how can i increase my bullet 350 mileage now it is on 24kmpl

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how can i increase my bullet 350 mileage,now it is on 24kmpl
1593 day(s) ago by Sandeep
Under: Royal Enfield Std #Bikes
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see u can sell that bike and go for atlas cycle

Posted: 1593 day(s) ago

Srikanth Y
Royal Enfield
Dear Sandeep,

The mileage depends on a lot of factors and it would be very difficult to answer your question without knowing anything about your bike or the way you use it.

Some petrol bunks pilfer petrol and this can also reflect in poor average. Include more details in your question.

Posted: 1593 day(s) ago

Nilesh Tiwari
Hati pala he, Bakri Nahi, jo char pule me pet Bhar le,
jindadil bano, powerbike ko Aanand free me nahi milta. i am also a Royalinfield pride owner, my army officer son rids it bindas with its attached sidecar.

Posted: 1593 day(s) ago

Aas mentioned above, the present condition ,years of usage are to be considered for the mileage you are getting.Getting repairs done as per schedule and maintaining in best condition would help for getting best of mileage.

Posted: 1593 day(s) ago

Wagon R
If you have an elephant, it will eat also like one. You should not expect it to eat like a goat. Some people in the earlier days used to replace the Amal monoblock carb with a Mikuni carb which used to increase the mileage but power was also down by half. If that is OK with you, you can also do the same.

Posted: 1593 day(s) ago

the people answering above are nothing else a elephant whose brain are very valuable bcs its fully unused.........for increasing mileage you select a proper technician and fill the carborator of has done earlier and tested....

Posted: 1593 day(s) ago

HI friend.

If you have an elephant, it will eat also like one. You should not expect it to eat like a goat. Some people in the earlier days used to replace the Amal monoblock carb with a Mikuni carb which used to increase the mileage but power was also down by half. If that is OK with you, you can also do the same.


Posted: 1592 day(s) ago

normally condition bike gives 30/32 but there is a many more reason some of them
1.. over trafic
2.. over flow
3..cluch week chain /sprokit week
5.. less fillup in petrol pump
6.. no maintaince smoke
8.. not proper drive
9.. battery not suport / week
10..poor brakes
so my advice go to a mech, and ask him problem and rectyfy. enjoy bullet never think for sale....thanks

Posted: 1591 day(s) ago

Faiz Khan
my bullet gives 45 kmpl average .

Posted: 1137 day(s) ago

haaaathi paaaala hai to gannne ke kharchhe to uthaaane hi padenge....................................

Posted: 1072 day(s) ago

mine gives 55

Posted: 1059 day(s) ago

my bullet gives 35 mileage only

Posted: 1042 day(s) ago

Chennai Sikh Youth
Tuning in the carborator is one of the major Factor that effects the Mileage of the bike. check if the smoke comming out of the bike is visible (Blue color), you can do so by putting a light source behind the silencer out. Right adjustment of the carborator is important.
See the Spoket of the bike, it should not be worn out too much other wise change it, get a new chain too.
Next, see the Spark plug, I should not have a lot of carbon deposited on that, I meant it should not be too black, if that is the case the petrol air mixture is not correct. Check with a good mechanic to see that if you need the replacement of the Piston rings.
Golden Rule:
1. Never lend your Bullet to anyone, People accelerate it thinking it to be a normal bike, giving pickup, brings down the mielage. Ride it smooth with a slow start. It will give you a milage between 30 - 35 Km/l.

Good Luck

Posted: 1037 day(s) ago

Chennai Sikh Youth: thats absolutely correct

Posted: 1022 day(s) ago

obama are u sure u have a bull..

Posted: 931 day(s) ago

i think obama have an MIT and he had put an sticker on it 'ROYAL ENFIELD' which gives him 55....LOL

Posted: 799 day(s) ago

1.put shell engine oil
2. do not lend your bullet to others because the riding and the gear shifting done by you will differ from the person who is riding other than you
3. do not go beyond the speed of 45
4. clean your silencer,carburetor and air filter for every oil change
5. have a moderate slow speed in such a way that only the the beat is audible clearly
6.check the air of the tyres and the chain!!
my bullet gives me constant 45kmpl :)

Posted: 777 day(s) ago

1)change carburater ani set point perfectlya ok
2) check air pressure in tyre
3) use 50 number oil for engine
4) sate chain length
5) silencer simple use (kam shore karanevali)use karo

me yahi rule apanata hu our meri 1961 model royal enfiel 45-48 tak average deti he

Posted: 722 day(s) ago

Manoj Bahire
My bullet 35 average only

Posted: 692 day(s) ago

anyone using amal carb and inform what is avg

Posted: 686 day(s) ago

My bullet given 42 in local and in long 45. I was Change engine oil for each 4000 kms and that time cleaned my carburetor, air filter. Not running above 60 km speed.

Posted: 686 day(s) ago

Guy can you please help me my 1970 bull give a average of 27.i want to know how to tune the mikuni caburator

Posted: 656 day(s) ago

Sorry its mikcarb

Posted: 656 day(s) ago

Nilay Rohit
my new electra bullet 350 is runed 900 km (in 20 to 25 days) and it give me only 22 kmpl average. so how can i improve millege.

Posted: 600 day(s) ago

Nilay Rohit
people say me after some time it will give proper millege between 35 to 40. it is true...??

Posted: 600 day(s) ago

Himanshu Goel
my bullet gives a acg of 20......can some one tell how to improve it in an easy way

Posted: 564 day(s) ago

my bullet is new which is also gives only 30 mileage............pls tell how ur bikes are giving 40-45..............

Posted: 517 day(s) ago

Nikhil Kumar
hi....... i have an bullet electra 350 n daily i use to travel 40 kms a day (home to college n then again home). its full an highway in ma travelling path i just drive approx 50 - 55 kmph . i maintained my bike very well. for every 3000 kms i get to change the engine oil. i am doing this from past 4 months n i also use to clean up air filter , carburator n silencer what will be the mileage of my bull ........

Posted: 496 day(s) ago

add petrol & diesel equal quantity. it gives more milage.

Posted: 457 day(s) ago

Anuj Choudhary
BHAIYO MERE WALI TO 110KM/Lit dereee h

Posted: 357 day(s) ago

Electra 350 (2yrs old): Mine gives around 47kmpl if its driven at sub 60kmph (with minimum change in throttle) but comes down to 30 and below if driven @ 90-100kmph. I drive 40+Km every day. Bottom-line: Drive peacefully & maintain it well to get the best out of your bull.

Posted: 319 day(s) ago


Posted: 302 day(s) ago

Nachiketa Pareek
i hv runned myclassic 350 around 1900 kms in 1 months and on highway i got an amazing milage of 70 by riding on 50 kmph and while in the city traffic it gives only 30 kmpl

Posted: 242 day(s) ago

calculating average of bullet doesnt mean that sumone wants it gain more outta litres,its just tht u've to knw wht is exactly happening to the engine.this a symptom to diagnose prior problems....N most importantly,its a 350cc bike doesnt mean its a sportsbike.

Posted: 241 day(s) ago

Yash Mahajan
change carburetter of your bike you can use the carburetter of rajdut,

Posted: 196 day(s) ago

firstly never give bullet to everyone .......people increase the speed and acceleration to enormous levels .....check the courbretor tune it and ride it smoothly with royality bullet gives ..45kmpl

Posted: 173 day(s) ago

anyone using amal carb and inform what is avg

Posted: 17 day(s) ago

new bullet, Punjab silencer, large dug dug sound, people feel the thump when I ride it. you are driving a bull man don't think of the mileage. Let the heads just turn when u pass. maintain it nicely and it can give you the feel of heaven.

Posted: 2 day(s) ago

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