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How much large CNG tank can be fitted in WagonR and Hyundai Accent? I mean the largest tank. I do not care about the loss of boot space. Will it be single or need to have two tanks? What other modification need to be done on car, to adjust these tank/tank's. Pls answer in KG.

1223 day(s) ago by Akhilesh
Under: Maruti Wagon R #Miscellaneous
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As a general rule the CNG takn capacity can range from 25 to 35KG max.It wont be advisable to fit cylinder of even higher capacity.

Posted: 1220 day(s) ago

The reason I need large CNG tank:

1. We are only 3 in family (me, wife and 4 yrs kid).
2. I love to drive bike and need car only to take family for long drive once in a month.
If I use small CNG, I will have to use petrol most of the time and it will cost me more. I want to atleast 350KM on CNG, without refuelling.

Thus, can I have two 14-16 kg tank in WagonR and Accent as I do not think, 25 or 35 KG capacity can fit in both cars. The volume I am referring is in the capacity and not the gross weight.

I appreciate your help.

Posted: 1219 day(s) ago

Hrithik Roshan
Abe gadhe, ek tank upar daal phir carrier pe !!!

Posted: 472 day(s) ago

He is going only once in a month and still wants CNG to be fitted for 350 kms. Dude, remove the petrol tank and fit the CNG instead.

Posted: 472 day(s) ago

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