What is the difference between TDI and CRDI in diesel

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What is the difference between TDI and CRDI in diesel engines ? Which is the best ?

2403 day(s) ago by Ramakrishnan
Under:   #Engine-related
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Thanks Mr.B.S.Kumar.

Posted: 2401 day(s) ago

B S Kumar
Neither of them is a technical acronym - just what has become a common usage. TDI simply stands for TurboDiesel which means there is a turbo charger for added power. CRDI means the injection of fuel takes place from a common rail. Common Rail Diesel Injection - has proved to be more efficient than having separate pipes to injectors. You can very well have a CRDI engine with a turbocharger and each has nothing to do with the other.

Posted: 2401 day(s) ago

TDI stands doe Turbo diesel and CRDI for common rail diesel injection.CRDI common railing is provided at fuel injection system so that equal distribution of fuel is achieved.In TDI ,swirl is introduced for better distribution of diesel in combustion chamber.CRDI is more efficient than TDI.

Posted: 2401 day(s) ago

losers, its Turbocharged Direct Injection!

Posted: 925 day(s) ago

M M Baig
what dif between TDI and CRDI so please explain me details

Posted: 912 day(s) ago

M M Baig

Posted: 912 day(s) ago

Manish Rana
tdi stands for turbo direct injection. crdi is for common rail firect injection. TDi is older version of turbo diesel engines while crdi is newer one. better is crdi engine in fuel efficiency and pick up.

Posted: 878 day(s) ago

Manish Rana
don't buy tdi. always opt for crdi engine

Posted: 878 day(s) ago

i'm really sorry to say that u r all passing time and wasting the time of other people who are studing ur answers...i m a automobile engg working M&M...people want this type of answer.......TDI and CRDI engine work on the same principle...having a pressure pump to inject the diesel to the engine cylinder through the injectors..the basic difference is that TDI engines have mechanical elements with some ECU sensors to inject the limited quantity of diesel into the cylinder through the injectors but in CRDI engines have almost all sensors like accelerator pedal sensor,crank position sensor,pressure sensor etc which co-ordinate with each other to do the same thing...it reduces the efficiency and unwanted noise,which is causing by the mechanicla elements used in DCI...that's why logan 1.5 creats noise after some usage and not xylo...9503875511..

Posted: 771 day(s) ago

Praveen might be u r right, but TDI & CRDI engines are not same. Both r different..jayada shanpatti nahi karne kya...........nhi to ek duga kan ke niche rakh ke kya........

Posted: 767 day(s) ago

which one is better whether CRDI or TDI??????????????

Posted: 743 day(s) ago

Turbo charging of air is done by exhaust driven pump & CRDI is different having its own high pressure pump.

Posted: 734 day(s) ago


Posted: 721 day(s) ago

crdi engine is give better efficiency than other and smoke,noise etc. are less compare to non-conventional engine,hence crdi engine is preffered rather than non-conventional engine.

Posted: 711 day(s) ago

Jofin A.t.
CRDI Engine is better than TDI Enging

Posted: 679 day(s) ago

Praveen answer seems right. But it also does not give a clear distinction between TDI, CRDI and Turbo terminology.

Posted: 659 day(s) ago

I think the crdi engines are more powerfill than other engine because thats a common rail fuel injucting method because its a sensor injucting that cause the injucting method.go

Posted: 657 day(s) ago

which engine is easy for mentanence tdi or crs4 or petrol cng in tata indigo ecs

Posted: 653 day(s) ago

crdi complicated, you should know the tips of troubleshooting

Posted: 624 day(s) ago

Praveen has answared the difference between DCI & CRDI engines not between TDI & CRDI engines.

Posted: 624 day(s) ago

sab log gadhe he........CRDI,CRDe,TDi,Multijet sab ek hi technology he. sabhi compnay ke sirf nam hi alag alag he........

Posted: 623 day(s) ago

Jacob Ravi
i think the right meaning for TDI is ( turbocharged diesel intercooler) or (turbocharged direct injection) and CRDI is ( common rail diesel injection.)
TDI ENGINE:it has 2 variants VGT(variable geometric turbo) and (non variable) normal TDI engine has a fixed turbine.
The TDI engine uses direct injection,where a fuel injector sprays atomised fuel directly into the main combustion chamber of each cylinder, rather than the pre-combustion chamber prevalent in older diesels which used indirect injection. The engine also uses forced induction by way of a turbocharger to increase the amount of air which is able to enter the engine cylinders,and most TDI engines also feature an intercooler to lower the temperature (and therefore increase the density) of the 'charged', or compressed air from the turbo, thereby increasing the amount of fuel that can be injected and combusted.
(VGTs) slightly different design to avoid turbo lag causing by low speed, usually designed to allow the effective aspect ratio (A:R) of the turbo to be altered as conditions change. This is done because optimum aspect ratio at low engine speeds is very different from that at high engine speeds. If the aspect ratio is too large, the turbo will fail to create boost at low speeds; if the aspect ratio is too small, the turbo will choke the engine at high speeds, leading to high exhaust manifold pressures, high pumping losses, and ultimately lower power output. By altering the geometry of the turbine housing as the engine accelerates, the turbo's aspect ratio can be maintained at its optimum

A CRDi engine has rails that inject the fuel into the engine, which is designed to handle higher pressure than an ordinary diesel engine ÔÇ"thereby having results in fuller combustion and efficiency. Since the development of the diesel engine almost a century ago, the focus has been on increasing the fuel injection pressure.In CRDi, the high fuel injection pressure is generated by a supply pump storing in a reservoir the fuel under high pressure in a central container (rail) and delivering to the individual injection valves (injectors) on demand.

Posted: 622 day(s) ago

Francisco Moreno L.
Could you tell me what CTI means ? >I found mentionned in peugeot and VW car and in DIESEL JAC MOTOR ENGINE 1.9L CTI .
best regards and thanks in advance

Posted: 615 day(s) ago

Most of these abbreviations are different names for the same thing. All these essentially are common-rail diesel engines, but with minor differences. CRDI - is what Hyundai uses. DDIS - is what Maruti uses for its engines. TDI is what VW calls it. TCDI is what GM calls it. CRDE is what M&M calls it, TDCI is what Ford calls it. Quadrajet/CR4/ are all Tata nomenclature. VW earlier tried a slightly different diesel injection system called PD (pumpe duese) that came on the earlier Skoda Octavia, but these were quite noisy, and to meet EUIV norms, VW also reverted to common-rail technology. Variable geometry turbos (VGT) is used on the Punto 90, Vista 90, SX4, Ertiga etc. Fixed geometry or FGT is on the cars with lower bhp output.

Posted: 615 day(s) ago

Deepak Tiwari
Dear all I am using CR4 engine in my Tata Indigo eCS LX, Recently i faced the problem like poor pickup, black smoke, and knocking sound from engine, when i go to the authorised dealer they said there is problem in one of the injector and the replacement cost is almost 12000-15000 inr. Can anybody suggest me the alternative because my car runned almost 40000 km an it is not judicial to spend 12k-15k on a single injector. PLSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Help me

Posted: 613 day(s) ago

Dear first confirm me first what they have checked,and had confirmed you to check injecter,these symptoms occurs due to many problems in diesel engine,do at service point the stop control test or injecter balance test by diagnostic tool.insist them

Posted: 596 day(s) ago

ulol kayo

Posted: 586 day(s) ago

m crdi k baare m janna chahta hu plz hindi m aaf saaf btaiye ye kya hota h

Posted: 583 day(s) ago

Please tell me which one is expensive CRDI or other Engine's

Posted: 580 day(s) ago

Deepak Tiwari ji please add an additive with diesel that will definately help you...you can buy diesel additive
company name :- wurth
add just 50 ml in full tank

Posted: 563 day(s) ago

Tony sir..saari ramayan suna di aapko mr jacob ne......itna sab likha hain.......bhai CRDI latest technology hain but TDI bhi bekaar nahi hain......CRDI costly padega in comparision to TDI......Baaki use par depend karta hain........Abhi jaise deepak tiwari ji ne bataya ki woh chalaye jaa rhe hain 15000 par injector choke tha fir bhi........bhai acha mechanic dekho....kabhi kabhi basic formulas bhi kaam aa jaate hain.....should start from basic for any type of problem in vehicles....

Posted: 563 day(s) ago

crdi is most efficient than tdi engines .in crdi it's pumping system is totally supported by the help of sensors and has only one injector turbo pipe which pumps the fuel according to the usage but in tdi engine's the fuel injection has various sensors and has many fuel pumping cylinder's but both fuel efficiency is same

Posted: 557 day(s) ago

want the correct answer coz except praveen who has it PARTIALLY correct,everyboby else is in the dark.visit us at www.iae-india.net

Posted: 550 day(s) ago

tdi belongs to a big german manufacturer, whereas crdi belongs to a big south korean manufacturer. they are both turbo charged common rail diesel engines; and both work on the same principles. they are tuned differently, and produced by different companies and thus have different characteristics. i would say latest 1.6 tdi (it is also newer than the latest 1.6 crdi) is better at fuel efficiency and low rev. torque, whereas latest crdi has a lot of power and is good in upper revs. again, subjectively, both are good engines; but i would prefer tdi over crdi, because of the fact that the manufacturer of tdi have better record and more experience in diesel engines.

and i have a ph.d. in automotive engineering.

Posted: 490 day(s) ago

TDI Is Turbo Direct Injection its actually a VAG house brand and still exist even though they are all High Pressure Common Rail driven (up to 22,000 psi) since 2009 and not as high of a pressure on its earlier common rail PD's. Even though they call the newer TDI engine CR they have been using the common rail injection on the PD model. Just about every new diesel engine is running a HPFP ( High Pressure Fuel Pump) now due to its increased efficiency in the combustion process. This leads to a higher output engine at lower emissions but not necessarily greater fuel mileage.

Posted: 488 day(s) ago

I think nobody is technical here, however they are discussing both the technologies, Mr. Jacob Ravi has described it very well. however if anyone from all the people on this forum is not satisfied with the answer provided by Mr. Jacob Ravi and really want to go deep into the technology then please Google it for specific technology and get the knowledge but please don't take it further anymore. Bottom line - CRDI is good and advance technology ruling out in the Automobile market nowadays.
Features of CRDI where TDI lags
1) Silent than TDI
2) swift Acceleration than TDI
3) More Smooth than TDI
4) Better Pick-up than TDI
5) Good for Smaller Engines
6) CRDI Doesn't heat up like TDI

If anyone has some issues on my above comments, please let it be, but don't comment further on this. why don't you Google on this topic and get this confirmed before commenting on my posts?

Posted: 461 day(s) ago

German's TDI engine uses better alloy(titanium and copper) to with stand heat and speed where as korean CRDI engine has poor pick up,more maintenance cost after 30000km's due to all aluminium engine and valves,coolant do not withstand much heat.Quality is poor in korean CRDI engine's

Posted: 388 day(s) ago

Crdi. It makes the diesel engine runs like a gasoline.. buttom line


Posted: 364 day(s) ago

Nitin John
Audi's skoda's VWs, seat, Porsche , land rovers they all use TDI, and is far better than the Korean CRDI.

Posted: 298 day(s) ago

4-5 lach tk ki diesel car konsi leni chahiye

Posted: 220 day(s) ago

can anyone suggest me a good engine oil for indigo CS

Posted: 173 day(s) ago

V Madhusudhan
i am using skoda fabia 1422 cc heavy noise in engine comparatively with quadrajet ,crdi & d tech no doubt germany technology engines are powerful they are suppose to adopt measures taken by korean technicians how they have reduceced noise in their manufacturing diesel engines

Posted: 172 day(s) ago

This is Shailesh. Can any expert tell me that what is the performance & actual milage of Fiat Punto Evo diesel engine.. Actually I am planning to buy Fiat Punto Evo..

Posted: 138 day(s) ago

WHich is the best car to buy.. Indigo ecs tdi or indigo ecs cr4 or fiat punto evo according to maintenance, performance & milage...

Posted: 138 day(s) ago

which is best car crdi engine or tdi engine .What about 8 v /16 v or DDIS . What is the the difference between these technology. some body explain to me.

Posted: 103 day(s) ago

sabi loog apne apne kaam pe lagjao, engine ko apna kaam karne do bhai....engine ke peeche kyun pade ho....

Posted: 38 day(s) ago

what is the meaning of di ,crs,vcdi,hdi,xpi,ccr, CDTi, TiD, TTiD, i-CTDi and i-DTEC Mahindra: CRDe, DiCR, m2DiCR Tata: DICOR and CR4 Volvo: D and D5 engines Mitsubishi: DI-D Jeep: CRD Isuzu: iTEQ nd crr ,cdi

Posted: 38 day(s) ago

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