I want to learn how to drive a scooty is there any driving

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I want to learn how to drive a scooty, is there any driving school in Delhi who fulfill my requirement.
1685 day(s) ago by Beena Sharma
Under: TVS Motor Scooty #Miscellaneous
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Best thing to do would be to take half an hour ride with any scooter of your friends/relatives.

Posted: 1684 day(s) ago

It is always easier to learn driveing/riding a 2 wheeler if you can ride a cycle, as Balance is a prerequisite. Once you know how to balance and turn and control your body weight (using a cycle), learning how to drive a Scooty will be fun and easy. Though it may be possible to try the Scooty right away I would suggest the above or the advice or Mr Shankar would be best.And no I have not heard of a driving school for 2 wheeler's as yet.

Posted: 1684 day(s) ago

Maruti Suzuki
Thanks both of you, but I am not satisfied with the answer. Any of my friend do not have scooty or scooter and I don't know how to ride cycle .... but I am a good rider of 4 wheeler. So, anybody else here to help me.


Posted: 1682 day(s) ago

As you are not aware of cycling also, It is recommended to learn cycling first.It can be learnt without anybody help.Later it wont be difficult for riding scooter.

Posted: 1682 day(s) ago

S Joshi
CR - V
Hello Binaji,

If u know the 4 wheeler driving then it will help in controlling balance only difference is there it is stirring in 2 wheeler it is handle, so try as Shiva said, buy a second hand scooty take out on a spacious road without traffic or pref playground and ride with the help of either husband (if married ) or your sister/brother for about a week/fortnight daily for about half an hour and definitely u will learn scooty driving so easy. dont be afraid but little cautious while negotiating a turn. Happy learning.

Posted: 1681 day(s) ago

hey i hv da same prob v bought activa b4 2days....in 2days i learnt hw to gve race,break etc. Bt i dun knw cycling dats only da prob i m facing is of balnce i drive activa state only fr a fw secnds bt aftr dat itz handle turns itslf at ryt or left...bt i thnk aftr few days f practice may b i b able to drive dat

Posted: 1057 day(s) ago

hey i dont know how to balance the two wheeler and i dont know chycling also pls help me

Posted: 1022 day(s) ago

My problem is also same. I can't ride cycle and I want to learn scooty. Is it possible. Plese tell

Posted: 787 day(s) ago

hello..even I havent learn cycling then to i learnt to drive my Hero Pleasure in 4 mths... U jst need a good person who cn spnd his time to teach u to drive a scooty,

Posted: 783 day(s) ago

practice more in traffic than on plain ground

Posted: 783 day(s) ago

I think u can watch or you need someone to help you . I am 10 years old and I am also driving activa.

Posted: 714 day(s) ago

I,too have no knowledge of riding a bicycle and i'm learning to drive a 2-wheeler.The biggest problem is of balancing yourself-with our Access 125 it is difficult to maintain balance..I'd therefore recommend a lighter,scooter that would be easier to handle/balance so you don't have to worry about Both balance and weight issues while learning.

Posted: 675 day(s) ago

I want to drive scooty but i dont know cycling..I am 25 years old.. ..plz help me and I want to know...how many days will take to learn scooty without knowing cycling

Posted: 647 day(s) ago

i also dont knew cycling but i have learn to ride activa within 1 month. i can balance easily.... : )

Posted: 644 day(s) ago

100% it is possible to learn scooty without learning cycle.only first two days it will take for judgement.masculine featured scooty maestro I successfully drove on my third day.


Posted: 603 day(s) ago

I never ever touched a bicycle. Somehow recently i started feeling the need to learn to ride a scooty for more convinience. I geared up the courage, bought a scooty and started learning. Its been two weeks now, and I am proud to say I am doing pretty well. I can balance it,can control the break and accelerator. All you need is dedication and patience. Practise everyday.Trust me, if I can you can too.

Posted: 559 day(s) ago

I can't ride cycle and I want to learn scooty. Is it possible. Plese tell

Posted: 559 day(s) ago

you can learn scooty in delhi, in (APEX DRIVING SCHOOL). CALL 9811135750

Posted: 557 day(s) ago

hello.. i am 22 yrs old .. i dont have a cycle balance but i want to learn drive 2 wheeler.. is it possible for me..what should i do??

Posted: 552 day(s) ago

After 15 days of practise (1 hour per day) I can easily balance a scooty, I am riding a pleasure, and after a day or two moe, I will be riding it on the road. And I dont know anything of Cycling. So stop thinking and start learning. If you go to collect opinions they will only make you all the more confused and shaky. When I decided to learn a scooty, 99% people around me demotivated saying its IMPOSSIBLE. And here I am today making it I M POSSIBLE

Posted: 550 day(s) ago

We provide scooty training for LADIES by PMTS certified LADIES Trainer only. You will ride your scooty perfectly with proper road daring.

Main Features:

* First Certified Lady trainer in Navi Mumbai.

* Lady Trainer with 5 years of experience.

* No Need to know cycle riding

* Special on Road training for road daring

* RTO consulting for Driving License and other RTO work

Call on 098207 64062 for more details

Posted: 544 day(s) ago

Infact I never ride bicycle..I bought . Scooty few days back..I never knew how to balance.. But since the I bought I have started practices in my colony ..itself now i ride it wel

Posted: 543 day(s) ago

I know cycling, and two year back i brought a TVS Wego. It becomes so easy to ride a scooty if you know cycling. I ride my scooty very confidently and safely on the roads of South Mumbai. I will suggest to all the learners to plz practice you balance on cycle and then you can easily ride two wheeler!!! All the best!!

Posted: 531 day(s) ago

Hi bala ji and i don't no how to ride scooty but i want to lorn it actually there is no conveny to lorn to scooty if any budy ther to bala ji please help me

Posted: 525 day(s) ago

hi asmita mam do you know anyone in thane who teaches to ride scooty without activa .

Posted: 452 day(s) ago

Dileep Paroor
We provide Activa and car training around Pune (Maharashtra) Area. We teach perfect Driving in Your own Car / Bike at your convenient Time at your door step.
Call on 09995111551 for more Details.

Posted: 360 day(s) ago

any driving school in coimbatore veerapandi pirivu for women..plz..

Posted: 328 day(s) ago

plz. My Height is 4ft 10inch But No Cycale . i am 26 yrs old Ladies .. i dont have a cycle balance but i want to learn drive 2 wheeler.. is it possible for me..what should i do??

Posted: 313 day(s) ago

Hello I Have No Knowledge of Cycle Raiding but two wheeler Practis 15day but not balanceing for twowheeler

Posted: 295 day(s) ago

i dont know cycling but want to learn scooty i am 17 yrs old i an tall my height is 5.6 can i drive a scooty is it possible.................................

Posted: 292 day(s) ago

Learn to Drive from Professional & Well Qualified Instructors,
No:289, 1/1, Galle Road, Colombo - 06.
Tel: 0112505672

Posted: 275 day(s) ago

I want to learn scooty driving but I dont know cycling .Is there any driving school in Noida or Ghaziabad ?

Posted: 215 day(s) ago

I am also interested to learn scooty, Please suggest me any training centre in Noida and Ghaziabad, Meenakshi. My email id is meenakshimalhotra24@yahoo.co.in

Posted: 210 day(s) ago

i will surly obey my elders advice for safety driving.

Posted: 196 day(s) ago

Yes, it's possible to learn scooter riding even if you have never ridden a bicycle ever. I did it in six days!!

Posted: 196 day(s) ago

I have learned two wheeler riding last 15 years back.now i forget to ride. how can i start learning two wheeler riding,.

Posted: 189 day(s) ago

I do not know to ride bycycle, if still it is possible to learn bike riding then could you please provide any details of good training school in south Kolkata.

Posted: 181 day(s) ago

Hii... if anyone is intrested for learning 2 wheeler i mean scooty or activa... you can contact ms. Manju, havng 5 yrs exp in 2 wheeler training.. mobile no -8747099902 (bangalore)

Posted: 181 day(s) ago

Hi Zoya,
In Bangalore which area you are teaching

Posted: 161 day(s) ago


Posted: 148 day(s) ago


Posted: 148 day(s) ago

Hii I know little basic of it and want to learn in full fledge so plz send me a no of any one near santacruz for learning activa kindly rep

Posted: 118 day(s) ago

I also never cycling but now i wan to learn scooty nd also practising frm last 4 days but still i m unable to control my scooty properly...maximum time it get down......plz any1 suggest me...how can i learn scooty properly.

Posted: 113 day(s) ago

Hi anyone who trained at Mira road or Bhayainder, Mumbai

Posted: 111 day(s) ago

Can anyone suggest me please a place to learn to drive scooty in Delhi? I'll be glad. Thank you!

Posted: 81 day(s) ago

How to drive ladies two wheeler? Please tips.

Posted: 79 day(s) ago

If anyone interested in learning scooty/ bike, in noida, delhi, dehradun kindly contact 9557736311. The training would aim to provide you a rigrous training even in the most populated area's in the city.

Posted: 68 day(s) ago

i want to learn sccoty and bike in odisha

Posted: 42 day(s) ago

I AM FROM SAMBALPUR,ODISHA . WHO CAN HELP ME. MY FACEBOOK ID IS NARANJAN SETH... email me at my gmail account...rupakseth@gmail.com

Posted: 42 day(s) ago

I too don't know how ride a bicycle but I want to learn scooty activa I m practising it from 2days bt I'm unable to manage the balance....I want to learn fast plzzz give me any sug

Posted: 42 day(s) ago

I know to ride paddle cycle very well but not have idea of riding bike and scooter. Now i want to ride scooty. Aany bode can help me? the procedure and functionaries. i am from Ranchi. Anybody from Ranchi can trained me to ride?

Posted: 40 day(s) ago

Kunal Sehgal
Hellp guys, am 17 yr old. I think i m the only boy who don't know scooty. Due to some family issues, i never able to learn neither cycle nor scooty. But from yesterday my father

Posted: 36 day(s) ago

Kunal Sehgal
started giving me scooty lessons. At first day i didn't learnt much but from today, i feel that now i am able to control the turning of scooty handle. I learnt that while running s

Posted: 36 day(s) ago

Kunal Sehgal
scooty. Give ur all the weight on scooty and not on the handle and just freely hold the handle. Do not put weight on handle or grip tight. Just smoothly do it.

Posted: 36 day(s) ago

Arockia. Raj
Hello.Sr. My name is.Arockia raj
I am a car driver I teach car. My experience.18.yearThank you

Posted: 33 day(s) ago

Arockia. Raj
Hello.Sr.My name is.Arockia raj
I am a car driver. I teach car My experience.18.years
ThankThank you

Posted: 33 day(s) ago

hii kunak may i know ur email id

Posted: 30 day(s) ago

hii kunal may i know ur email to know more about it

Posted: 30 day(s) ago

Hello, this is varsha,
I am learning scooty from one month,
still i m good in driving,but not very good

especially i have no experience in bicycle also
i can drive in traffic also bt now my problem is jst i cant balance the scooty properly
jst i dnt to knw wht cn i do for this,still i m confused for how to maintain breaks,hw to maintain balance
feeling very frustrated some times,
and feeling very tension and fear while driving

please suggest me how to solve this.

Thank you!!

Posted: 29 day(s) ago

donot put weight on handle . just freely hold it

Posted: 29 day(s) ago

Ansar Bantwal
I dont knw bicycle. But i can take jupitor on the road. But its difficult to how to turn the jupiter

Posted: 25 day(s) ago

Ansar Bantwal
I dont knw bicycle. But i can take jupitor on the road. But its difficult to how to turn the jupiter

Posted: 25 day(s) ago

Haiiii . I know to rid cycle but I afraid of falling from scooty while learning

Posted: 23 day(s) ago

Sutirtha Roychowdhury
I took a honda activa 125 dlx a month ago without knwing cycling bt at 1 st u should try to balance without starting ur scooter then slowly u should start and try to get ur legs up then practice reguarly now i can drive ya bt turning is a bit difficult to try to learn in roads which r straight bt at 1 st turn with ur legs then try to take them up it will take time bt we all can learn and show tht is nt a big deal to ride a activa even i fell 3-4 times got cut in legs and hands bt its all worth when u drive alone or with ur loved one .i hope sharing this may help you all.

Posted: 15 day(s) ago

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