Hyundai EON all-set to lock horns with Maruti and Tata cars

October 05, 2011, 17:17 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team

Hyundai Motor India Limited recently announced the commencement of bookings of its soon to be launched small car, Hyundai EON. However, India's second largest passenger car manufacturer is yet to announce the official launch date of EON. If reports are to be believed, the new compact car is anticipated to roll-out during the second week of October. The company would be launching an entry level small car in the Indian automobile sector after a while, and is expecting a positive response from the Indian car users.

Several car experts envisage Hyundai EON as the next big thing in the hatchback segment of Indian car market. With Hyundai EON, the company aims at replacing the popularity and trust that once belonged to the legendary car, Maruti Suzuki 800. Company officials at Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) are confident to provide world class standards and technology, with the launch of EON. Moreover, they claimed that Hyundai EON will emerge as a standard class model that will be known for its styling, performance, safety and convenience.

Hyundai EON all-set to lock horns with Maruti and Tata cars | CarTrade.
Hyundai Eon

Hyundai EON concept took four years for its development at the company's research and development headquarters in India and Korea. The new EON will be affixed with a 3-cylinder, 814 cc engine that reportedly has the capacity of generating a maximum power of 56 hp at 5500 rpm. With a throwaway price of around Rs. 2.5 lacs, experts suggest that Hyundai EON will be the first real competition for the seven year monopoly of Maruti Suzuki Alto.

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Moreover, the situation may worsen for India's leading car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, which is already facing internal conflicts in production. With the launch of Hyundai EON, Maruti Alto may experience a change in the trend of its sales, which has been exemplary. Hyundai EON competition is not limited to Maruti Alto. Tata Nano, the smallest and cheapest car of India, is another competitor, Hyundai EON needs to watch out for.

Considering the prolonged conditions of increasing fuel prices and high interest rates, companies have used the cost cutting technique to survive. Moreover, with the festive season round the corner, car makers have lowered the prices of their small cars. In an attempt to lure higher number of prospective buyers, certain car makers have started providing cheaper finance options.

It is important to note that Hyundai EON will be available only in the petrol version, initially, which may affect its sales considering the raging demand for diesel vehicles these days. Tata Nano diesel version is expected to be available to Indian masses soon, and will be a major threat to EON petrol version. Besides Maruti and Tata, there are other car makers who have launched or are planning to launch small cars in India. Honda Motor company recently launched its premium hatchback, Honda Brio, which is another masterpiece, meant to rule the hatchback segment.

Hatchback segment of the Indian car market is surely expected to be one of the busiest segments this festive season. With so many options for the Indian buyers, which small car would emerge at the top, remains unclear.

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  • my dream to get car is fulfil with eoan, thankyou hundai

    October   13 ,  2011 by   Chirag Salvi
  • Hello out thereToday i saw the new Hyunda Eon and i found the car very beautiful and attractive.As far as the price is concerned that also falls under the budget.But as u are already aware of the present scenario,the prices of fuel is increasing day by day and for a common man its very difficult for him afford the petrol prices.Now i want to know that whether is there any possibility that Hyundai will arive with the LPG version of EON in coming months.RgdsNadeem Nanda

    October   12 ,  2011 by   Nadeem Nanda
  • hai hyundai eon is the best car in the all cars . eon best car in the world. atractive style . good price ,very good model ,i am provoiding mark for the eon is 100

    October   07 ,  2011 by   Rajan
  • It is set 2 rule the roads

    October   07 ,  2011 by   Sravn
  • Great tribut from hyundai,best among all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    October   07 ,  2011 by   Arnab
  • its looks impressive

    October   06 ,  2011 by   AMIT

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