with a mileage figure of 17 kmpl. For most users, mileage of the vehicle, whether petrol or diesel plays an important part in the final purchase decision.

Chevrolet Enjoy On Road Drive

The Chevrolet Enjoy performs well in the ride department, with both petrol and diesel engines. It remains firmly planted on different types of road and the comfort of the seats also plays an important role in the overall smooth ride of the vehicle. The Enjoy has McPherson struts at the front and a multi-link coil at the rear, which work together to provide a soft and pliant ride. Additionally, this combination is also effective in soaking up potholes.

The car performs well even in the handling department, which is pretty good, considering its height and length. A rear-wheel drive helps in imparting better traction to the wheels especially when fully loaded. The 175/70 R15 JK tyres provide substantial grip even during emergency braking. Though power output figures of the diesel version may suggest that it is underpowered, the same feeling is not received while driving the vehicle. Automotive experts feel that Enjoy actually seems quicker than expectations.

Chevrolet Enjoy Power

While the petrol variant of the Chevrolet Enjoy generates a power output of 103 bhp, the diesel engine is less powerful, at 76 bhp. Though it seems that this may be less for the 1345 kg vehicle, it is eager to rev once started. Interestingly, there is not much vibration once the diesel engine is revved up. In fact, the company went to great lengths to develop a diesel engine for the Indian buyers, the result of which can be felt by driving the new vehicle. After starting, the engine settles into a smooth idle, with very low vibration at the floor level. This motor pulls very well from 1600 rpm to 4000 rpm, after which it tapers off.

Chevrolet Enjoy Acceleration and pick up

First things first- the Chevrolet Enjoy is not built to be a vehicle that moves breathtakingly fast. However, the engine is quite sprightly when it comes to instant responses and downward or upward shifts. The gearbox is quite smooth to move and fits into the right slots easily. The Enjoy is fitted with a 5-speed manual gearbox and is a rear wheel drive, which generates a considerable amount of under steer. At the same time, with greater power in the rear wheels, it is great fun to drive.

The diesel version of the Enjoy takes 21.36 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 kmph. However, automotive experts who have driven this vehicle state that it is quicker than what the figures suggest.

Chevrolet Enjoy Safety and Security

The body of the Chevrolet Enjoy MUV has a Safe-Cage Design, which comes with 10 Collision Protection Beams, which are constructed of high strength steel. Crumple zones and side impact beam in doors are great for the safety of occupants. To ensure that the car does not get scratched while reversing, Reverse Parking Sensors have been provided, which generate audio warnings for close objects.

Dual front airbags have been installed for keeping occupants wearing seat belts safe during a high speed collision. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) along with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) prevents wheels from locking up during emergency breaking. Steering control can also be maintained in such situations. In addition, the front and the rear loads of the vehicle are evenly distributed, for best handling.

Chevrolet Enjoy Wheels

175/70R14 is the nature of tyres that are fitted on the Enjoy. They are 14 inches in size and after driving the vehicle, it appears that better grip could be obtained by fitting slightly bigger wheels. In addition, a full size spare wheel is provided inside the vehicle.

Chevrolet Enjoy Stereo and accessories

For driving pleasure, a single DIN audio system has been installed in the new Chevrolet Enjoy. It has Aux-in and USB connectivity, but no compatibility for Bluetooth. Sound quality of the system could definitely have been better.

The air conditioner in this vehicle does cool the cabin well during scorching weather. Roof-mounted vents have been provided for the second row of passengers, which is most desired. Remote central locking, power windows, power steering, rear wiper plus washer and electric adjustment for outside rear-view mirrors are provided on this vehicle. The driver's seat can be adjusted as per height. There is a 12V power outlet in the third row, which is a helpful feature for charging mobiles or laptops while on the move, and dual-tone interiors.

Chevrolet Enjoy Dealerships

The Chevrolet Enjoy model is available at the following company dealerships situated across the Indian turf.

Location Name of dealership
Kolkata Dulichand Chevrolet
Devansh Auto
Speed Autotech Pvt. Ltd.
OSL Autotech Pvt. Ltd.
Chennai Sundaram Motors
KLN Motors Agencies Pvt Ltd.
Bangalore Trident Automobiles Pvt. Ltd.
KHT Chevrolet
Mumbai Nikhil Automobiles Ltd.
Ashtavinayak Auto Pvt Ltd.
JMD VFM Cars India Pvt. Ltd.
Gian Motors
Delhi Globus Motocorp Pvt. Ltd.
Arya Automobiles
Autovikas Sales & Service Pvt. Ltd
Triumph Motors
Metro Motors Pvt Ltd
Pune Pashankar Auto Wheels Pvt. Ltd.
Saibaba Sales Pvt. Ltd.

Chevrolet Enjoy Company Quotes

Speaking during the BS-IV launch of the Tavera Neo in Chennai, General Motors India President and Managing Director said, “We are exclusively announcing the MPV's name in Chennai. It is Enjoy. We will be introducing it by end of this year. It will be the first product from this tie-up.”

“Crossing the milestone of producing 1,00,000 engines at the powertrain plant is a testament of our commitment to the Indian market. With the launch of the Chevrolet SAIL U-VA and the forthcoming launches of Chevrolet SAIL and Chevrolet Enjoy, we will be stepping up the production at the plant,” said Lowell Paddock.

P. Balendran, Vice President. General Motors India Corporate Affairs, said, “Our product will standout in the marketplace against the competition in terms of styling, performance and pricing and value for money. It is definitely going to compete with the Ertiga. We are quite upbeat about the product.” This was when he was stating that trial production of the Enjoy could be started at the company's manufacturing plant in Halol, Gujarat.

Speaking about the widespread use of the Enjoy platform, Lowell Paddock said, “We can use the Enjoy platform and elements of the MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) to roll out LCVs.”

Chevrolet Enjoy Competitor analysis

Vehicles that the Chevy Enjoy is pitched against in the Indian auto market are Mahindra Xylo, Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the Nissan Evalia. Apart from the Ertiga and the Enjoy itself, none of the other vehicles have petrol engines. The reason for this is that most MUV buyers look for high mileage and accommodating maximum number of individuals. However, for targeting a large segment of the urban audience, it is important to also look at engine refinement levels, which helps petrol powered models in scoring higher against their diesel counterparts. In the case of the Enjoy the petrol version (103 bhp) is much more powerful than the diesel variant (76 bhp).

The Mahindra Xylo has been a popular MUV for the Indian market. It is available with three different diesel engine options. The first one has a capacity of 2489 cc and produces 95 bhp of power, along with 220 Nm of torque. Another engine is a 2.5 litre (2498 cc) mEagle unit, which generates 112 bhp of power and a peak torque of 260 Nm. The final engine for the company is a 2.2 litre (2179 cc) mHawk oil burner that gives 120 bhp of power and 289 Nm of torque. It is interesting to note here that the smallest engine in the Xylo generates maximum power and torque. It is the same engine unit which is also fitted in the company's flagship Scorpio model. The Xylo is priced between Rs. 8.5 lakh and Rs. 10.50 lakh and has also received a facelift in the recent past.

The Evalia from Japanese manufacturer Nissan is a van-like MUV, which seems to have failed in appealing Indian car buyers due to its high starting price of Rs. 8.50 lakh. It is the box-like appearance that did not appeal to most buyers, due to which sales of this vehicle have been quite low. In addition, the glovebox compartment in this vehicle does not have a lid and rear windows do not open, which is a bane for the passengers sitting on the rear seat. However, rear vents of the AC have been provided, which help in chilling the entire vehicle. Sliding rear doors allow passengers to get in and out of the vehicle with ease. Under the hood, the Evalia comes with a 1.5 litre dCI diesel engine, sufficient for producing 85 bhp of power. Though this is more powerful than the diesel version of the Chevrolet Enjoy, it is less powerful than the Enjoy's petrol version.

It is the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga which is the strongest competitor for the Enjoy. The Ertiga is available in both petrol and diesel variants. While the petrol version has a 1.4 litre K-Series engine, the diesel variant gets the DDiS 1.3 litre engine, sourced from Fiat. Unlike Chevrolet which also has the Tavera as an MUV, Maruti, at present, does not have any other MUVs in the country. The petrol version produces a power around 94 bhp, while the diesel version generates 88.7 bhp of power. Clearly, the diesel version of the Ertiga is more powerful than that of the Enjoy. Backed by Maruti's strong dealership network, this is a highly reliable vehicle that has caught the fancy of many buyers, so much so that it sells in excess of 5000 units every month.

Chevrolet Enjoy Variants

Six variants of Chevrolet Enjoy are available in the Indian auto market. Three of these are petrol powered and three are diesel powered. The name of these variants goes like LS, LT and LTZ, both in petrol and diesel. The top-of-the-line LTZ gets ABS, EBD and airbags. Seven different colour shades will also be available for this vehicle, much like the Maruti Ertiga.

Chevrolet Enjoy Pros

It is truly a people mover, with adequate legroom and headroom for 7 to 8 adults. The two rows of seats behind the driver can be folded to create tremendous amount of space. A 12V power outlet is a thoughtful feature, for charging mobiles and laptops. The driver's seat can be adjusted as per height. Overall length and height is more than the Ertiga, which translates into greater spaciousness. The ride in the vehicle is quite comfortable, making it very suitable for long drives. Due to rear-wheel drive, traction on wheels is better than the Ertiga.

Chevrolet Enjoy Cons

Space for luggage in the Enjoy is quite low, if all seats are occupied. The overall design of the vehicle is a little boring, in comparison to the Ertiga. The Enjoy's steering wheel looks too big for the vehicle and is not of the same quality as rivals. In sum total, the Ertiga seems to possess greater finesse than this vehicle. From the interior point of view, the Enjoy could benefit from betterment of plastic quality, which is not as good as in other vehicles with similar prices. Further, there is no climate control for the air conditioner.

Chevrolet Enjoy Conclusion

The Enjoy is part of the utility vehicle segment, which is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Indian passenger vehicle market, at present. In terms of ride and handling, there is hardly anything to complain about in this vehicle. The Enjoy is perfect for optimum comfort during long drives. It is also quite stable, thanks to the rear-wheel drive, which works well to provide traction with heavy loads.

Though the Enjoy seems slow to accelerate, with a time of 21.36 seconds to go from 0-100 kmph, high performance would not be demanded by a buyer of this segment. However, it does present an interesting option to the potential buyer, in the form of petrol variants that have high amount of power and are more refined. However, Enjoy is definitely a vehicle to be chosen for its capaciousness and comfortable ride quality, a job that this vehicle does with aplomb.

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