Polaris all-set to roll out electric cars in India

December 24, 2011, 13:17 IST by Vikas Yogi

Polaris India, the multi-terrain vehicles giant has mulled upon rolling out electric cars in India after ousting all kinds of hindrances, one being infrastructure.

The car manufacturer, a subsidiary fully owned by Polaris Industries Inc, aims to achieve revenues to the tune of Rs.5 billion by 2016 in the Indian market.

"Once we launch the electric cars, then we will decide whether it will be on the road or off-road vehicle. The products are ready for the international market. Issues like infrastructure, battery and other problems are there," Polaris India Managing Director Pankaj Dubey confirmed the plans recently. Dubey was present in the city to unveil the company's all-terrain-vehicles (ATVs).

The car maker has in its portfolio electric cars Gem and Breeze that are sold in U.S. and European markets.

Polaris India has now decided to make half of its earnings by tapping the utility car segment that is used for operations like mining and also for industrial functionings. Thus, Polaris aims to make it big in the country and firm its position in the rapidly growing market.

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  • Well, they needed to be pglgued in on a regular basis to recharge. If your commute took up it's cells, then you had to be able to plug in to recharge in order to go home. VERY few parking garages have outlets, and regular parking lots never do. When they cells got low on charge, the power in the car was pathetic and you could easily get stranded. They were also a royal pain in the butt on long trips. Finding a place willing to let you plug in your car and run their electric bill up that high was hard, or even impossible.This made the electric only car very unfeasible. They could come back today if people would build an electric solar hybrid that used storage cells to store solar power. These cars could be feasible, although long lasting bad weather would mean you would need to plug in again.

    May   26 ,  2012 by   Diana
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