I have CBZ X bike 14 month old, it is giving the milage of

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I have CBZ X bike 14 month old, it is giving the milage of 40 km/l. Can any one suggest how to increase it?

1863 day(s) ago by Rajat
Under: Hero Honda CBZ #Cars
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Dear 40-45 is optimum milage from CBZ,if technicaly u want to increase the milage,it can be done thorugh carburetor.but i would suggest you dont tamper with its orignal settings. yes you can get bit more milage if you drive on optimum speed.i have also cbz 2000 model,and i never got more than 40-45 milage as its 158cc,12 bhp..

Posted: 1863 day(s) ago

The mileage can be improved slightly by overhauling carcurator and getting the vehicle serviced completely.

Posted: 1862 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
Hi,After 7000Km you will get milage(the average milage is maximum 45 KM only) please check & test with your service technician with one liter petrol.

Posted: 1861 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
yes u can increase mileage on u r bike for sure and it is guranteed. u have to call this guy his name is anand 9221008021.i had done my bike modfication from him to and there are 4 to 5 people more u can come down and speak to them personally.first usually i used to get 35 to 38 but after this modfication it increase to 55 the guy told if the engeine was in more good condition it might me more great mileage in my bike.and neither i am fake and spam suggestion.just call this guy u will not regret it and u will see result

Posted: 1861 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
go on for k&n filter..slight improve in mileage

Posted: 1861 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
hi, you need to have a economy ride ,ie; 60 speed below....

Posted: 1859 day(s) ago

Hero Honda
yeah i agree with above suggestions cbzx range is 40-45 and in some special cases a slightly more than that, if u are really concern about mileage then after some services it automatically increases to some extent, and by improving ur driving skills u can cross the 45 kmpl , that means maintain constant speed, avoid more breaking ,use the clutch precisely , maintain the chain tension to optimum level ,check whether wheels are running freely,

Posted: 1856 day(s) ago

Amarjit Singh
Sir, I have Hero Honda CBZ 2003 Model. Its average is 36 KM per litre. When I bought it its average was 48 km per litre. After servicing the carburator it becames to 36 Km per litre. Kindly suggest me any alternate to excess its average.

Thanking You

Posted: 1296 day(s) ago

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