Enjoy the Rolls Royce experience in the new DC Lounge Fortuner

April 16, 2012, 11:57 IST by CarTrade Editorial Team

DC Design, the premier automotive designing organisation of India, has come up with the new DC Lounge Fortuner, a modified version of the popular Sports Utility Vehicle offered by Toyota. Buyers only need to pay an additional 8.25 lacs to enjoy a luxury experience which is even better than that of a prestigious Rolls Royce. The team at DC Design, which is headed by Dilip Chhabria, has crafted the new iteration of Fortuner such that it can even compete with the first class cabin of a jet liner. This is the second Toyota model modified by DC Design, since it had earlier altered the Innova Multi Utility Vehicle (MUV).

Enjoy the Rolls Royce experience in the new DC Lounge Fortuner | CarTrade.
Enjoy the Rolls Royce experience in the new DC Lounge Fortuner

In terms of interiors, the 2nd and 3rd row seats of the standard model have been replaced by two huge 24 inch captain's chairs in the DC Lounge Fortuner. These fully powered seats can recline by 150 degrees through the simple click of a button, as compared to the 120 and 180 degree recline of Rolls Royce or jet liner, respectively. The captain's chairs can even be equipped with a telescopic calf and heel support upon the clients' request. Along with these chairs, the first row has fully powered seats for the driver and co-passenger.

The designers at DC Design used iPads in their version of the Fortuner in the front back seats rather than TV screens. These iPads not only function as the entertainment console but also control several interior features, including seating and lighting. Just like a Rolls Royce and jet liner, the new DC Lounge Fortuner has a chiller, swivel reading lights, accent lighting, fold out table and high end music system. The 45 inch leg room of the model is even larger than that of the Rolls Royce (38 inch) and jet liners (44 inch), which will provide unparalleled space to the passengers. Interiors of DC Lounge Fortuner boast of cool blue and white trims, which add to the looks of the car.

DC Design has also come up with a kit that will alter the exteriors of the Fortuner too, thus adding to its distinctive appeal. Though the side profile of the model remains largely unchanged, the front fascia has been modified to render a futuristic look. Most notably, the headlamps have become triangular in shape and the Toyota logo has been replaced by the badge of DC. The designers at the company can modify a standard model of the SUV into the Lounge version within the span of 30 to 45 days.

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  • Its there at DC Gurgaon, Iffco Chowk...... exterior are not great but the interiors are simply out of the world kinda.....must see....

    April   19 ,  2012 by   Shireesh
  • What about the suspension ...and the body roll?

    April   17 ,  2012 by   S. Singh
  • DC should be awarded a BHARAT RATNA in industrial sector for his achivement in automotive sector. I wish him a grand success in his unik designes & ideas.

    April   17 ,  2012 by   RAJAN PITALE
  • Pics pls

    April   16 ,  2012 by   Gopa
  • how much price of this Beauty i awnt to buy this inshaALLAH

    April   16 ,  2012 by   LUCKY

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