XUV 500 Hybrid diplayed at the Auto Expo 2014

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Mahindra has unveiled its much talked about XUV 500 Hybrid during the ongoing 2014 Auto Expo event. As per sources, the SUV is the world's first diesel hybrid car in the world. From a technological perspective, this is a giant leap forward from the Indian car-maker. The Hybrid version is definitely welcome especially from Mahindra's hot-selling XUV line of SUV's.

XUV 500 Hybrid diplayed at the Auto Expo 2014 | CarTrade.
XUV 500 Hybrid showcased at the Auto Expo 2014

The Hybrid version of XUV 500 is powered by Lithium ion battery as well as a diesel fuel type engine. The electric motor assists the diesel powered engine while accelerating and regenerative braking pattern is used to recharge the batteries as and when the brakes are applied. Technologically the car boasts of interesting advanced features like a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. Its fuel economy rating is definitely on the positive side.

Pravin Shah, the chief executive (automotive division) said, “We are trying to build brand Mahindra globally. There will be a variety of vehicles under the electric platform. Various things we do surrounding one big activity that is in true sense a representative of our true DNA.” The car on display at the event featured a transparent hood, whereas overall major design changes have not been implemented. The new hybrid SUV seems to be the only reliever from the ever increasing fuel prices in the country.

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