i want to buy a car between scorpio and innova. which is

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i want to buy a car between scorpio and innova. which is better and why. its urgent.owners do repli too.
2385 day(s) ago by Abhishek
Under: Toyota Innova #Cars
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A toyota is any day better than a mahindra. But the price at which you can get a base version of Mahindra is very less than the base model of Innova. Innova is a bit more spacious and gives a sedan feel from the inside. The third row seating is quite comfortable than the scorpio. On the other hand Scorpio's off road performance is far better than the Innova. The body roll of Scorpio would be a bit of a concern at high speed. If price is not an issue, pick the innova.

Posted: 2385 day(s) ago

Wagon R
Go for the innova. It is a far more comfortble vehicle to drive. Scorpio is an extremely bumpy drive becoz of the rear leaf spring suspension. Also technology wise Toyota is far far superior.

Posted: 2385 day(s) ago

Hi. We have an Innova. Its a 2.5 litre diesel snd almost new. It is a comfortable and a very adaptable vehicle which can be used for family outings or shopping and its a good load carrier. Specially built for the Indian roads the Innova can manage even the worsed country roads without damage but it is not a 4 x 4 and should not be considered as such.
Technology great - excellent air-conditioning - has good music system also with upto 8 speakers. Buy the Innova over the Scorpio - its like a car to drive - but you sit higher and there is a very good field of vision. Also has good safety with airbags etc.

Posted: 2384 day(s) ago

Hi Arvind,
No doubt Innova is technically strong compared to Scorpio VLX, but if u see the performance of later it is still in the race. Maintenance of Innova will be much higher than VLX after 3+ yrs.
My suggestion Go for VLX

Posted: 2381 day(s) ago

toyota innova is better than scorpio iam having atoyota innova it is really good it is comfortable and spacious and has luxuries feautures i suggest you to buy an innova.

Posted: 2366 day(s) ago

innova is the best . u can compare an innova to a scorpio . scorpio is just a mahindra pickup with ac just like a goods carrier.innova is a proper MUV.

Posted: 2366 day(s) ago

Innova is a better selection than Scorpio provided cost is not a constraint.

Posted: 2360 day(s) ago

Saran Royal Sathiyamangalam
Scorpio can buyn in 4 lakhs in good condition but not possible in Innova,nd Scorpio gives good ground clearance so ease to ride on rural roads ,and Innova looks too simple nd less heightened car so its not giving terror look.......may scorpio for youngsters and Innova for always long riders

Posted: 772 day(s) ago

No no noway the scorpio is very good car that compare to innova, enen the power of engine wise the scorpio is better than innova the scorpio can earn in same power in any situation on road, but the people where like innova it is only a executive car and not bad in performance , I have innova g2 and vlx scorpio plz drive and make your suggestion the main thin in any small accident situation the scorpio can resist but innovq no way it will break full body cover, scorpio is half executive and also a war car , great mahandra thanks

Posted: 737 day(s) ago

Yap same to you hanis scorpio is better in engine power and also drive comfortable

Posted: 737 day(s) ago

Abdul Kalam
I think innova is the best car
I salute toyota company

Posted: 422 day(s) ago

Bipin Raj
Salute Toyota company? .. for selling old generation, less equipped vehicles at a much higher price. Are you aware about the safety & luxury features available in top model Innova costing ~18L.

Posted: 421 day(s) ago

Innova is better given the comfort and maintenance cost. Toyota is reliable. But if you want fun driving off road and are going to drive rough - go for scorpio. In off road condition Innova is a car but scorpio is a jeep.

Posted: 259 day(s) ago

Rizwan Khan
i am confused which vehicle to bay i was using scorpio can any one sujjest me pls

Posted: 169 day(s) ago

No friend scorpio is best ruf&tuff car pick up is best but for comfort unova is best but for race scorpio best than inova i want to say that inova is taxi car.

Posted: 22 day(s) ago

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