Toyota Etios Liva launched in India at Rs 3.99 lakh - With Actual Images

June 28, 2011, 10:10 IST by Vikas Yogi

The much awaited compact hatchback – Toyota Etios Liva – on Monday marked its debut in the Indian market. The Liva hatchback borrows a number of styling and designing cues from its elder sibling Etios sedan, which was launched in the country in December 2010. However, the major difference in these two cars lies between the engine units.

The Liva hatchback comes equipped with 1197cc petrol engine which is capable of generating a peak power of 80 PS at 5600 rpm along with a peak torque of 104Nm at 3100 rpm. The Toyota Etios Liva is claimed to be offering an exceptional mileage of 18.31 kmpl (ARAI certified). The car has been shelved in the price segment of Rs 3.99 Lakh to 5.99 Lakh, where it will be taking on with the likes of Maruti Swift and Ritz, Ford Figo, Volkswagen Polo, Chevrolet Beat, Nissan Micra and Fiat Punto.

The car is offered in five variants including Toyota Etios LIVA J (Rs 3.99 lakhs), Toyota Etios LIVA G (Rs 4.59 lakhs), Toyota Etios LIVA G (optional) (5.05 lakhs), Toyota Etios LIVA V (Rs 5.49 lakhs) and Toyota Etios LIVA VX (Rs 5.99 lakhs) (all prices are in Ex showroom Delhi).

See images of the Toyota Etios Liva below. Do share your comments on the new Toyota Etios Liva.

Toyota Etios Liva launched in India at Rs 3.99 lakh - With Actual Images | CarTrade. Toyata Etios Liva Engine 1Toyata Etios Liva EngineToyata Etios Liva Launch Engine And Front Head LampToyata Etios Liva Engine And Logo Toyata Etios Liva Front Exterior View Toyata Etios Liva Front BumperToyata Etios Liva Right Side ViewToyata Etios Liva MonogramToyata Etios Liva Left Side Head LampToyata Etios Liva Front ViewToyata Etios Liva Boot SapceToyata Etios Liva Tail GateToyata Etios Liva Right Side Rear LampToyata Etios Liva Front Head LampToyata Etios Liva Head RestToyata Etios Liva Boot Space LockToyata Etios Liva Logo And MonogramToyata Etios Liva Console 1Toyata Etios Liva Cluster MeterToyata Etios Liva A/c BlowerToyata Etios Liva Left Side Rear LampToyata Etios Liva Launch Rear SeatsToyata Etios Liva Door TrimToyata Etios Liva Rear ViewToyata Etios Liva launch ConsoleToyata Etios Liva Rear View MirrorToyata Etios Liva Fuel Economy Consumer InformationToyata Etios Liva Rear Wheel Toyata Etios Liva DashboardToyata Etios Liva Lunch Rear LampToyata Etios Liva Lunch Head Lamp

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  • I dont know what makes you against Toyota. I am an Innova owner and it is amazing, no comparable vehicle in market in that class (TATA is still doing stupidities to grab sale of Innova). As far as Service cost is concerned, it is half the price of Tata Indica Vista (my bro's) and M800 (my old car). About resale value, have very good resale value for Innova, My friend's car sold at 9 Lakhs, which was bought 2009 end, Taxi registration. My preferred option will always be Toyota, it delivers quality

    September   13 ,  2011 by   Binil
  • Mr rajan, u r right not only that, Indians should realise at what profit margin these foreign companies are duping/cheating(thru overpriced phased out models) the middle class indians with limited incomes. When u want to sell these u get very low resale rates. Moreover cost of maintenance etc are very high exhorbitant. Why should we educated middle class encourage such a loot and win culture ?? Let indians SAY NO and they will fall down on their knees automatically!!!!!!!!!

    June   30 ,  2011 by   DR MATHEW
  • You are right Dr. Mathew. This company is trying to inject these sub-standard models in India with a policy 'THIS IS ENOUGH FOR INDIANS' while they are flooding with good looking cars in the international market. All thier models in India the same including the INNOVA which look like a portion of a train compartment. Pathetic. Wake up my fellow countrymen, do not buy these junks and give them hard lesson to rethink and rework their strategies in India.

    June   30 ,  2011 by   Rajan Baby
  • I am unable to give any comments before I purchase this.

    June   29 ,  2011 by   Sp Verma
  • it is the remolled overpriced version of TOYOTA ECHO, in the indian market. Dont buy and encourage these foreign made junk.

    June   29 ,  2011 by   Dr Mathew
  • I don't know why these people fix speed o meter in center of dashboard this is logic less looks ugly i think they want to make this ugly looking hatch like Honda civic.wake up Toyota hike your engineers :-)

    June   29 ,  2011 by   Sumit
  • Trying to cash-in on brand name. An ugly looking hatchback Just same as the Etios and the Qualis. Learn designing cars from the Hyundai cars.

    June   29 ,  2011 by   Rajan Baby
  • But for sure upcoming Beat diesel would knock all down. Seems to have the best engine in the market with an mileage around 24. Aha.

    June   29 ,  2011 by   K Gaurav
  • Why there are no disc brakes on rear wheels? Price should not be brought down at the cost of safety. The front of car looks dull and needs some makeover. Side and back looks are pretty good. Hope it will be a pleasure to drive.

    June   29 ,  2011 by   Tej Prakash
  • it is very good shape , i think liva will do best then etios

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Amar
  • The design of the car stinks. Innova should have conceived a better design. It has the jap eye shape - a literal shape of the eye of the Japanese. The back portion looks like the Fiat Stile and the front grill looks like our old ambasaddor car. The five models offered would make sense only if they have a diesel model.Lets wait and watch to see the performance.

    June   28 ,  2011 by   SANJAY
  • good looking small car.

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Manoj Kapoor
  • Good one really SWIFT ROCKS :-)

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Sumit
  • NO one can beat the design of maruti swift No one can beat the perfomance of swift Whether its Diesel or petrol. Swift is leading the market for many years and no one can compete that.So thats why car Booking I mean wating period is still 6 to 9 month.Swift ROCKS

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Satinder
  • As of now Etios Liva is not available in diesel version. Power steering is not available in entry variant ie Etios Liva J.We will soon provid detailed review on Etios Liva along with comparision

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Shiva , CarTrade Expert
  • diesel model is available or not? if yes then milage?

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Kunal Patil
  • dear liva is really agood car from toyato but its performance comes within 2month and its rate is too good then oter car in this segment.

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Davinder
  • what is the launching date and highest model price??

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Varun
  • HI..sasiI was jst reading your comment abt etios and i am really excited to know wether you like dzire or manza in terms of looks or not...??according to me the design of etios is very good and is far far better then other car of it's segment...

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Sneha
  • i think etios liva like chevrolet uva but front lookes very good and attractive .

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Nilesh
  • Frankly speaking, I feel the design of the Etios (both sedan and Liva) are very average and are not attractive at all. There is a lot of clutter in the form with too many unresolved elements. Its too unrefined for my taste and lacks finesse. Even the proportions of the cars are not great. For example, the chrome strip on the bootlid looks 'just about ok' in the sedan but it looks completely out of place in the Liva. The front bumper and grille (with the sweeping design) do not match each other. Somewhere, the design is 'sharp', but at other places it is 'soft'. Overall, it doesn't add up to a smooth form. Very average and unexciting. Even the wheel arches are too big for the wheels (like how it used to be in the Indica).But knowing the average Indian consumer, these cars will be a success, as the Toyota brand name itself is enough. After all, Toyota came into India with the ugly Qualis and made it a household name!

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Sasi Menon
  • interested in knowing more abt liva

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Shashi Mehra
  • I' am really exited, wana test drive for this car. such a sapcious car in this segment.

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Rawar Devdarshan
  • When will the diesel version launch on indian market?

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Ram
  • Is the entry model equipped with power steering??can any one spell out!!

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Munna
  • same like micra

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Sathya
  • Hope the diesel is also a 80 bhp snotter!

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Abhimanyu Kohli
  • definitely with the brand name of toyota, etios liva will hit market like i 20 and swift

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Jagat
  • IS it spacious, i feel the space inside is same at that of santro.

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Abhi
  • I think Toyata Etios Liva will share market of Swift .

    June   28 ,  2011 by   Ajit

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