Renault Pulse Launched with Actual Pulse Images from Launch

October 30, 2011, 10:17 IST by Rajat Rajvanshi & Aditya Chatterjee

Renault India, fully owned subsidary of Renaut s.a.s already has two models in its Indian portfolio. Renault had been in the news for quite some time now for its small car launch. There were many guesses on which small car would Renault bring to India. The top guesses were the Renault Modus and Renault Clio, but finally Renault proved all this wrong by finally revealing the made for India car "Renault Pulse". The Renault Pulse has been designed for India at Renault`s design centre in Mumbai.

In a grand event yesterday night at Noida, Renault launched its Renault Pulse. The event was attended by F1 drivers Mark Webber and Karun Chandok.

Renault Pulse Photo 1Renault Pulse Launch Photo 30

Speaking on the occasion, Carlos Tavares, COO, Renault s.a.s said, “Renault is fully committed towards the Indian customers, the launch of 3 new models within 6 months clearly demonstrates this commitment. India will witness the best product, power train, technology and design from Renault”.The Renault Pulse will be powered by a K9K engine, which promises to be the best in class along with superior fuel efficiency. Renault also has plans of localizing the K9K engine with production starting at the Alliance factory located in Oragadam in the outskirts of Chennai.

Renault Pulse Launch Photo 25Renault Pulse Launch Photo 22

Marc Nassif, Managing Director, Renault India said “After having established the Renault DNA with products like the Fluence and the Koleos we now launch the PULSE which will enable us to reach a much wider segment of customers.The Pulse carries forward the Renault DNA of safety, quality and innovation and we are sure the customers will like this premium compact which combines all the luxuries of a bigger sedan with the economy of a small compact. We are not only adding to our product portfolio but we are also growing our sales and service network to address the needs of our customers.”

Renault Pulse Details

Renault Pulse is a compact hatch which promises of many new edge features like Keyless entry, Start/Stop engine switch, Automatically folding mirrors when the car is locked. The target audience for Renault Pulse is the young and the dynamic who want a fun to drive car but without compromising fuel efficiency.

Renault Pulse Front View 54Renault Pulse Front View 45

Renault Pulse Engine

The K9K engine actually reflects the same principles which the RS27 engine stands for. The RS27 has been developed by Renault Sport F1 team, which has just powered Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel to the double crown of the constructors’ and drivers’ title in the FIA Formula One World Championship. Renault`s initiative has always been to transfer high end F1 technology to production cars with class leading fuel efficiency.
As per statements at the launch, the Renault Pulse will be made available only in a 1.5 diesel variant.

Renault Pulse Engine 6Renault Pulse Engine 4Renault Pulse Engine 5Renault Pulse ViberRenault Pulse Engine 3Renault Pulse Engine 2

Renault Pulse Design

Renault Pulse has been designed taking in mind the Indian conditions at the Renault Design Centre in Mumbai. The Renaul Pulse is however very similar to the Nissan Micra hatch. The main reason behind this can be because the Nissan Micra and Renault Pulse share the same platform.

Renault Pulse Rear ViewRenault Pulse Logo

Indeed, when we see the Pulse, we are reminded of the Micra at once.

Renault Pulse Exterior

Renault Pulse looks very butched from front. The Renault Pulse was shown to us in 2 very vibrant colours the (Nissan Micra) Red and our favourite, the sporty Yellow. The one in yellow elaborated all the lines and curves on the body.

Renault Pulse PictureRenault Pulse Back DoorRenault Pulse Back SeatsRenault Pulse Back 90Renault Pulse Exterior 28Renault Pulse PicRenault Pulse Rear View 89Renault Pulse Rear View 87

When seen from the rear, If the logo wont have been there , one can easily confuse it with Nissan Micra. They are not just similar but very identical.

Renault Pulse Pic 20Renault Pulse Exterior 5

Renault Pulse Interior

Renault Pulse Interior boasts the same Nissan Micra stylings. The Centrally placed music system and the retro styled control knobs are a very good touch. The big O type display for AC display elaborating climate control is also very impressive.

Renault Pulse Window ControlsRenault Pulse Images 13Renault Pulse Dashboard 4Renault Pulse Gear 25Renault Pulse Gear 22Renault Pulse Dashboard 2Renault Pulse SeatsRenault Pulse Interior 7

Renault Pulse Interior 2Renault Pulse GearRenault Pulse BrakesRenault Pulse Images 4Renault Pulse Interiors 3Renault Pulse Interiors 2Renault Pulse InteriorsRenault Pulse Ac ControlsRenault Pulse DashboardRenault Pulse Steering Wheel

Renault Pulse Price

Renault Pulse pricing is still under wraps and January 2012 will be the official time of revealing it. Our reliable sources have hinted a price gap of Rs.5-6 lakhs. Let’s hope Renault makes this a price conscious decision and gifts the Indian consumers a good "Pulse"

Renault Pulse Pic 22Renault Pulse Launch Photo 24Renault Pulse Launch Photo 23Renault Pulse Launch Photo 21Renault Pulse Launch Photo 20Renault Pulse Launch Photo 16Renault Pulse Launch Photo 15Renault Pulse Launch Photo 14Renault Pulse Launch Photo 13Renault Pulse Launch Photo 12Renault Pulse Launch Photo 9Renault Pulse Launch Photo 8Renault Pulse Launch Photo 4Renault Pulse Launch Photo 2Renault Pulse Images 100 2227Renault Pulse Picture 222Renault Pulse Picture 121Renault Pulse Images 100Renault Pulse Rear View 4Renault Pulse Tail Light 2Renault Pulse Tail LightRenault Pulse Images 3Renault Pulse Images 2Renault Pulse DoorRenault Pulse Exterior 4Renault Pulse Exterior 3Renault Pulse Exterior 2Renault Pulse ExteriorRenault Pulse Head Light 2Renault Pulse Head LightRenault Pulse Side View 2Renault Pulse Side ViewRenault Pulse Rear View 2Renault Pulse Back 2Renault Pulse BackRenault Pulse EngineRenault Pulse Images

Images:credit to Rajat Rajvanshi,

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  • you are lucky in india that you have a dci engine in the Micra/Pulse all we get in UK is a weak 3 cylinder 1198 ccunit.As in India it is well over priced

    November   23 ,  2011 by   Mika
  • Companies charing platoforms is understood. but they shud atleast do some work by atleast changing some look and feel of the car. Lazy work renault. I dont think renault has good future unless they really launch India targeted car.

    November   07 ,  2011 by   Milo
  • hi vijay you are right... nissan and renault share the same manufacturing platform in india . but what do you know about renault ? it will be rock in a short priod in india market ....... and all your saying that micra is same to pulse.... but you dont know one thing what was the engine is in side of the micra and mahendra logan and as well as verito ha.... just fell the comfarts giveing reno.........ok ... dont compare petrol one to dieselok ,,,

    November   05 ,  2011 by   Sandeep
  • It looks same like Nissan micra,only the name is changed as Renault Pulse,so wats the difference we r gonna get it from this model.wait and see after the launch hw is the response

    November   02 ,  2011 by   Balajee
  • This is the same car Nissan Micra which has been re branded/rebadged as Renault Pulse. The only change i see is with the front bumper which has a better look. Even the interior is the same as Micra. I dont think Nissan Micra is a big hit in Indian Market due to its premium pricing. And now Renault is repeating the same mistake by pricing it even more higher.

    November   02 ,  2011 by   Sanjeev
  • the pulse is afterall a micra with a horrible nose job...

    November   02 ,  2011 by   Raihan
  • mr. vijaya kumar, hw come u compare a petrol car ( A Star ) with a diesel one.And when u talk about renault or other european cars, they are full on features plus the focus is always on safety & comfort as well which maruti cars completely lack.and no doubt they have shamelessly copied nissan micra, jst changed the logo, same wine with new bottle. uses the same 1.5 dci engine micra has. interior exactly same. i think both nissan and renault share the same manufacturing platform in india ( although not 100% sure)

    November   01 ,  2011 by   Pulkit Chaudhry
  • Better to go for Maruti A star, it is really excellent & low price too on this segments.Though every car maker is trying to copy the A star but none could succeed K series engine, moreover its maintenance cost is much lower than any car, as it is a INDIAN car. - vijay

    November   01 ,  2011 by   CRS VIJAYA KUMAR
  • Gimmicks will not work in Indian market as this REBADGED MICRA do not seem to enthrall anybody. Seems the Renault management do have poor study on Indian market or substandard advisers who still live in dark ages. Introduce your DUSTER asap with automatic transmission but make sure do not exceed 12 lakhs on road price

    November   01 ,  2011 by   Rajan Baby
  • 4m A-star to micra to pulse thn wat...............? all flop show. better make rt car if u r serious in indian mrkt

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Sanjay
  • renault should come with automatic version

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Kumar
  • some thing different requires from renault in price warmileage war and options

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Sarvesh
  • some thing different requires from renault in price warmileage war and options

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Sarvesh
  • Its like a Version 2 of Micra. Thats not a problem. Micra is a good car. But we Indians didnt like the style. Pulse is certainly stylish. Wish if the designers could have changed that rear. Whatever welcome to pulse.

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Krishnakumar
  • i feei it is bogus car no one will purchase ithis in india it will be failure car in india

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Om Godse

    October   31 ,  2011 by   DENTIST
  • renault,u cant fool indians by calling micra,pulse.this surely is rebadged micra.if u want to succed pls thinks different.

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Jeetu
  • What is this...this seems to be an exact copy of Nissan Micra.What a blunder Renault.

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Prashant Vadhera
  • to administrator and other official members.........good job,hats off.

    October   31 ,  2011 by   Sanno
  • this is a car which indian need. Good news

    October   30 ,  2011 by   Tejas Satam
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