Modified Maruti A-Star With Images at Delhi Auto Expo 2010

January 09, 2010, 10:10 IST by Quraish Umrethi

Maruti Suzuki pavilion echoed the theme of “Joys of Life” propagating the sentiments of its parent company “Way of Life.”

Maruti’s entire range of products was on display at the Auto Expo. Amongst its array of products was the Maruti A-Star display that also showcased the model in production which was the stunning modified model of A-Star.

Modified Maruti A-Star With Images at Delhi Auto Expo 2010 | CarTrade.

Apart from production model, it also displayed the clay model of the car that was viewed fascinatingly by the visitors. The 3-D scale model is a semi-finished sculpt in clay, which highlights the detailing that goes into the making a car. The clay modelers will be seen chiseling away on the clay model, working on the detailing of the car.

“A-star has gone on to become a success in many European countries has shown them the prowess of Maruti Suzuki for a car designed in India,” says Maruti A-Star on twitter. Maruti Suzuki had rolled out the 100,000th model of the car in less than one year since it began its production in India.

The model is being sold as Suzuki Splash in the international market. The same model is also marketed in certain countries by Nissan as Pixo.

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  • Maruti has so far sold 2,20,00 units of A-star across the globe in 100+ countries and makes India proud

    June   07 ,  2010 by   RAMYA
  • I every contry potos are uploaded automatically but india is extra smart country.ALL EXPO photos i want if it is possible .

    January   10 ,  2010 by   Sanjay

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