Hero Honda to Launch new 250cc Bike

February 11, 2010, 10:10 IST by Payal Pathak

Hero Honda is planning to introduce a new 250 cc bike in Indian market soon. The new bike is expected to hit the Indian roads in next six months which means the Indian customer will have a new bike from Hero Honda at Diwali time. The bike is expected to be priced at Rs. 1.5 lakh which will make it a strong competitor to Kawasaki Ninja.

“R&D work on the bike is complete and trial production will begin in the next three months. HMSI is banking heavily on this bike as it will its first offering in in this segment, which is heating up,” said the source.

Hero Honda also intends to upgrade its 125 cc Shine and launch an upgraded model of Unicorn which will be the third upgraded version of the model. HMSI is planning to set up a new second plant at Manesar as its first plant is already running on its full capacity that produces 15 lakh units annually.

  • sir,i just wanted 2 know...is pulsar 550 cc is being launched??

    March   08 ,  2012 by   Nilesh
  • i think to buy karizma zmr and now i hear that hero honda is launching new 300cc bike . my first bike is cbz xtreme when i buy it then after 9 months the company has changed its model .now iam going to buy new zmr i paid full amount of zmr and i hear now 300cc bike is comming if hear first i will only buy the new 300cc bike from hero honda i like to buy only hero honda bikes . it is a nice company hero honda has one fault for zmr the bhp is 17.6 in my dream zmr bhp want to be 25 or 22 then they dont want launch 300cc bike. one thing is best for zmr its graphis and desing is very good i think that every will one like zmr i love zmr and i love all hero honda bikes . one thing iam saying hero honda is the best company

    July   29 ,  2011 by   Deepak DX
  • Mind ur own biz...don't try to b over smart

    April   14 ,  2011 by   Bharath
  • hai i am sanshil and launch a new bike 300cc bike hero only hero and it should be of 82 bhp bike ok hero u have to launch this bike to show honda.

    February   11 ,  2011 by   Sanshil1
  • hi is there any news of launching of new cbz xtreme......i think it has got to be released in these days but still no release can anyone pls tell me when it is going to launch thnx bye

    December   12 ,  2010 by   Rohit
  • payal i think ur a dumb idiot who does not know anything abt bikes i think u shud sit in kitchen and make food like good girl and leave the biking 2 guys

    November   18 ,  2010 by   Rajj
  • latest good news is that hero honda is launching a 250cc bike with 46bhp wich will top atleast 200 to 215

    November   06 ,  2010 by   Sumedh
  • latest good news is that hero honda is launching a 250cc bike with 46bhp wich will top atleast 200 to 215

    November   06 ,  2010 by   Sumedh
  • yes we want 250cc bike of hero honda earliest. and very powerful compute of ninja 250cc

    October   17 ,  2010 by   Shelu
  • i am rock

    October   12 ,  2010 by   Babusonasarkar
  • Pardon boss, if I m not wrong then "Shine" is of Honda not of Hero Honda., Kya Boss itna bhi nahi malum ki Honda and Hero Honda are diffrent companies.. Rectify it please in your future columns....

    September   27 ,  2010 by   Mukut Mahanta
  • yes i want the 250cc byke from hero honda to compute with ninja 250cc

    September   27 ,  2010 by   Manas
  • yes we want the 250cc byke from herohonda and it should be more power full than tvs apachie250cc byke.amd we want the byke in on jan or feb 2011

    September   09 ,  2010 by   Jani
  • ''Hero Honda also intends to upgrade its 125 cc Shine'' ????R u crazy >>> ""125 cc Shine"" is a Hero Honda Product ???????As far as I know "" Shine"" is a product of Honda , not of Hero Honda.. Please currect the article....Regards.

    August   29 ,  2010 by   Mukut Mahanta
  • Iam eagerly waiting for the new model of CBZ . I own old model (1999)- yes the same model which has just shaken the indian bike market in 1999 . plz tell me when new model will get launched . I expect hero honda to repeat the history in year 2010 by the launch of new model of CBZ.

    August   12 ,  2010 by   Rajan Verma
  • IF its true,the truth will be out in a month`s time...HH is already facing delivery issues regarding zmr..since its launch the wait period in pune has been over 3 months..if they launch 250 cc bike..the wait period will be more than 6 months..who will wait for such a lont time..i own a karizma r and am happy with it..had got it within a week of booking

    August   10 ,  2010 by   Vineet

    July   30 ,  2010 by   RAHUL
  • Hi.friends kiya cbz fi 250 bikes launched ho rahi hai ya nahi.please tell me

    July   30 ,  2010 by   Saif
  • sir please tell me who is latest new lunch in herohonda

    July   25 ,  2010 by   BINAY
  • ya sure still no bikes are launched as they have said

    June   15 ,  2010 by   Darshan
  • hey guys i am a tecchie in hh.....off ocurse my name is changed....well to the suprise of everybody......a mean machine is there for people who want to feel the adreline flowing...it will set the roads in fire by diwali...the bike will not be named karizma....may be rumoured name is cbz fi 250(the old emperor)....the bhp will be around 24 and torque will be upto 22 and it wil have a 250cc liquid cooled engine

    April   26 ,  2010 by   Pravin
  • Hi, Thi girl is really playing fool with people. Hey it doesn't shoot girls to write article on about Motor Bikes,You must should know 2 different companies of Honda & Hero Honda.

    April   21 ,  2010 by   Dilip
  • hello guys dont hope for any bike this year they just want to make us fool

    April   07 ,  2010 by   Loveassassinator
  • ples Luk me new Bike

    March   18 ,  2010 by   Krishan
  • hero honda passion pro bike mai color only blake hona chaiya, pro bike ma extrem blak wala color bahut hi sutabal rahega.meri requist please hero honda compny tak pahuchaiye ga......

    February   26 ,  2010 by   Ravi
  • This news has been around for quite sometime now... I guess DNA was the first to get this out.... How credible is this? What is your source? and how can we believe this? I've been waiting ages for a decent 250cc bike from HMSI or YIML and am done now... I can't take it any longer

    February   22 ,  2010 by   Done Waiting Now
  • Hello AllSorry for the mix-up. Honda will be launching the 250cc bike in next six months.My apologies again.REgards

    February   12 ,  2010 by   Payal
  • how much price on road bajaj platina in mumbai

    February   12 ,  2010 by   Balkrishna
  • i agree with this comment this article is very confusing as who is launching the bike is it hero honda or hmsi

    February   12 ,  2010 by   Karthik
  • Its HONDA thats gonna launch the CB Twister and not HERO HONDA

    February   12 ,  2010 by   Pradeep
  • Please Correct the company name to Honda.I Wonder what is future of Hero-Honda. If Hondas are growing strong by themselves.

    February   12 ,  2010 by   Milo
  • pl correct honda instead of herp honda

    February   12 ,  2010 by   GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI
  • Please avoid writing mess.

    February   12 ,  2010 by   Wrong Article
  • Hi Payal,I think you aware of the fat that Hero Honda and HMSI are two different entities. The write up totally confusing as it's not coming out clearly who is finally going launh the 250cc bike. Pl. make it clearer when you come out with news.

    February   12 ,  2010 by   MaN

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