Increasing number of car logo thefts

February 18, 2012, 21:17 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team

A new kind of theft has been noticed in the city of Mangalore where the culprits are targeting badges, monograms and logos of luxury vehicles. Basically logos of automobile brands such as Audi, Skoda, Mercedes, BMW and Volkswagen are being stolen, supposedly by students.

The maximum numbers of theft are reported from those areas where mass parking takes place. The targeted areas are near State Bank of India (Hamilton) Circle, Town Hall, Jeppu, TMA Pai Convention Hall and Light House Hill Road areas.

Ramesh S. who lost logo of his recently bought Volkswagen car said, "It must have occurred a few days back. It is the unlikeliest thing one will ever notice. There was no use of complaining. I will have to shell out Rs 1,800 to buy one.'' He further added that normally car owners do not observe such kind of thefts as the most noticed parts are tyres for punctures or scratches on the panes.

Increasing number of car logo thefts , Car News |
Car Logo theft

Charan Suvarna, Sales Manager, Volkswagen, informed that they have got 20 inquiries for monogram replacement. He said that the logos are quite expensive as they are brought in directly from Germany and this problem will persist until and unless these are not sourced locally.

A scrap dealer in Bunder said that two students tried to sell a Volkswagen logo to him last week. A customer who was present in the shop at that time got suspicious and started asking them questions, but the duo ran away.

The costly monograms and logos are not available in the local scrap market. The local scrap dealers claim that the stolen logos are transported to Bangalore. Another scrap dealer said that the police should look into this matter and try to find out the mastermind behind these thefts, which seems like a big racket to him.

According to a source, it is really easy to flick a logo as they are either held in with clips or fixed with special adhesive. He said that "With a screw driver and correct pressure one can remove it without making any damage to the logo.'' Vinay Goankar, Police Inspector, Mangalore North, does not deny the rise in logo theft. He said the logo theft is rising day by day, but no one has registered any complaint about it until now. He also agrees on the student’s involvement behind these thefts. Sources reveal that numerous complaints have been withdrawn after parents of accused students begged not to ruin the future of their children.

  • These thefts have increased on a large scale in Mumbai too, you can see many cars with logo's stolen. Police needs to control this situation . There is definitely a huge racket involeved.

    February   20 ,  2012 by   Joey

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