Road test of Hyundai i20 and comparison with Maruti Swift and Skoda Fabia

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The Hyundai i20 belongs to a new generation of the i-series. With the introduction of the Hyundai i10, which was quite a success, Hyundai India has laid a platform for the i-series cars. A lot of improvements have been done for the i20 keeping in view not only the domestic market but also the export markets.

With reference to ourreview on the Hyundai i20, I would like to share my experiences with the on-road performance of the i20 and also compare it to the Swift and Fabia.

The engine builds up speed quickly from 0 to 60 KMPH in 5.4 seconds and to 100 KMPH in 13.3 seconds. The strength of mid-range torque builds up strongly and increases momentum as the RPM crosses 3000 RPM.

Road test of Hyundai i20 and comparison with Maruti Swift and Skoda Fabia | CarTrade.

In the 5th gear, the top speed is 169KMPH. The Hyundai i20 manages a decent economy of 14 KMPL in the city and 19 KMPL on the highway. There is a slight difference in mileage depending on the use of the AC. Without AC the mileage is about 2 KMPL better. The overall efficiency of the car will be 15KMPL.

With ventilated disc brake in front and a drum brake in the rear, sudden brake of 100 to 0 KMPH can be achieved within 45 meters. The car’s handling is superb in the city with motor assisted power-steering, which gives fantastic drivability. The suspension ensures comfortable and smooth ride handling.

Hyundai i20

Comparison with Skoda Fabia and Maruti Swift

With a 1197 cc engine, the Hyundai i20 delivers 80 PS@5200 RPM. In comparison, the Swift 1298cc delivers 88PS @6000 RPM, and the Fabia 1198CC delivers 70PS@5400RPM.

While the i20 and Swift are somewhat similarly priced, the Fabia is clearly more costly. The price of Hyundai i20 Asta is 5.6 Lac, the Swift 5.1 Lac, and the Fabia 7.1 Lac.

The Swift’s performance is very good with good handling but the car lags in build quality. Here the major advantage of i20 over Swift is that of decent but impressive styling, ride quality and added safety features with surrounding 6 airbags.

All in all, wecan say that the i20 is thea great carwith great features and moderate price.

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  • Same confusion here, can i have your feed back on this if u have purchased the car ?

    July   10 ,  2012 by   Vandana
  • Which car you finally purchased?

    May   10 ,  2012 by   Sreerengan VR
  • Both I20 and Swift are best.......No Doubt

    December   22 ,  2011 by   Mike
  • swift is the best to buy as it has go sport look ,good performance, comfortable and also less cost compared to i20.

    October   30 ,  2011 by   Harish
  • Guys I 20 is the best even I own sports version and m very satisfied Nd I love ma car... I 20 is the best dOnt compare it wid swift or any other carIn it's segment... Go for I 20...

    October   14 ,  2011 by   Vivek
  • Guys,I am planning to buy a new car & i am really getting confused between Swift, i 20 & Fabia...Please suggest on priority.amit

    October   10 ,  2011 by   Amit Singhal
  • I like i20 very much as it reaches 220 kph in 1.6litre.It is my favourite car.

    September   30 ,  2011 by   Rishab Garg
  • am planning to buy a car nd mi budget is less than 8lacs.can u tell which is best i20,new swift,fabia or polo.

    September   21 ,  2011 by   Sooraj
  • ur swift is been installed with a 4000cc engine or what dnt try to lie

    July   20 ,  2011 by   Rahul
  • East Or west swift is d best, There is no comparison of power and sporty style of swift and service backup of Maruti , so guys don't argue and waste ur precious time juss go for swift

    May   12 ,  2011 by   Dheeru Bhai
  • Guys I read someone saying about lack of power in I 20. I do own one since 2 months now and I am very happy and highly satisfied with my new i20. Not only comfort and styling, it has a lot of power as well. I feel power running high as soon i accelerate. I had touched 175 kph and its aerodynamic design never lets you feel unsafe. It is a go for it car !!

    March   29 ,  2011 by   Gaurav Verma
  • hi frnds,i20 has no comparision .it is the best car.its safety features are no 1. if anyone want to bye any car of below 10,0000 rs. purchse it from hyndai .after that toyota.bcoz hyundai has no compromise against his quality.thats y his rates r high.thanks

    March   19 ,  2011 by   RAVI VAISHNAV
  • i also found driving swift ......feels more powerful....more pick up......once u put on ur foot on paddle u feel njoying air....but this is not the case in 1 20....but no doubt comfort is more in 1 20 .......swift is not made for comfort....itzz only swift..........

    March   17 ,  2011 by   Harsh
  • Hyundai i20 is best car in its gives us best specifications & features which are far more better than other cars in this segment......maruti swift has only the name of maruti but no features which can make it the best....fabia has name of skoda,so people think that the car is the best...but it is a i20 owns not only the name of hyundai but also the great features which makes it's name to i20 is the best..........i don't own any car of them till now...but it was my experience with these cars which am sharing with you people....

    February   01 ,  2011 by   Arpan
  • Well Written Arun. Thanks for the clear and pragmatic listing of the points - helps others in making decisions.

    October   26 ,  2010 by   Bony
  • congrats divot... good and wise choice... even i own an i20:)

    October   22 ,  2010 by   Yoyo
  • well said abhay:) even i own i20. all these silly swift owners doesnt know about the one and only i20. i20 rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks

    October   22 ,  2010 by   Yoyo
  • I think with Fabia giving a lot of discount it's far superior than both of them. I have a diesel version 1.4 classic.Feature wise, Quality wise and affordability wise you can't compare. I had run both i20 and swift above 100 both of them shakes.Even with a bit of load that's a painful drive. Quality wise no comparision to fabia. The change of gears itself tells the difference in quality.Try it out before going for any of the two. After discount it's cheaper then both of them . don't miss this chance a fair suggestion.

    September   28 ,  2010 by   Guest
  • what u think buying a copied and bumpy car is a nice work......just think twice before commenting about anything....i20 is a very good car but not as good and powerful than SWIFT........

    August   27 ,  2010 by   Faraaz
  • Hey Guys! You people are biased. I have driven one I 20 few days back,I can tell you my experience. With 3 adults and A/C on, the car is reluctant to accelerate beyond a pint, handling too was not great. I agree the build quality of i20 is better in all aspects, but the engine is a shit. I was more or less certain about booking I 20. But changed my plan once I drove it. Hyundai should look at the engine before the launch of the car. Its a 1.2 lt modfied Kappa engine which is also used for I 10. Guys grow up and check for your self. If you want to try for your self then ask one of your friends for a drag race with a Swift. There is no match.

    August   23 ,  2010 by   Anirban
  • Ya I agreeI also have i20. it rocks. my friend got swift. he now want to change to i20 after driving my car

    August   12 ,  2010 by   Shahab
  • hahahaha.... Spare comparision between i20 and SWIFT GOOD jokeIn Swift 3 person ca sit in rear seat . But very congesting. And you all know the build quality of swift very cheap Quality plastic is used. And lot more space in boot as compare to swift. some body tol swift reached 0 - 100 in 5 sec what a great joke . lolzzzzzzzzzzz....swift looks great onle if modifications is done. otherwise it looks like Dry Shit... i20 always ROCKS.

    August   10 ,  2010 by   Abhay
  • I want2 a car wich range is 5-6lac.I'm thinking of hyndai i20.I'm looking comfort and style in the car.please tell me if any car would meet me desire in this price ge.ra

    August   08 ,  2010 by   Anil Munda
  • You definitely can't compare the build quality of a Swift with i20. The Swift interiors are a typical and leaves a lot to desire. Compare that to the interiors of even an i10 or a Santro...the plastic quality, the "thump" of the door when it shuts, the liberal usage of chrome...all these things make you feel pampered. As far as the engine is concerned..all maruti cars need a lot of revving (high rpm) to get that power out. Swift has a 1.3 while i20 has a 1.2 ltr engine. I have driven both and i defintely give a thumbs up to the i20 for the smoothness with which it builds up its power. Swift will be great for someone raring to go as soon as the signal turns green..personally that's not my style. I would rather gracefully build up the power than have to revv it up like a dog on a leash.

    July   12 ,  2010 by   Mani
  • as per ur knowledge...i went showroom n i purchased hyundai i20..... i got my car on july 1....itz a very stunnig car....

    July   07 ,  2010 by   Divjot Singh
  • It is foolish to say i20 is rich in its comforts. As i understand, wehn you move from a two wheeler to some thing as attention grabber as i20, it definitely gives a high that you have moved up in life. a fabia makes it as easy as possbile without any effort to show it is light years apart when comes to luxury.. the handling is neck-to neck and the breaking with ABS is exemplary. Go ahead choose your gaadi.. Dirve safe.

    July   02 ,  2010 by   JGK
  • sir,can you confirm me what is actual fuel consumption of i20 Megna modelin petrol verion

    June   21 ,  2010 by   HARI
  • Not into comparison about power,There is no doubt that swift is proven vehicle. I am into the driving comfort comparison of both. there is no doubt that i20 is far better than swift.Also fuel economy is better for i20 than swift petrol.

    March   31 ,  2010 by   Shahab
  • All are saying that i20 has got better space, question is how much extra compare to swift. I own swift from past almost 5 years, the seating space is same of i20, i20 looks wide bcoz of the large glass space compare to swift. i20 has got a new engine (kappa) which can'nt produce the power of swift, and handling is very good in swift. Swift reaches 0-100 in 5 seconds, if somebody wants to compare this I am ready to do it. SWIFT ROCKS!!!!

    March   30 ,  2010 by   Vivek
  • No doubt about the comfort. i20 is far better than swift. but below fabia only.diesel variant is available now

    November   18 ,  2009 by   Shahab
  • The acceleration of the Hyundai i20 is 0-100 in 13.5 seconds, the Swift's -12.9 sec, and the Fabia 11.8 sec.................This means Fabia is the fastest among the three and not the slowest.....

    September   22 ,  2009 by   Car Crazy
  • Hi all as per my knowledge within the range of 6 - 7 lack. Hyundai i20 is one of the Best deal in Todays market. As i own hyundai i 20 magna. The good things i noticed in the car is PERFORMANCE AND MILAGE - i.e 16 to 18 kmpl on Highway depending on Speed and 12 to 13 kmpl in Cities.COMFORT - If we look into comfort as compare to Maruti Swift Hyundai i20 have lot of leg room and seating is also very must comfort almost equal to HONDA CITY so never feel tired in long journey.SPACE - i20 have good boot spare engine - As u know Hyundai came with Kappa 1.2 engine. so no doubt about the engine.Gears - Hyundai i20 have very smooth and good Gear system and with attractive Dash within the range of 5 - 7 lack what ever u expect u will get in Hyundai i20. even in basic model i.e Magna u will get every thing like.Power staring, All 4 power windows, comfort, Space, engine. So my suggestion is close your eyes and go for hyndai i20.

    August   19 ,  2009 by   Arun Reddy
  • Hi, some of them say that the rear seats of i20 are not comfortable for long drives. is it so? whether the i20 comes only in petrol or even a diesel variant of the same is available?

    March   13 ,  2009 by   Sharath BR
  • m really confused between i10 and i20 as they both share the same 1.2l Kappa engine.i want to know that is i20 a wise option to buy or not? b'coz ,as i20 is far more heavier than i10,n having the same 1.2l engine will affect it performance or i loved the car, it features r fantastic.but d main question is d success of d car?????plz help me out...

    February   14 ,  2009 by   Kishore K
  • Hi,Thanks for feedback , We will provide the details soon.

    February   07 ,  2009 by   Shiva , CarTrade Expert
  • As Jaikumar said, Good review, covered all the important questions. A summary comparative chart would be helpful. Things like ground clearance, turning radius, engine sound, vibration could also be compared

    February   06 ,  2009 by   Sreejith
  • i20 uses same 1.2 kapps engine as i10 ... my friend has a i10 and he is getting around 10-11 kmpl (with AC on) in city conditions

    February   06 ,  2009 by   Ballu
  • Hi Mr Prakul , we are in no way degrading i20 . i20 has its own reputation for the style and value for money including the safety features which is quite a boosting factor for i20.

    February   04 ,  2009 by   Shiva , CarTrade Expert
  • as u said that i20 is less stylish than fabic....i oppose it....though every one has it's own perception........moreover u said that i wouldn't say i20 a best car...then think again.....look at the features it is offering in 6lac than of in 7lac of better think before comenting

    February   04 ,  2009 by   Prakul
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback. I made some error by trusting the wrong sources, but I will make sure that doesn't happen again. Please keep reading my contributions on

    February   02 ,  2009 by   Shiva , CarTrade Expert
  • The acceleration of the Hyundai i20 is 0-100 in 13.5 seconds, the Swift's -12.9 sec, and the Fabia 11.8 sec, making the Fabia the slowest car of the three.How on the earth the above tells Fabia is the slowest among the three? Please donot write misguiding or incorrect statements.Also, are you sure about Swift's fuel efficiency you mentioned?

    February   02 ,  2009 by   Alok
  • Skoda Fabia actually picks up acceleration much quicker than other two mentioned in the review, though I own none of the above model. A comparative chart of equivalent models of various makers would be ideal.

    February   02 ,  2009 by   Krishnamoorthy
  • Great try for posting the review but needed an expert revision before posting on the net

    February   02 ,  2009 by   Nishant
  • The review is totally wrong and misleading. This line says it all "Fabia 1598 CC delivers 103.4PS", no Fabia model, petrol or diesel puts out that kind of power. And with a 0-100 timing of 11.8 does it not make it the fastest? Also FYI, the Fabia does not do that time ... Totally useless review.

    February   02 ,  2009 by   Hiren
  • Shiva Shanker's career seems bright since he is honest in most of his delineations.Further,Fabia has no comparision with those two.You may take Fiat Palio Stile instead of Fabia with those two -Swift and i20.Please do not take it otherwise as I wrote in good faith.

    February   01 ,  2009 by   Wwwastrologyofindiacom
  • Good review, covered all the important questions. A summary comparative chart would be helpful. Things like ground clearance, turning radius, engine sound, vibration could also be compared.

    February   01 ,  2009 by   Jai Kumar
  • Something odd in the acceleration ratings. Fabia has the shortest timing so would be the fastest of the 3 cars not the slowest as mentioned in the article.

    February   01 ,  2009 by   Piran Doctor

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