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Discover 125 - the New Bike from Bajaj – First Impressions

With the tremendous success of its Discover series of bikes and its well accepted DTSi technology (digital twin spark ignition), Bajaj has recently launched a latest version of its Discover 125 cc with DTSi.

We took the Discover 125cc DTSi for a spin. Read on for our experiences with the new Bajaj Discover bike.

Expert Review On Bajaj Discover 125 Car Model - 114462 | CarTrade.comBajaj Discover 125

Appearance and Features of the Discover 125

The styling of the new Discover is on par with the styling of other bikes of the series such as 135,150, and 100 cc versions. The bike has a simple design with all necessary accessories like Headlight doom, wide handle bar, black alloy wheels etc.

When observing the Discover 125, it can be seen that with the intention of inducing some specialty at a low cost, Bajaj has used a lot of black colour in the bike, such as in the wheels, engine, frame, front and rear fenders. Graphic strips have been introduced across the fuel tank which run till the tail lamp assembly.

The Handle bar of the Discover is made a bit wider and gives a good grip. The instrument cluster is just a normal cluster with no special features. It carries odometer, speedometer and separate Fuel gauge meter.

The Discover 125cc carries a switch to start for ignition. Besides, one more feature has been introduced, viz. the ride control ON/OFF switch.

The advantage of the ride control feature is that when in ON condition, the bike will be ridden at a max of 40KMPH, no matter how much we pull the acceleration. This saves a fuel which could have been wasted by unnecessary acceleration in traffic conditions, so that there is no chance to waste fuel since the speed has been controlled. It’s somewhat like the Cruise control technology in cars which has been simplified to meet the requirements of a bike. However, on highways the same can be switched off and can be accelerated with will and wish.

Details of the Discover 125

The Discover 125 as the name itself suggests, comes with a single cylinder air-cooled 124.6cc engine with a Twin spark engine delivering power output of 11PS @8000 RPM and Torque output of 10.8NM@5500RPM. The gear box is of a conventional 5 speed version with all down option to increase speed and up for decreasing.

Fuel Tank capacity is 8 Litres and Expected mileage is some 60kmpl.

The Discover 125 comes in two variants, two versions, viz. front drum or disc brakes. The on road price of Drum brake version is Rs 54,252/- and that of Disc brake version is Rs 56,542/-

The tables below give detailed specifications of the same.

  Bajaj Discover 125
Variant 4-Stroke air cooled,DTSi
Engine  124.6cc
Power in PS@RPM 11PS @8000 RPM
Torque in NM@RPM 10.8 NM@5500RPM
Front Disc/Drum
Rear Drum
Front 2.72x 17"  Tubed tyre
Rear  3.0X17" Tubed Tyre
Fuel Tank 8Litres
Front Telescopic
Rear Nitrox gas filled  shock absorber
Wheelbase 1305 MM
Ground Clearance 165 MM
Kerb weight 118.5 Kg
Battery  12V Full DC
Head Lamp 12V, 35/35 W
Fuel Tank Capacity  
Full 8 Litres
Reserve 2.5 Litres
Mileage 60
With Front drum brake  
Ex showroom price Bangalore 46699
Onroad Price Bangalore 54252
With Front disc brake  
Ex showroom price Bangalore 48727
Onroad Price Bangalore 56542

Test Ride
Once we sit on the bike, the sitting posture impresses as it is quite comfortable. The knee tends to rest comfortably on the sides of Fuel Tank. No need to worry about how to change gears as in Pulsar 150cc etc. All, in all a comfortable bike to sit on.

The Discover’s control is a conventional one with all gears down and which can come back by tapping the heal side of pedal. Interestingly, only Neutral gear has been indicated and no separate gear indication as in Suzuki Slingshot which is also a 125 cc bike. This is quite disappointing.

Starting is easy as electric start option is available and engine can be started in any gear with holding clutch. The hand grip is good and for, with 5’ 11”in height, I could comfortably use the seat. Just good enough for a responsible person and there is absolutely no racing spirit being encouraged.

Ignition is smooth and the bike starts instantly .The sound of engine is very familiar with that of other Discover series and it gives the impression of improvement in engine technology as compared to Platina 125 cc bike.

The pick up is good and so is the braking efficiency. The bike accelerates rapidly and also slows down fast, allowing for easy maneuvering.

While riding with Ride control ON, one could feel some sense of discomfort. It is due to the speed limitation adopted and for one who is adopted to free acceleration, we tend to expect faster acceleration with pulling of acceleration pedal.  However with passage of time one can get used to it and hence save the fuel by riding at economical speed.

Overall, the ride quality is very good in free acceleration and one has to get used to it for a while with Ride Control ON mode.


The Discover 125cc competes with other 125cc bikes such as Suzuki Slingshot, TVS Flame, Honda Shine etc. The boosting factor for Discover is the Power which is best in 125CC segment. With respect to styling, TVS Flame and Slingshot give slightly better impression due to design and choice of colors. The table below gives brief comparison of the same.

    Bajaj  TVS Motors Suzuki Hero Honda Honda Yamaha
    Discover 125 Flame DS 125 Slingshot Super Splendor Shine Gladiator
1 Engine 124.6 124.8 124 125 125 124
2 Power in PS 11 10.3 8.7 9 10.3 10.8
3 Ignition Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric
4 Front Brake Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum
5 Rear Brake Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum Drum
6 Tyre Tubed Tubed Tubed Tubed Tubed Tubed
7 Mileage in KMPL 60 60 70 65 60 55
8 App onroad Price  54252 55000 47000 51000 55200 54800


The Discover 125 cc is an ambitious introduction from Bajaj to capture market share in 125cc segment which it was fast loosing with failure of XCD and Platina 125cc bikes. There is lot of improvement with the help of DTS-i technology and engine.

As the Discover has been designed under the platform of Discover variants, which is already a success for buyers, it would certainly add to the moral confidence of customers to go for the same. Also, the ride control feature introduced is a good improvement.

Overall, the Discover 125cc is a worthy selection for the people looking for bike with good power combined with mileage and cost effectiveness.

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  • R U Sure ?

    27 April 2012 By  NB Roy
  • being most unsatisfied with the performances of Platina 125, I have opted to change over to Siscover 125, I can say something only after riding it for some time.

    27 April 2012 By  NB Roy
  • With the ride control on , can you put the vehicle in the fifth gear ?

    11 March 2012 By  Anand Ghurye
  • The fuel gauge shows FULL at 10 o'clock position . What is the rest of the dial for ?

    11 March 2012 By  Anand Ghurye
  • new discover125cc is powerful than others 125 bikes but need to improve its chain

    17 November 2011 By  Raj
  • i just by d discover 125 cc.the mileage is good (60 kmpl)in city.but the handle is slightly bend as i buy.i complaint to the showroom bt i didnt get the good service from them.its a manufacturing fault.i expects bajaj to give good service to the customer.

    06 October 2011 By  Ankit Chaudhari
  • Hi guys,Iam using discover 100 cc for last 1.2 yrs,other than looks they got nothing useful,Maintanenance cost is high,Mileage below 50 in 100 cc.That is the reality.My advice don't buy.

    01 September 2011 By  Thiyagarajan
  • bajaj 125cc is good mileage bike 75km/liter

    05 August 2011 By  Pravin
  • it is better to change the head light style to its old first model, which looks good serious, professional, aggressive. and all other new indicator and headlight looks like kids or pak bike

    28 July 2011 By  Chidambara
  • We expects the Bajajs technology is hiest fuel efficient in the world,yet in this version, why it is less in milleges?
    In the forth comming time, there will be demond only fuel efficient machines in the developing countries.

    27 July 2011 By  Rajesh Yadav

    23 July 2011 By  NSU

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