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Audi TT

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Audi TT is one of the very few luxury coupés available in Indian market. The coupé is exquisitely designed and incorporates incomparable sporty looks, both in exteriors and interiors. Currently, the vehicle is available in a single 3.2 litre petrol engine variant in India. Advanced technologies like Magnetic Dampening ride, Quattro four wheel drive control system and a lightweight Aluminium Space Frame are used in Audi TT to generate ultimate driving experience. Luxury is further substantiated by Bose Surround Sound system.

The vehicle definitely suits the taste of upper middle class in India which has an insatiable demand for new vehicle types and brands. Audi needs no certificate to confirm its high standards and has in fact set many benchmarks in the automobile industry. New Audi TT gives a strong competition to brands like Mercedes and BMW which already have their two door designs in the market.

Audi TT Launch History

The four wheel drive vehicle has been on the road since 1998 and has gone through significant improvements. In India, it was launched in 2008 and has captured fair amount of attraction with its looks and technology. It’s one of the most attractive looking cars on Indian roads with coupé designs. With a lone installation unit in Aurangabad, most of the vehicles are brought as completely built units from the overseas manufacturing plants.

In India, Audi sales company has been operational since March 2007. Audi in India operates as a Division of Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. and has several dealerships spread all over the nation. The company has its presence in more than 110 cities all over the globe.

Audi TT Variants

Only a single variant of Audi TT is available in India. It is available in four colours and can be transformed as per the personal preference with Audi standard accessories. The exteriors include body coloured bumpers, alloy wheels and LED headlights. The interiors are also incorporated with an Audi baby seat at the rear.

Audi TT Pricing

New Audi TT price in India justifies the class to which it belongs. The vehicle starts at Rs. 46 lacs and might exclude additional charges and taxes levied by individual states of India.

Audi TT Review and Awards

The car has been around the circuit for some time now and has won worldwide accolade. In year 2007, it was among the finalist of 'World Car of the Year' nominations and won 'World Design Car of the Year' award. Earlier in 2006, it was awarded as 'Coupé of the Year' by TopGear magazine. In the same year, Fifth Gear also awarded it 'Car of the Year Award'.

Audi TT Used Car Market

One has to wait for a while before Audi decides to make a formal entry in the used car market in India. In absence of any kind of program dealing with sales, exchange or purchase of pre-owned Audi cars, one has to rely on local dealers or online vendors.

Audi TT Specifications

The all wheel drive Audi TT India comes with a 3.2 litre petrol engine. Company's revolutionary six speed S tronic transmission makes gear shifting effortless. The powerful engine is capable of taking this nearly 1.8 tonne vehicle to 100 kmph speed mark in less than 6 seconds. Moreover, the coupé has an exceptional fuel economy of 10.36 kmpl.

Criteria Remarks
Engine Type Six Cylinder Spark Ignition Petrol Engine, Dynamic Overhead Cam
Valve per Cylinder 4
Displacement (cc) 3189
Fuel Petrol, recommended use of SuperPlus unleaded (98 RON) or SuperPlus unleaded (95 RON)
Max. Output (hp)/rpm 247 hp / 6300 rpm
Torque (Nm) 320 Nm / 2500- 3000 rpm
Transmission Type 6 speed S tronic
Type of Drive Quattro Permanent All Wheel Drive

Audi TT Exteriors

The coupé has a streamlined aerodynamic design and looks very compact from outside. The exteriors might be deceptive, as the interiors are very comfortable and spacious.

Exterior Appearance

The lightweight aluminium structure of Audi TT has been designed to include artistic elements, aerodynamic agility as well as safety features that compare well with upper segment sedan. The profile includes a streamlined roof with a large rear window joining the boot elegantly in a continuous stroke. Ten spoke star design alloy wheels are beautifully crafted and complement the sporty design of car. LED headlights at the front are company’s greatest innovation that outperform their mere functionality and appear more of a designing feature.

The front grille with logo designing brings in an Audi family feeling. Integrated rear view mirror appears to be protruding outwards, when seen from front of the car. Body coloured bumpers and chrome exhaust tailpipe are other distinct features that add to the appeal of car.

Exterior Dimensions

All Dimensions in mm
Audi TT
Length 4178
Width 1842
Height 1352
Wheelbase 2468
Front Overhang 902
Rear Overhang 808

Audi TT Interiors

Like all other Audis, new Audi TT in India is seen as a rare mix of high end luxury and state of the art technologies involved in improving driving experience. The interiors are lined with an array of advanced gadgets and accessories for comfort and convenience of the occupants.

Interior Appearance

Dual tone leather seats with characteristic Audi sporty stitching gives the cabin an exceptional visual appeal. Large leather wrapped steering wheel with multifunctional controls gets attention as one enters the cabin of new Audi TT. It has a very stylish dashboard that comes equipped with an LCD display. The large rear window reaches cover a major portion of the roof which slats and merges into the boot. The paddles have shining silver finish justifying the sporty looks. Chrome accents are visible in the lining of AC vents, steering wheel and door handles.

Interior Comfort

Large dual tone leather seats with head restraints, armrests and electric controls are as luxurious as any upper segment sedan. The seats can be adjusted in terms of seating angle and depth. The settings can be stored in its memory function, in case two or more people are frequently using the Audi TT car. An effective air conditioner with intelligent temperature controls keeps the interiors at a decent temperature in all weathers. Electric outside rear view mirrors, power steering and power windows add to the driving convenience.

The three spoke steering wheel comes with paddle shift and audio controls. Quattro permanent four wheel drive and magnetic ride are designed especially to give effortless control and stable ride. For added convenience, audio visual front and rear parking aids are included in the cabin. These provide information of the area behind the vehicle in the MMI display via camera concealed in the tailgate handle.

Interior Dimensions

Vehicle might not give a hint of interior space when seen from outside. The cabin of New Audi TT in India has 2+2 seating design, with obvious restrictions at the rear seats. It should essentially be considered as a two seater if comfort is a focus. The vehicle has 990 mm of headroom at the front while its only 829 mm at the rear seats.

Audi TT Fuel Economy

The fuel economy of 3.2 litre engine of Audi TT is very impressive considering its higher power and torque performance. It takes only a litre of petrol for covering 10.36 kilometres. Company recommends usage of SuperPlus unleaded (98 RON) petrol. If the fuel type is not available, one can use SuperPlus unleaded (95 RON) which has a lower octane number and might make an impact on the engine performance. A fuel tank capacity of 60 litres makes long tours possible with lesser number of stoppages for refuelling.

Audi TT On Road Drive

Driving an Audi TT on busy Indian roads might be a challenge. The vehicle is bit too fast for lanes and has a distinct engine sound which attracts far more attention of onlookers than needed. The sporty feel of the car has been kept alive by effective tuning of the 3.2 litre engine with acceptable NVH characteristics. One does get a feel of power as the accelerator is pressed. It might be possible to drive it in lower gears though one is not satisfied till the tachometer shows a complete swing of its needle.

One must say that it can show its real class only on highways where it is possible to accelerate the vehicle above 100 kmph marks. Its suspensions continue their work without getting any notice and one does not lose the feel of roads even at highest speeds. A remarkable all wheel drive is controlled by company's revolutionary Quattro control systems that keep the tyres on track in all kinds of weather. Cornering is simplified by compact dynamics and effective power steering. The vehicle is simply class apart and proves to be a dream machine for most of the car enthusiasts.

Audi TT Power

New Audi TT cars come with a 3.2 litre six cylinder spark ignition petrol engine with dynamic overhead cam. The engine produces 247 hp of power at 6300 rpm while a torque of 320 Nm between 2500 and 3000 rpm could be easily achieved with it. This power seems a little too much for a small coupé; however, all gets settled when one gets to know that it can weigh up to 1430 kg without passengers and cargo. A number of technologies help in making maximum use of engine power via transmission while keeping the emission levels at control.

Audi TT Acceleration

Luxury and comfort can be considered as the main attractions of this vehicle; however one can not ignore the sporty nature of this vehicle. Audi TT car is designed for speed and outperforms a lot of vehicles that pose as a sports car. One can easily accelerate to a 100 kmph mark within 5.7 seconds. The vehicle with a six speed S tronic transmission has a top speed of 250 kmph. Its interiors remain surprisingly calm even at higher revs and provide a decent insulation from outside environment.

Audi TT Safety & Security

The car comes with advanced safety and security systems. The chassis itself is designed with safety features reducing the impact inside the cabin. This design has crumple zones which absorb and deviate most of the energy of impacts in case the vehicle collides. To prevent skidding in all kinds of weather, new Audi TT cars include ABS (anti lock braking system) with EBD (electronic brake force distribution). The steering wheel comes with a collapsible column. Air bags and seat belts are also included for worst case scenarios.

The LED lights are an important inclusion in the inventory which can be considered as a safety feature due to its inherent qualities. These lights adjust the light cone depending on vehicle speed. For instance, at higher speeds, the sensors gradually increase the light throw by narrowing its cone and increasing the intensity.

Audi TT Comfort & Convenience

The comfort level inside the car is kept to highest point by using advanced technology. Company has core competency in redefining levels of luxury with its every vehicle meeting the high class standards. Sporty leather seats are offered as a standard in Audi TT cars. All modern amenities like audio system, power windows, automatic climate control, electrically operated outside rear view mirrors and remote tail lid openers are included as standard feature.

The comfort at the driving seat gets enhanced with its electric height and angle adjustments. Similar adjustments can also be made in the steering wheel which has several functions for control of audio system and other facilities in the cabin. Paddle shift is another facility which adds to the sporty feel of the car.

Audi TT Wheels & Suspension

New Audi TT comes with its acclaimed 4 wheel drive control system, Quattro, which allows better traction at all speeds. This is ensured via its sensors and processing system which diverts torque intelligently in right proportions to the preferred wheel. The technology does not allow wheels to rotate at high revs without getting grip of the ground. A description of wheels and suspensions is given below:

Criteria Specifications
New Audi TT in India
Tyre Size 245/40 R18
Wheels Light weight forged Aluminium, 9Jx18
Front Suspension Audi Magnetic Ride
Rear Suspension

Audi TT Stereo & Accessories

The Audi TT Car comes with a BOSE Sound System as a standard feature. This system has been especially re-designed as per space constraints and acoustic environment in the vehicle. It offers excellent sound fidelity with improved crystality and bass at seats. The audio controls are available at the steering wheel as well as at the MIM display. The player has universal connectivity and can be easily tuned via its user friendly controls.

The surround sound system with 8-channel amplifier and 13 speakers creates an unmatched ambiance in the cabin. These speakers are optimally placed in the dashboard, side doors and rear and tune in with the interior design easily.

Audi TT Dealers

Audi with its exclusive market focus does not require an extensive dealership network around India. It has carefully and cleverly selected the prime locations which make a positive impact on sales and provides unmatched service support in these areas. So far, the company has included 13 states in the country with all major metropolitans in its dealership network.

City Dealers
Bangalore Audi Bangalore, Beratana Agrahara
Chennai Audi Chennai, Anna Salai
Delhi Audi Delhi, Mathura Road
Kolkata Audi Kolkata, A.J.C. Bose Road
Mumbai Audi Mumbai, New Link Road

These dealerships are also a part of “Audi Top Assist” programme that is available on 95% of main routes in India. An Audi TT Car user can make calls on toll free numbers of Audi to avail its emergency road side assistance services at any time, all round the year. Besides being under warranty, these services can be availed without additional costs.

These services comprehensively cover every aspect of customer needs in case of an emergency. For instance, a free of cost taxi is provided for up to 48 hours in case the vehicle is rendered unusable for a prolonged period. The transportation of luggage is also provided. Vehicle safeguarding till it reaches the owner is ascertained by the company in such scenarios.

Audi TT Company Quotes

Mr. Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India, commenting on sales pattern of the cars in an interview with Business Line said, “What is surprising is that a good number of sports cars — R8 and Audi TT (the latter with over 60-70 bookings) – are being purchased by women in India. That shows women too love to drive luxury cars, particularly sporty ones. The Indian automotive business is showing some signs of correction due to various factors, including higher interest rates. But this does not deter us, as we feel that we will be able to replicate last year's record growth this year too, as we launch some more models in to the country.”

Audi TT Competitor Analysis

Mercedes Benz SLK Class appears to be the closest competitor of Audi TT. The SLK Class comes with a 3.5 litre petrol engine as compared to 3 litre engine of Audi TT. On comparing power and torque ratings of Audi TT and Benz SLK Class, one gets to know the obvious advantages of a bigger engine. Mercedes coupé receives 306 hp at 6500 rpm while the peak torque reaches 370 Nm at 3500 rpm. However, this high revving engine of coupé has to carry nearly 110 kg of extra kerb weight as compared to Audi TT car. Hence, both vehicles are neck and neck when it comes to speed and acceleration.

When it comes to driving experience, only those can tell a difference of driving who have driven both cars. While Mercedes seems a little too smooth on roads, the Audi retains a firm grip in all kinds of road surfaces. Moreover, the steering of Mercedes appears to rotate a little too much in comparison to Audi's perfectly balanced and calibrated steering system. However, all these features can be observed only on minute observation and people might not find any issue as they get used to their particular vehicle. This again substantiates the point that an Audi fan will always prefer an Audi over any other vehicle of the world.

Mercedes seems to have captured imagination of people with designing of roof that has variable transparency feature. Moreover, it is a convertible adding another aspect of driving comfort.

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