India to Witness Air Car

July 01, 2008, 10:10 IST by Satish

Cars that use compressed air as fuel are called "Air Cars". These cars are extremely environmentally friendly and have been developed by a French Company "Moteur Development International" or MDI. The car has been named as MiniCAT.

The French company has signed an agreement with Tata Motors for application of MDI technology in India. The car shall cost around Rs. 350,000 in India and shall give a range of 300 km between refuels which would cost only Rs. 90. However, there is still no official word on such an agreement or when the car would be manufactured in the country. Tata Motors is India's largest automobile manufacturer that shall be launching Tata Nano or world's cheapest car in October 2008.

The car shall have key less entry and could be opened with the access card. The access card could be read from your pocket itself. The most unique feature of the car is its cost-effectiveness. It would cost less than one Euro per kilometre. Compressed air technology used in the car is not really new and is extremely environmental friendly as well as economical.

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  • seems cool stuf like the look of it. but can sny one tell me when will it actually come to india.

    November   13 ,  2008 by   Romeo
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